Grammy Recap

I'm sorry this is late, i have been lazy :0

Alrighty so I guess, the Grammys have become kind of a free concert you watch on tv, cuz Lord knows that less than 10 grammys were given out on tv.

Ok so it started with Alicia Keys screeching alongside a "dead" Frank Sinatra, just nyeh to me, nothing special.

Carrie Underwood comes next with the song i want to and will sing one day at a Karaoke Bar, "Before he Cheats", it had some kind of funky drumming in the beginning. I liked it, she is pretty hot. Money is good sha

I think the first award went to Alicia for Noone, she is a Grammys baby so I wasn't so shocked. not that this relates in any way but she has small boobies, I am suddenly grateful for mine :D

Some group named The Time performed, didn't know who they were it was ok. They medlied with Rihanna and i didn't like it. I like her songs and all but right from the beginning, its like Rihanna needs some life injected in her, she just always seems like she is being forced to perform.

Tom Hanks looks old man :(. I won't lie. I skipped the whole Beatles, Cirque du Soleil thingie, i'm sure it was great. Oh i did enjoy when the black boy and black lady came out to sing, that was pretty good.

Uggh..Miley Cyrus annoys me, she sounds like a man

Kanye West's performance was awesome. "stronger" is an awesome song and anyone who disagrees is a non-awesome person. I did think he was going to break down and start crying and not be able to finish the song but he did sha.

Truth time again - I totally missed Fergie and John's performance

Performance i was waiting for all nite - Beyonce and Tina was as i imagined, a "screamfest". Gotta give Tina her props, she does well for her age. Beyonce was totally born to be a performer.

Foo fighters totally rocked out! i enjoyed the "Pretender" song.

Yawn at Aretha Franklin's performance with the gospel people following. I did enjoy one song they performed at the end, i just dont know what its called. oh and Aretha needs a stylist.

My favorite grammy moment - Alicia keys performance, not cuz of her, cuz i have heard that song so many times. i liked this version tho, but when John Mayer came out strapped with a guitar, my heart fluttered and i totally had a moment i now refer to as a Maygasm - it was pure awesomeness.

When Rihanna and JayZ won, it was annoying how Jayz was translating for her.

Finally after a lot of teasers, the crackhead performed. I have to say she did good, with her coyness and weird dance moves and back up dancers jumping all over the place. When she won, I cracked the eff up, so hard. She seemed shocked, hadn't she heard she had won other awards?her speech was hilarious - "to my Blake, incarcerated"

Man i kept saying "that can't be Jerry Lewis!" .old age is a binsh sha

I think i am the only one who enjoyed Will.I.Am's whatever he did. Though it seemed like they told him to do it to stall for time.

SHocker of the nite, ALbum of the year went to Herbie Hancock, I sooo did not see that coming. I let out a hearty laugh sha, trying to figure what was going on in Kanye's head, especially since they showed him hunched over in prayer form, right before they announced the winner. I really thot this was his year sha and if it wasn't him then Amy would, ah well, theres always next year abi?

well thats it.

PS Writers strike is over and surprisingly i am a little bummed, i have to start recording and planning my life around tv shows again :(


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