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Tales About Naij - Part 1

Thanks again guys for reading the Tales From Naij series. I received another volunteer from someone who spent time in Nigeria, the focus in these series is more about the lengths Nigerians go to, to show a certain kind of life that is usually far from the truth. so here is Part 1 of Tales About Naij

It's actually really easy to develop a 'twitter crush.' A fine avatar pops in your mentions on twitter, they tweet something witty, and before you know it, DM's turn to bbm's, then feelings grow based on mostly written words. This is exactly what happened to me. I found myself deeply in like with a man I had met from Naijatwitterland. 
In our "getting to know each other stages," I found out from him that he was 6'1, he played soccer a lot so he's fit, and he had just moved back to Lagos from England where he studied law. Listen, all that meant to me was that he was tall enough, with a nice body that I could possibly carry a conversation with. Call me sup…

To Be or Not to Be

So before I try to flesh out my thoughts to make sense into this blog post I feel like I have to put in a disclaimer that this is not a self deprecating or factual post but just an honest post of my thoughts.

If you are an unmarried, boyfriend-less Nigerian woman in her 20's or 30's you have to know that when one other is gathered with you the talk of marriage/men/dating will come up at some point or the other. I was talking to a guy friend of mine the other day and naturally the talk of my single-dom comes up (honestly, when people ask you that question of why you are single, how are you supposed to answer? Will you ask yourself out? Do people will boyfriends/husbands into their lives?). Anyways the convo continues and at some point I tell my friend that honestly, if I am being honest I feel like me being myself/who I am is cockblocking me from Nigerian men. He asks me to explain and I am like I really don't think I am what Nigerian men want. See let me explain, of course…

Friday Randoms

Hi Guys. It has been a minute since I did a random, huh? Busy Busy Busy, not enough hours in the day. Lately, I have been saying I am #tvoverwhelmed. Way too many tv shows to catch up on. Used to be a time when summer was when one could catch up because shows are on hiatus but now show are popping up left, right and center. I know, I know I don't have to watch them all but if you know me well know the rest. Speaking of good shows my current obsessions are Fargo, The People's Couch and Little Women LA. Loves them. It's summer yall! I have trips planned and I am broke yall!! but Jesus will provide. And the people said: AMEN! Aite let's random:

I was on a flight and the black flight attendant was making rounds and said "You need to put your seatbelt on, girlfriend" that irked me. I wondered if she used the girlfriend on other non black women.

I really gotta work on this self confidence thing.

A guy friend on mine called me a hybrid. He said I was hal…

Tales From Naij - Part 5

So this is the final part of the series. You can catch up on Part 1 - Part 4 on previous posts. Thank you guys for reading and following the series and thank you to the author for choosing to share this part of their lives with us. Happy Hump Day!

A friend and I were supposed to be hanging out one night. Instead of having to go back home late, I decided to just spend the night at her house. After the hanging out and we got back to her apt, she informed me that "her guy" (maga) was gonna stop by for a bit. She needed some money from him, but she said she'd just go outside when he came. I was like cool, whatevs. A few minutes later, he came. She went outside to see him, then shortly after she came back inside...with him. She was like he wanted to come and greet me. We said our hellos and then I kept watching what I was watching. In my mind, I was like ok well is he gonna go or not? Next thing I know he's like I should excuse them so they can be alone. I'm looking re…

Tales from Naij - Part 4

It's Wednesday. The Series continues. Next week will be the final part from the series. If you are new, catch up with the previous parts here:

PS - If you have any such stories and would like to share feel free to send me an email at Everyone would be anonymous.

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Here's Part 4:

Mr. O and I became pretty cool. Not cool like that, but he was always willing to help with no strings attached even though I didn't think that would last long. I still posted him a lot and he would get upset cos I didn't give him the attention he needed. While my cousin was still around, he would always want to hangout and although she didn't mind hanging out, I just used her as an excuse, saying I was busy doing stuff with her, etc. I remember one night I was out at a club with my cousin and some guy friends, I got a message from Mr. O asking what I was doing and I lied that I was with my cousin and aunt at her house. He was like ok, but he hopes I'm…

Tales From Naij - Part 3

Hi Guys, the Wednesday series continues today. For those of you who don't know, these are stories sent to me by a reader about her life in Nigeria. If you'd like to catch up, you can catch up with the previous stories here:

Part 1

Part 2

And here's today's:

My birthday was fast approaching and I’m normally a birthday celebration, super excited type of person, but this year, it was just about to be another day. I wasn’t in the mood for anything at all. My cousin came to visit and I was hoping that would help make me happier but, she was just as broke as me which made it worse cos I had to provide for both she and me with barely nothing. I picked up a horrible habit of smoking cigarettes (still struggling to quit) which was just unlike me. I used to HATE it when people smoked around me…at bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. Whenever I would come to Naij to visit, it always seemed like the “in” thing to do and I lowkey would judge all of those people. Now look at me. Funny enough…