Tales from Naij - Part 4

It's Wednesday. The Series continues. Next week will be the final part from the series. If you are new, catch up with the previous parts here:

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Here's Part 4:

Mr. O and I became pretty cool. Not cool like that, but he was always willing to help with no strings attached even though I didn't think that would last long. I still posted him a lot and he would get upset cos I didn't give him the attention he needed. While my cousin was still around, he would always want to hangout and although she didn't mind hanging out, I just used her as an excuse, saying I was busy doing stuff with her, etc. I remember one night I was out at a club with my cousin and some guy friends, I got a message from Mr. O asking what I was doing and I lied that I was with my cousin and aunt at her house. He was like ok, but he hopes I'm really there cos he's a jealous lover. In my mind I was like uhhh...what's that about? I started looking around the club to see if he was there because his message just seemed weird. I didn't see him so I continued the lie, swearing I was with my aunt meanwhile I was really turning up. The next day I called him and he didn't answer, sent a text and he didn't reply. I called Nicole to gist her and she was like she was about to call me also cos her friend (Mr. O's friend) had called her earlier that day and said he was out the night before. Coincidentally he was at the same club I was at and she knew I had gone there so she wanted to know if I saw him. So now it seemed like either Mr. O was with him and saw me the whole time, or his friend saw me and snitched. I actually wasn't that angry about it cos I felt like he shoulda just straight up told me, but then again I shouldn't have lied. Later Nicole said she reported Mr. O to his friend and his friend said I wasn't a sharp babe, that didn't I  know how rich Mr. O is and how much money he has and I'm messing up like this. That I should go and apologize and beg him. I was like nah, I'm not doing that. So I just didn't hear from Mr. O again...at least not for awhile.

By now I had broken up with my boyfriend and was just dealing with my own personal issues. I was going through some crap and so I got upset one day and deleted every "maga", potential maga, and just pretty much every guy that I met in Naij's number. I was just over it all. Or so I thought. Then one day I get a call from a number I didn't know. I checked Truecaller and it showed Mr. O's name. I was very surprised to say the least so I decided to call back. He goes into this 2-3 minute convo of how he's missed me and I just abandoned him and there must be some other guy in my life taking me from him. Never mentioning anything about the club so I didn't bring it up either. Claims he never saw my missed calls or texts cos he took an impromptu trip out the country to relax. He was like just cos my cousin was around, didn't mean I had to leave him alone, he could have taken us out and all of this other mushy stuff. I apologized then and he also apologized for what I don't really know. He said he had some loose money around and would put something in my account and to call him when I had some free time. He later transferred I think about 100k.

I called him a few days later and said we should do lunch. He said ok and to meet at his place. Went over and he had a friend over again (I really hated when he had people over there). Apparently he had gone out already and bought food so the three of us ate lunch in the apt. Another friend came over as the other was leaving and Mr. O decided he wanted to take a nap on the couch. His friend had the bright idea that as "his baby" I should move closer and rub his back to make him fall asleep. Not saying that's doing too much but it was just awkward with his friend there. I looked at him like he was crazy, and after he kept insisting I hesitantly got up and did it. His friend then started chatting with me about how he can tell I'm a good girl and I look like I need to be takencare of and his friend (Mr. O) is the right person for that, I just have to be willing to take care of him in return. We talked a pretty long time as Mr. O slept. When he finally woke up, we went to his room to talk (yes, just talk). He was basically like he likes that I never ask for anything and because of that he feels he should do stuff for me. He said he had just finished some work and when he got the money for it the next day, he'd give me some to get whatever I needed. The next day, he sent over 250k and said if I wasn't able to get everything I needed, I should let him know.

I still kept posting him after that. He was becoming too needy. He said he didn't like that I wanted to hang out in the afternoon because it meant I had another guy that I was with at night. He wanted me to either come over from weekdays 6pm-7am the next day or Fridays from 6pm to Mondays at 7am (I kid you not, he really gave me that schedule). I said we'd have to compromise cos I had other things to do as well. Honestly I had kinda started dating someone by then so I wasn't interested in Mr. O anymore, regardless of the money. He was still being a baby about it so I just started ignoring his calls and now we just chat on the phone occasionally. I think we're still cool, but I don't reach out, only he does. I kinda just wanted to leave it all alone. I mean ok yea I've experienced the lifestyle, not really a fan, but the money was cool when I got it even though it wasn't as much as some people I've heard about. Either way it helped when I really needed it and I'm definitely not judging people who make it their norm. It's very easy to be sucked in, but I just wanted to move on...so I am.


leggy said…
ahhh, finally the money stepped up. my life motto is your body, your business. i will never judge someone who decides to do runs. it's not my body so i frankly don't care. this was a very nice and interesting read. i definitely enjoyed it.
Anonymous said…
This girl and that Mr. O are some of the dumbest morons the good Lord in his infinite wisdom thought fit to create.

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