Tales From Naij - Part 5

So this is the final part of the series. You can catch up on Part 1 - Part 4 on previous posts. Thank you guys for reading and following the series and thank you to the author for choosing to share this part of their lives with us. Happy Hump Day!

A friend and I were supposed to be hanging out one night. Instead of having to go back home late, I decided to just spend the night at her house. After the hanging out and we got back to her apt, she informed me that "her guy" (maga) was gonna stop by for a bit. She needed some money from him, but she said she'd just go outside when he came. I was like cool, whatevs. A few minutes later, he came. She went outside to see him, then shortly after she came back inside...with him. She was like he wanted to come and greet me. We said our hellos and then I kept watching what I was watching. In my mind, I was like ok well is he gonna go or not? Next thing I know he's like I should excuse them so they can be alone. I'm looking really confused, my friend is giggling and I'm like um, ok well I guess I'll just go home. Then they both laugh and say, no he's joking, that I should please stay and he's gonna just chill for a bit then leave.

This chilling for a bit was turning into a long time and it was already late like 2 or so in the morning plus I was ready to sleep. Mind you we're all sitting on the bed, them on one half and me on the other. They're over there being extra flirtatious with one another. I finally get up and go to the bathroom. I come back and these two are under the covers and I see movement and hear moans and heavy breathing. I'm like no way this is happening. All I can think about is where the heck am I supposed to sleep now?? I wished I could leave but going out at this hour to get a cab is just asking for trouble. So, I find a tiny corner on the bed and sit down, grab my water and go from watching tv to watching them. They clearly see me, as they both look right at me and continue. I'm actually trying not to laugh cos I just can't believe this is really happening, but I continue to watch like its a movie.

Her guy starts smiling at me while he's still pounding her and I look away. Then he reaches to touch me, and she's like "no, leave her, she's on her period". As though if I weren't?? They finally finish and both go to the bathroom while I create a small spot on the floor to sleep for the next few hours till I can dash outta there. They come out and he gets his stuff to leave then turns to me and says "nice meeting you, hope to see you again and under better conditions" and laughs. They walk out together. She comes back shortly after and hands me an envelope saying he said to give me as she has her own also. Hers is supposedly 500k and mine is 100k. She says I can thank her later.  She gets in bed and I get back on the floor to sleep. In the morning, as I'm about to leave she wakes up to say bye and says she hopes I wasn't embarrassed...as though I should be the one embarrassed. I haven't seen her since that day.

Prior to that day, we'd actually never talked about magas or anything of the sort. To my knowledge she had a boyfriend who she was head over heels for. There was no shame in her game at all, I mean with me watching and all. I was just like whatever, I'm not getting sucked back in to this.

The End.


mizchif said…

Thank you oh so very much for sharing this with us. Grateful.
All the best as you continue to navigate the murky Lagos waters.
MPB said…
this stuff is all fiction right? it as a pretty fascinating story
leggy said…
lmao. blehhh. i'd never drop a friend over that. i'd be pissed sure but hey, i got 100k for my problems. her body, her business.
this was a really nice series.
also, see ya mates getting 500k and you were getting 50? you no even sleep with the nigha and he gave you more than the people you slept with.
Original Mgbeke said…
Eziokwu? Plix I will sit and was them everytime sef if I can be collecting N100k everytime. I ain't even mad.
Berry Dakara said…
LOOOOOOOOOOOL @ Original Mgbeke!

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