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Friday Randoms

Ah. The cold is officially here. I have switched out my closet and put away my summer clothes. Wah. Can you believe we only have a month and some left of the year...actually, the decade! Man, this getting older thing is for the birds. Kinda scary actually. I just want it to slow down. Do y'all have plans for thanksgiving? I have a complicated relationship with Thanksgiving. Its always made me sad and I think it reminds me that I don't have family nearby. I have been fortunate enough to have friends and family extend invitation some years but even then I felt awkward, like I was imposing in someone else's family. I have plans this year though but most of all I am looking forward to the days off to veg out.

Okay let me random.

Why is it taboo to let people know what you earn? I mean I get why it is a rule by employers but even outside of the work place. Is it shame? What if you are a high earner where shame is not applicable? I mean people already kind of infer what others m…

Friday Randoms +1

I wrote this a while back and just realized I never hit enter. I just saw it in my draft. oops. Well here's stale randoms.

The weather is changing. This makes Taynement sad. I hate the cold. A lot. I get cold really easily and I feel so uncomfortable when I am cold. I hate the layering and the many clothes required and the burden of a coat. Sigh.

The turn of the season means I recently had a birthday. The birthday was last week and it was a nice, quiet one. I had attended a wedding in Miami and kinda turned it to a birthday weekend trip. It was nice being at my happy place aka the beach and just chilling in the water and laying in the sun listening to music and reading pretending my problems and real life don't exist. I took the actual day off and spent it with one of my favorite people. The one thing about getting older is how you get less gifts and I love gifts :(. The work peoples were nice and decorated my desk and left treats. That being said, I am grateful to be able to …