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Laugh Your Pants Off

Howdy Ho folks. How have you been? Hope all's been well. My post today isn't going to be long but I would like to hear your opinion on the topic.

So in the never ending mating game between a man and a woman, they say it is much easier for a man to bag/shag a woman if the woman decides he has a sense of humor. Ask a woman what she is looking for in a man and 9 out of 10 if not all will most definitely have sense of humor on their list. I am all for a sense of humor and all but do women really feel that is one of the important things in an attraction to a man? Sometimes, I feel the sense of humor characteristic is as reflex as "God fearing" on a nigerian woman's list.

I did a little digging on the wonderful world of Google and found that studies show that women think funny men are smarter and more likely to be honest than less funny men (Err, obviously I wasn't part of this study because I totally disagree, especially with the honest part). Further research does …

Chuck Bass said...

Absolutely hilarious. Its a shame that my finding this blog has caused our mutual friend to clam up.
I shall endeavor to convince her to "share"
To answer the above questions:
- a limo would be quite the undertaking in Lagos ne c'est pas?
- I like ties
- I'm slow and deliberate only when absolutely necessary
- you'd have ask the author about the look...
Hope this helped! LOL!

If you are scratching your head, that was his comment on my last post in response to Reverence who asked a few questions (did he ride around in a limo? did he wear the clorful ties? did he speak in slow deliberate sentences? did he have the piercing look?) and Mr Bass got to responding before I could. Soo, hope he answered your questions.

Anyways, I have received all the hisses,wakas and yabs via im, comment, twitter, texts lol. Na una sabi, I am not sure what Mr Bass means by "convincing me to "share"". *raises eyebrow* but I do intend to try and blog more and I am working on a …


Today Swanboy sent me a text: BLOG SOMETHING DAMN YOU. In all caps like that. See the type of friends I have, isn't that threatening to poor, defenseless me, ehn? Well besides that, I have been told I need to blog but I don't know I think I lost my blogging mojo since a certain someone found it :p, but I will try to find it soon. I think I owe you guys at least a Random Friday post. Since my mojo is still lost I decided to repost something I had taken down for reasons I don't remember. I never ever talk about men on my blog but since I have neglected you all I will indulge and repost this (and leave it up).

When you think so much about everything and are as straightlaced as I am, it’s a breath of fresh air when you get to just do and not think too much and that’s what my experience with Chuck Bass was.

I met Chuck Bass a week into my vacation. He says it was an instant attraction, I say it took a few hours :p. However long it took, I knew I was in trouble. The flirting with …

Blogger Awards

Howdy Ho peeps. Yes I am back again, only because two bloggers tagged me for the stylish and versatile blogger award. I don't know about stylish but thank you very much to Lucid Lillith and Nutty J.. To quote Nutty J she said, "I give her this award because her topics are exotic, truthful, versatile, served with attitude!". lol thanks again.

So this award is hard because I have to list 7 things about myself (eek!) and then tag 15 bloggers, so here we go:

1. I am a 28 year old who is obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. I totally see myself in my 40's, traipsing to Vegas to see them.

2. I have an unhealthy distrust for men. I am not shocked by any stories I hear about X or Y. I don't even know if it's a good or bad thing but I guess it'll be a bad thing if a sincere person comes along and everything he is saying goes in one ear and comes out the other. Maybe I will work on it, maybe I won't but for now I couldn't be bothered.

3. Sometimes, I think I am …

Like Mindless Fools...

....We wake up everyday and repeat the same cycle. Think about it.

We wake up, do whatever it is we do before work, drive to work, pretend to work while we bb/tweet/facebook/surfthenet/, maybe do some work, go to lunch, get back to "working", countdown till work end, go home, complain about work, wonder what to eat, watch tv, surf the net etc etc.

Give or take a few things this is what most of us do and we complain about it, like my friend said we complain about it like we can't do anything about it. Sure every now and then we travel, go see places, get excited about doing something different and then fall back into the rut. We daydream about all we could and want to do but somehow still don't do anything. Ofcourse, it's not that easy to just "do something", we have to be smart about this (responsibilities, not yet ready etc). Before you know it, time has passed by and we wonder where time has gone. What exactly are we waiting for? Why can't we just …


Hi luvies. It's been a minute hasn't it? I have no strong excuse, ok I do. I got back and started work with an Organization meeting all week so I have been getting home later than usual and I have been so tired. I haven't been getting my full 8hour beauty sleep *ahem* but I am still on my naija high and feeling grand just letting stuff roll off my shoulder. Today I was talking to a friend of mine and she asked me if spark was necessary in a relationship? Lemme preface this by saying everything that follows is just my opinion, feel free to state yours in the comment box. I was talking to an older person once and they stated that this "it" our generation is always looking for is what will land us in trouble and make us miss out on a good thing. Is that "it" spark/attraction or is it a general clicking so to speak?, I digress. Anyways, like I was saying my friend asked if I thought spark was necessary and I replied with a Yes.

I think spark is necessary but…

Happy New Year

Howdy folks! Happy 2011. If you are reading this, I thank God for your life that you are alive and able to read this. I never have that resolution/anticipation everyone usually has for the new year. I do claim all the prayers and well wishes but I have never felt "this year is my year" feelings. I just go with the flow and hope God is on my side. I usually don't do new year resolutions and go more with themes e.g last year was facing fears. This year though I do have a resolution which is to be more selfish. I feel like I usually bend over backwards for my friends and loved ones and even then it never seems enough, so I will try to think more of myself.

Sooooo, as you can guess, I am back from Naija and boy am I sad. I really had a blast. I had a slow start but I can say my trip was adventurous from the beginning to the end. Even though I was complaining about not being able to move back, I have changed my mind again lol, I can move back with the right amount of money. My…