Chuck Bass said...

Absolutely hilarious. Its a shame that my finding this blog has caused our mutual friend to clam up.
I shall endeavor to convince her to "share"
To answer the above questions:
- a limo would be quite the undertaking in Lagos ne c'est pas?
- I like ties
- I'm slow and deliberate only when absolutely necessary
- you'd have ask the author about the look...
Hope this helped! LOL!

If you are scratching your head, that was his comment on my last post in response to Reverence who asked a few questions (did he ride around in a limo? did he wear the clorful ties? did he speak in slow deliberate sentences? did he have the piercing look?) and Mr Bass got to responding before I could. Soo, hope he answered your questions.

Anyways, I have received all the hisses,wakas and yabs via im, comment, twitter, texts lol. Na una sabi, I am not sure what Mr Bass means by "convincing me to "share"". *raises eyebrow* but I do intend to try and blog more and I am working on a random post (only for you Lucid, even though you didn't respond to my last comment on your blog). That's all I have for you folks. Have a wonderful week!


Reverence said…
LOOOOOL! i like a guy with a sense of humor. Hi Chuck! i have further questions(since our friend is being stingy with the details).IF you answer satisfactorily, we(the people who stalk this blog and are quite upset about recent developments)may be convinced not to come after you.
Mgbeks said…
I am officially DEAD...and I like this dude, already. Freakin' hilar! Gotta love the sense of humor.
Ditto Reverence & Mgbeks's sentiments. I too already love CB!!

CB's comments about "convincing you to share" means exactly what it means. SHARE!! Stop giving us in Reverence's words, "yam without palm oil o."

So you're only doing a random post for Lucid ehn? Tsk tsk!!

*now managing to wish you a happy week* smh for you.

Toodles love.
chuck bass said…
Fire away and I shall do my best to entertain...however, some of my answers may have to be cleared with our esteemed host so as not to cause her further blushes...
Reverence said…
Further questions is actually one question, I want the palm oil a.k.a the full gist. BUT I would settle for little snippets, and it has to be something she has not already posted!
Original Mgbeke said…
Okay CB! Let's go there:
1. What drew you to her (since you claim that it was an instant attraction)? Feel free to over share and describe the exact moment that your eyes met, and you felt your heartbeat speed up a little faster...

2. Do you agree with our dear Taynement? Did everything really end when her vacation ended? (Oh and I don't want a Yes/No answer either) *munches popcorn*

3. Are you into Pop culture?

4. You like ties huh? So you're like a bowtie and velvet blazer wearing negro?

5. Last but not least, how did you find this blog?

*Bonus Q: Are you a KC boy?

I'll be back...*evil laugh*
MPB said…
I have arrived pay homage to Chuck bass (in my head he even talks like Chuck). CB feel free to answer mgbeke's pertinent questions and don't be threatened, you are in a safe place and this is the circle of trust.
TayneMent said…
I just had to come lol @ CB being threatened. as if.
leggy said…
original mgbeke kills me.

pulls back chair, brings out puff puff.oya.gist.
Reverence said…
i just came back to declare my love for mgbeks and add one more question

CB, what kind of alcohol do you drink?
chuck bass said…
1. It was instant attraction. We shook hands...I looked at her, she looked at me, done.
2. Maybe.
3. You shouldn't have to ask...
4. I do like ties, I also choose to not dress like a clown.
5. I'm resourceful like that. I cannot reveal trade secrets lest Tom, Dick, and/or Harry try to elevate themselves...

Bonus: hmmm. You know the *KC boy* criteria. You tell me. Floreat.
Bonus II: who says I drink?

Our venerable host has warned me about all y'all, and while I'm tickled by your attention, I don't think I want my Bodicea turned against me by revealing her innermost thoughts.
Original Mgbeke said…
*Gulps some H20*...of kerse, I stay thirsty whachu talkin' bout? :-D

And ya such a smart A...'maybe' ke?

But all in all, you don try. I shall now proceed to free you. Can't speak for the others though...
Yankeenaijababe said…
....keep us updated girl....
"I'm slow and deliberate only when absolutely necessary"

Is that so, Mr. "Chuck Bass"? Me likey. :oD
LucidLilith said…
girl...u know i love your randoms...and i have not had time to respond to comments because WORK has been kicking my ass. anyhue...waiting on that hook up from you about BN.
Tayne, i like CB! Enough said.

And CB, thanks for giving us the real story: "It was instant attraction. We shook hands...I looked at her, she looked at me, done."

Unlike the ish Tayne was trying to serve: "It took a few hours." Few hours my behind. Haha.

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