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Top 5 takes on love

Some of you may know Whitney Cummings from the Chelsea Handler show. She got her own show and wrote 5 funny (not to be taken seriously)takes on love. They were:

1. If porn was made for women, it would be two hours of snuggling and at the end the guy would propose. I would watch that.

2. Women don't like men in uniform. We like men with jobs.

3. What's worse? Googling your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend or your current boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.

4. Romantic comedies make us believe in fate and destiny. Fate and Destiny are strippers.

5. What's so cool about dating a DJ? All they do is play other people's music. That's like wanting to date a valet because he drives a nice car.

Have a nice week ahead people!

Friday Randoms

Youp, Youp. It's another Friday. It's quite redundant to keep repeating how fast time is going, so I won't talk about it. It's almost 12.30am here and I just got done dancing not too long ago. Every now and then, ok maybe more times than usual, I get my playlist going and dance around my room or in front of my mirror, gets me in a good mood. Down side, is I am coming off the high and now it's back to reality. No yip yapping. Random time.

I have to wonder what it's like to have twins that are so vastly different. When I say different I mean one healthy and one with a disability. Watching a documentary and one kid is healthy, while the other has cerebral palsy or like with that one family about little people, where one twin was normal sized and the other a little person. I often wonder if the "normal" kid feels any guilt.

My friend said not everyone who gets married believes in it. Yay? Nay?

Is it against the law to watch porn on a plane?

I can't re…

Secrets to Adulthood

Saw this on another blog and liked it. Thought I'd share. I actually practice and agree with almost all of them. Enjoy.

Secrets to Adulthood

1. No one really cares!

2. Seriously, Its okay to say No

3. Don't expect too much from people.

4. Do good, feel good

5. It's important to be nice to everyone

6. If you can't find something, clean up

7. Not everyone is like you

8. Put yourself in other people's shoes

9. No one likes a selfish friend

10. Talk less about people

11. Cook more. It can make you happier

12. Lists work wonders

13. Your 20's are for experimenting!

14. Having a good support system is better than money. Sometimes

15. Exercise if an effective way to snap out of a funk

16. Great thoughts are conceived while walking

17. Never dress for him/her/them. Dress for you.

18. Junk attracts more junk. Spiritually, in friendships and in closets.

19. Do it now! Apply the one-minute rule. Anything that requires less than a minute, do it now

20. Sharing. Easier said than done

21. Always…

Guest Randoms

Hi guys. I have nothing for y'all. It's been a long week and I am tired in all ways(Is life really this complicated or do we make it complicated?). Anyhue, I am checking my email and I have an email from Swanboy with a bunch of randoms letting me know I could post or disregard. Since I got nothing, I decided to post them. Hope y'all enjoy and have a good week ahead.

PS - RIP to Amy Winehouse. I hope she finds the peace she never had here. It's genuinely sad. She was extremely talented and people just never realize the strength of addiction. We are all addicted to something or the other. We tell ourselves we will quit or we will try and do better and we don't. We are lucky they are minute things that don't cause immediate harm to us, hers unfortunately happened to be drugs and it got the better of her. God grant strength and peace to her family and loved ones.

Anyone who knows me knows I have necrophobia. In others words, dead people or anything associated with…

Tid Bits

A friend of mine asked me what my thoughts were on Soulmates. I've never quite believed in the concept of soulmates, mostly because I don't think there's that one person for everyone. You can be happy with more than one person, it's just a matter of timing and who you end up with and decide to make it work. Other questions asked were if you are married to someone does it mean they are your soulmate? Can the person you marry grow to be a soulmate? Who knows the answers? not I. We are a society in love with labels, to me all this is meaningless.

I am currently watching the HBO documentary Hot Coffee. Yankee na 419 country with structure. I totally had the wrong impression about the lady who sued Mcdonald's because the coffee was so hot. Apparently there were 700 burn complaints before her and Mcdonalds didn't pay them any mind. The pictures of the burns were pretty damn graphic and she was an old lady.

Lol, someone described me as emotionally damaged today. See my …


Hey folks, no I still don't have anything to write about. Which means Mr Kay9 that no there will be no Drake "Best I ever had" reenactment up in this piece. I laughed out loud sha, nice try! I got a few suggestions via email. I will see what I can do with it. I just wanted to post a poem by a friend of mine that I really liked. Hope you enjoy. Have a lovely rest of the week!

His notoriety precedes him
Giant ears flapping
Offering a wind of change
Skin rough enough to cut through the silence

A deafening silence
Hollow glances exchanged
Trapped in this ever encroaching space
We are about to be trampled

The quaking ascends
Neither seek refuge
The bellowing a welcome break from our silence
Nothing left to salvage here?

Its sheer size threatening our existence
Stoic we remain, immovable
Furtive glances exchanged
Paralyzed otherwise

In he thunders
Glorious ivory tusks glistening
Destroying all in his path
Leaving behind no we, no us

And just like we never were
He saunters off into the distance

Blogger's Block

Hi Guys, it's Monday's Eve (booo!). I had a good weekend, my momma is in town and it was really nice seeing her, she looks pretty good for her age and I hope that passes down to me oh. It's always so funny standing beside her, because as short as I am, I am still taller than she is. I am all stocked up on my naija stuvvs although they seized my gala (waah!).

So, the whole point of my post is that for the life of me I can't seem to come up with any topics to write about. I waltz in here with my randoms every now and then and that's about it. WHat happened to the days I had actual stuff to talk about? I'd really like to write something that's not a random and this is where y'all come in. If you are up to it, you could recommend topics for me to write on and I'll see what I can do. The other option is something I tried on my 100th post that failed ever so woefully when I had offered to do a Q&A where you could ask me anything and I'd reply and…


I stole this from someone's tumblr. I feel like the image represents a snapshot of my mind sometimes. Not these particular words just the way the words keep interchanging (although I think I share the sentiments hehe). *EDIT* :D

This probably didn't make any sense haha.

How are you guys, this lovely hump day? Hope you all are doing well. I have had an eventful week it seems, I feel like I haven't had time to chill and take a deep breath, my bumming weekend didn't quite work out that way and I am headed out of town again this weekend. Work has been crazy and I can't get myself to concentrate, as always I am not getting enough sleep so I am running on all spare cylinders left in me. This is not a complaint because I really can't complain, life is good, just a few things I need to sort out :)

Have a lovely evening.

Oh for those of you who don't know my blog title and the words on the gif image are from Frank Ocean's song - Novocane

*gif credit samanthafitzgeral…