Friday Randoms

Youp, Youp. It's another Friday. It's quite redundant to keep repeating how fast time is going, so I won't talk about it. It's almost 12.30am here and I just got done dancing not too long ago. Every now and then, ok maybe more times than usual, I get my playlist going and dance around my room or in front of my mirror, gets me in a good mood. Down side, is I am coming off the high and now it's back to reality. No yip yapping. Random time.

I have to wonder what it's like to have twins that are so vastly different. When I say different I mean one healthy and one with a disability. Watching a documentary and one kid is healthy, while the other has cerebral palsy or like with that one family about little people, where one twin was normal sized and the other a little person. I often wonder if the "normal" kid feels any guilt.

My friend said not everyone who gets married believes in it. Yay? Nay?

Is it against the law to watch porn on a plane?

I can't remember what I was reading but it basically advised that you shouldn't do a job that you don't like for too long because it will eventually show and they will get rid of you anyways.

I have often wondered the difference between a bestie and a bff. I noticed it's used more by the younger peeps but I think Lohi clarified on twitter than one (I forget) is for a male and the other for a girl.Lol, I am definitely getting old.

My friend asked me randomly, if I still had a crush on someone I had a crush on in college. I said no. She said how come? what happened? She's not the first to ask that question, but it still surprises me. I believe people change, get older, I dunno. I likened it to not having feelings anymore for an ex.

It's a major turn off when someone asks someone out on a date and has no plans. "What do you wanna do?" blech.

I need to hire someone in my house solely for the purpose of zipping me up.I swear sometimes, it feels like I popped a shoulder out trying to zip up my dress.

I have mad respect for TV writers. It's no easy feat to keep shows going for seasons with an interesting storyline. Kudos to them.

Would you shop for a wedding dress with your fiance?

I saw a movie preview with Anna Faris the other day, something about her exes and failed relationships. Come to find out she was not being herself in each relationship and was being whoever she thought the guy wanted to be. One of the movie lines that stood out was a question she was asked by her friend, "How do you know what you want when you don't even know who you are?"

"As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have tons of friends, and more important to have real ones"

I noticed most of the people who are anti e-readers are people who don't own or have tried one.

Finally ladies, listen up and listen good. Culled from BGAE blog: "It doesn't matter how you look or how much you weigh, you are a woman, and if you have enough swag, 90% of the men in this world will not be able to resist you". I don't have statistics to back up the 90%. but you get the gist of what he was saying.

That's all I got today. Headed out of town tomorrow, I really should be sleeping. Have a great weekend. I intend to. Muah!

Just cuz I was sampling the Psquare album. Here's a song of theirs that I really like.



Anonymous said…
Oh Snap!!! I just realized I would be first so off cos I commented. Lemme go copy my comments. brb!

Silly CILy :D
Anonymous said…
Yay at random abt marriage
Do u only do things u believe in?
Somethings are done out of necessity or just because...
Anyways I agree that not everyone who gets married believes in it

ummm bff=bestie to me

ummm duhhhh I grew up and realized he is not all that. Some of my beliefs from last yr are hardly desame make e remain crush. Not even love oh, crush!*hiss to infinity*

One advantage of being married (assuming said husband lives with u) is having an inhouse zipperupper

Den again u dont have to be married. He could just live with u
job: zipper upper... side job: servicer/shagger

CILy Again
I don't like e-readers without trying it out first, but I have my reason. I don't like reading on my computer. I prefer to feel the pages/flip pages when I read.

Watching porn on a plane??? o_O You don't need a law for that one o. The awkward stares from the people around you should be more than enough to tell you to turn it off...:D
Miss Enigma said…
I wldnt go shopping with my fiance but I'd show him sample pictures to see what he kinda likes.

Yup, I'm taking time to try and jst spend time with myself so I can figure out what I want...I mean at the end of the day learning who we are is a life long thing, but at least we shd have a framework understanding of ourselves as individuals before we can allow anyone in to fit into our frame.

Have a great weekend!!!!
kay9 said…
porn on plane? mmm...

see, i'm a guy n u'd better listen to me: it DOES matter how u look n weigh! if u wanna classify me as one of the remaining 10%, ngwanu.
dayor said…
lol..some randoms, in fact loads of randoms

@kay9:I get your point but den...i still think its not about looks or size, am not saying one should not dress well or be neat or be smart but the end of the day you'll find out that the people we call ugly, too skinny or fat end up getting the finest of men,and i mean finest...I think it has a lot to do about inner beauty

You could read my opinion on here:
Swanboy said…
It's not against the law but I suggest you fly First or Business Class if you want to watch it well. Take it from me.

Funny how you thought of hiring someone for your zipper. I was thinking the other day that I really need to make enough money to afford a butler so that my ties can be well knotted and my shoes shined when I awake.

"As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have tons of friends, and more important to have real ones"
You said it kid.

Re: e-readers. Not so fast. As someone opined, it's like reading off a more portable computer is all. I've been reading my summer books all week and if I had to read them off a kindle, I won't be as dedicated for sure.

Jonzing about the swag. Take it from a guy, ladies take care of yourselves abeg. Monique can have all the swag in the world, unless the the fate of civilisation hangs in the balance, I ain't doing.
Anonymous said…
First, haha @ Swanboy's last comment. Dang...Talk about harsh/keeping it real...

I don't know i feel like our inner beauty is important. Yet as humans we're visual beings. So it does matter what you least to a certain degree.

Yay to your friends' comment on marriage. Some people are just going through the motion. Very sad..

Watching porn on a plane, it shouldn't be..But you never know.. Ask a flight attendant when next you travel and get back to us:)

Real talk about the job comment. It's true.. Per crushes, it is what it is. People change and grow. With the twins & illness, I can't imagine that the "normal" kid won't feel any guilt...That's just so sad..

Shopping for wedding dress with fiance, i don't mind..Just as long as I'm not rushed.. I hate that.

Hear hear to quality vs quantity per friends. Team quality any day..

Have a great weekend..

Tori said…
Yeah, I hate it when people have nothing at all in mind when they ask you on a date.

I like to joke that my one of my primary reasons for wanting a husband is to have someone to zip me up and clasp necklaces. That and a human body pillow.

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