Top 5 takes on love

Some of you may know Whitney Cummings from the Chelsea Handler show. She got her own show and wrote 5 funny (not to be taken seriously)takes on love. They were:

1. If porn was made for women, it would be two hours of snuggling and at the end the guy would propose. I would watch that.

2. Women don't like men in uniform. We like men with jobs.

3. What's worse? Googling your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend or your current boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.

4. Romantic comedies make us believe in fate and destiny. Fate and Destiny are strippers.

5. What's so cool about dating a DJ? All they do is play other people's music. That's like wanting to date a valet because he drives a nice car.

Have a nice week ahead people!


kay9 said…
#1, i wouldn't doubt that.

hey, i'm first, mmm...
Kate said…
heheh..Fate and Destiny!
Myne said…
2 and 3, very funny, lol

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