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A friend of mine asked me what my thoughts were on Soulmates. I've never quite believed in the concept of soulmates, mostly because I don't think there's that one person for everyone. You can be happy with more than one person, it's just a matter of timing and who you end up with and decide to make it work. Other questions asked were if you are married to someone does it mean they are your soulmate? Can the person you marry grow to be a soulmate? Who knows the answers? not I. We are a society in love with labels, to me all this is meaningless.

I am currently watching the HBO documentary Hot Coffee. Yankee na 419 country with structure. I totally had the wrong impression about the lady who sued Mcdonald's because the coffee was so hot. Apparently there were 700 burn complaints before her and Mcdonalds didn't pay them any mind. The pictures of the burns were pretty damn graphic and she was an old lady.

Lol, someone described me as emotionally damaged today. See my life oh! It wasn't said maliciously and I got what they were trynna say. I am really not any worse or better than the average person :D

House of Balloons na gbaka m n'isi. There goes your igbo lesson of the day. ha!

Breaking Bad is a great show.

You know, when someone asks me how I am, I can genuinely say fine. I really can't complain much, life is good and for that I am grateful. Still kinks here and there that need working out but in general I am good.

I just found out a good friend of mine who I thought didn't read my blog reads this. She really isn't into blogs but said she reads it to know what to ask me since I am never forthcoming. Whatever.

I found my dream job in Nigeria but they won't call/contact me back :(

Who remembers the song from Sound of Music that starts with what will my future beeee? I wonder...

The world is a small place. Always be on your best behaviour.

I had something I wanted to mention but I don't remember so I guess I am done. I am in town this weekend yay! These are getting rare, will be back in the sky next week. Have a great weekend everyone and be safe!

Oh before I forget, I updated my neglected sister blog,so take a sec to check it out if you can. www.tayne-ment.blogspot.com

Ok bye for real.


I can go on and on about the subject of soulmates. But lemme just answer ur questions :). Oh yes it is possible to be happy with more than one person. Even blissfully so. But happiness has never been the issue now...has it?

I doubt that its possible to grow into it. I have met mine. :) it didn't work. For some people it does and those are the only people ill ever have envy for. What does that say about my priorities.

Anyways, yeah that's my comment.
TheRustGeek said…
The cynic in me and seen, heard and felt too much to believe that there are such things as soulmates. Maybe there a few hundred thousand people you wouldn't need to work as hard to make a relationship work with. To my mind, when it's boiled down its about the pragmatics.....

The feedback I get from the lads who are currently chasing jobs in Nigeria isn't exactly heartening.. Fingers crossed on that one I guess...
Anonymous said…
Dream job found but no call back = wtf!!

"It could be so exciting to be out in the world, to be free...."

I don't know why, but i feel like singing this--> "Let's start from the very beginning. A very good place to start..When you read you begin with ABC..."....

Moving on...

Word to the world is a small place. Always behave.

I'm not sure where i stand on soulmates....Sorta on the fence.

Have a blessed weekend sweets.

Original Mgbeke said…
I think that an individual can have more than 1 'soulmate'. The person you marry might not/ and might never grow to be a soulmate. Meanwoos my mom thinks that a soulmate doesn't have to be a dude...she says that one of my friends is my soulmate.
Myne said…
Funny we saw one indie movie on Netflix called Timer. It's kinda sci-fi futuristic romance where they made a kind of stopwatch countdown timer that tells people when they'll meet their soulmate up to the day. On the day, it gives a beep when the soulmate comes close but only if the other person has a timer too. Check out the movie if you can. I personally think there's only one soul mate, BUT one can decide to find/make their own happiness with others.
Vivi N. said…
I believe in each person has that one soulmate. Now, just because the person is your soulmate does not mean it will always work out. Being married to your partner does not mean they're your soulmate. No, I don't think the person you marry can grow to be your soulmate.

I can not wait to catch up with this season of "Breaking Bad". I'm only on Season 2. Womp, womp.

I hope you're having a great weekend, so far.
R.One said…
I think the idea of 'soulmate' is another one of those things we've been fed from way back which has added to the confusion we face now...lol.

This is the first time i'm hearing that it is possible for soulmates not to workout? Isn't the very premise of soulmates the fact that the two people mesh on 'every' level?? See...confusion!! Bah!

I also don't think there is only one person for each person

I see breaking bad OnDemand...maybe i'll check it out.

Hope the job calls you back...
Etoile Oye said…
Happy about the tone of this post. It exudes happy. I pray you stay smiling. I don't believe in soulmates...
kay9 said…
U ladies are confusing me. Isn't the "soulmate" the one with whom you connect on an almost spiritual level (insert giggle here, pls); so how can it not work??

... When u sing u begin with do-re-mi... Me liked that movie o.

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