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Hi guys. I have nothing for y'all. It's been a long week and I am tired in all ways(Is life really this complicated or do we make it complicated?). Anyhue, I am checking my email and I have an email from Swanboy with a bunch of randoms letting me know I could post or disregard. Since I got nothing, I decided to post them. Hope y'all enjoy and have a good week ahead.

PS - RIP to Amy Winehouse. I hope she finds the peace she never had here. It's genuinely sad. She was extremely talented and people just never realize the strength of addiction. We are all addicted to something or the other. We tell ourselves we will quit or we will try and do better and we don't. We are lucky they are minute things that don't cause immediate harm to us, hers unfortunately happened to be drugs and it got the better of her. God grant strength and peace to her family and loved ones.

Anyone who knows me knows I have necrophobia. In others words, dead people or anything associated with them (coffins, funerals etc) scare the shit out of me. Recently, I tried facing my fears by watching the comedy “Death at a Funeral.” I couldn’t make it past the first scene without freaking out. Then I laughed at myself. As big as I am. SMH.

For the same reasons as above, I still punk out whenever I’m asked to go into a haunted house at a theme park. Ah well…

Am I the only one who is taken aback whenever I see a white girl with an appreciable derriere? I take it for granted among black women and Latinos, but whenever I see a white girl with one; I wonder where the heck she got it from. One white friend of mine said she had black blood way back in her history.

In this day and age of 50% divorce, I refuse to pop the question until I am 110% convinced that my life is not worth living without the lady in question in it. Sometimes, I think that day will never come. That said, I don’t believe in the soul mate concept.

I think the rate of douchebaggery among people is steadily on the increase. Even “cool peeps” are being jerks nowadays, what gives?

Taynement once asked me what my greatest fear is. My greatest fear is that my life wouldn’t have mattered at all when I’m dead and gone. I really worry about it.

I love watching classic movies on TCM because I get to see pure talented acting, unaided by modern technology. Very few actors today have pure acting talent. In those days, you either could act or you couldn’t. It wasn’t about your looks or the rate you attracted controversy. It was entirely about how you handled the silver screen. How many people today can be compared to Cary Grant, Rex Harrison, Laurence Olivier, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn? No, I’m not 50 or even middle-aged.

Speaking about movies, quality movies take a long time to make (about a year and a half on the average). Therefore, as long as Nollywood continues to spend a mere three days filming, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and “To God Be the Glory?”, I refuse to have any respect for that industry. That said, big props to the likes of Genevieve Nnaji.

Grad school has seen to it that I rarely have a life. If I ever make it out, I’ll never listen to my parents ever again. “It’ll go by quickly” they said, Bollocks.

I am really getting turned off by African Pentecostalism. The emphasis these days seems to be all about having God solve your problems as opposed to having genuine love for and awe of him. The biblical Job said, “Though he may slay me, yet will I trust him.” I am the last person to opine on religion and spiritualism but I wonder how many people would fill the church pews if they weren’t chasing “divine healing” and facing “demonic attacks”. Also remember when salvation was free? Today you have to sow a “seed offering”.

Yet on the same subject, my friend’s recent status on Facebook spoke volumes. “Calling on God to destroy your enemies with ‘Holy Ghost Faya’ is not being Christian.”

I kicked off my annual summer reading ritual last month and I was having a “Kindle vs Real Book” debate with some friends recently. One friend said “I think if I need to 'digest' information contained in a book, the kindle is where it’s at, but if I want to 'enjoy' a book, I'm not going to get it on the Kindle.” I couldn’t agree more.

Come oh, when did Nigeria decide it wanted to be the bombing capital of Africa?

Lest I overstay my welcome on our Host’s page I’ll leave it here, but before I go, here’s the LWKMD of the day: “The Nigerian prostitutes are calling on Immigration Officials to arrest and deport the foreign prostitutes because they are snatching their customers and also operating illegally in the country. “We want them out because most of our customers are Hausa who prefer them to us,” says one of the prostitutes at Mammy Market, Sokoto. So much for Sharia Law. You may read the rest here

Keeping with Taynement’s custom of ending with a song, here’s Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’. Her death is tragic if not shocking. As one of my friend’s noted, “I am glad she got to witness the end of one if the tabloid papers that tormented her before she died.”



leggy said…
i love genevieve too. she seems to be the only who takes reasonable roles nowadays.
i don't know. i'm having a tough time with spirituality, i do love God, i just find it hard to reconcile so many things.
i really like your random.
neuyogi said…
Good one. Is the divorce rate really at 50% or is that the statistic people always quote but no one can prove? Also, I feel the divorce rate is affected by age and socioeconomic status. I have lots of happily married friends. I also stare at white girls with thick nice booties. Before I got my nook, i was really frightened at the concept, because it reading a real book was so enjoyable and I had particular habits with my book. Well can I say my habits; like eating when i read, reading on the john, reading while waiting somewhere are all easier and even more enjoyable with my ereader, because I can do whatever extraneous activity without having to keep a vice grip on my page to avoid losing my spot. So imma have to disagree with you and your friend's statement on that one :)
LG said…
Without actually commenting, forgive me. This was a good read.
Original Mgbeke said…
Tayne, I like your new layout.

Swanboy, nice set of randoms. RIP to Amy. White girls with booty are still an enigma to me.

I'm not for the e-reader trend. Nothing like a good ol' book that you can hold in your hands. I think reading stuff on a Nook/Kindle would be weird.
Shadenonconform said…
Great guest random Swan Boy. Me Likey...

Yeah RIP to Amy. So so sad...
Taynement said…
White girls with booty annoy me jo. ah ah kilode?

I don't think i'd live my life by statistics. Those 50% have nothing to do with me. That day will come, stop fronting. You still have many years ahead of you.

I agree about the jerks/douchebaggery

I have never quite seen what the big deal is you;d be dead. You won 't know if your life was worth it or not.

Yea grad school didn't go by quickly.
Reverence said…
nice randoms. i almost forgot it wasnt Taynement.

my middle aged coworker told me how when she was in her 20s her and her husband attended about 25 weddings in a 2 year period and all but 1 of those couples are divorced.

i was one of the last few e-reader hold outs and now i loooooove my nook.

white girls with booty fascinate me.
Nice Anon said…
Oh i like the new layout.
I love the good ol book. Not a fan of the e readers at all.
Anonymous said…
Oh boy! These randoms are very IT.
White girl with a noticeable behind gets me doing a double take too and just like your friend, my theory is something's gotta give.

Good thinking on being 110% sure before popping the question. I am trying to be about 70% sure before I affirm the popped question. (My life is complicated like that)

Only in Nollywood would you see those ridiculous movie extortion and completely stupid storylines. I have seen them complete a movie in about 3DAYS!!! Oh lawd!

LMAO...grad school? I am just making up my mind about it and not believeing anybody's take. We see through different eyes and I dont trust theirs

I am with you on the Kindle vs Book argument. My sister and I had asimilar one concerning the iPad vs bible (Hardcopy) and I said if I wanna make a quick ref.. to a verse, the iPad will suffice but if I really wanna study then, the HC bible is definitely my choice.

Swanboy said…
Thanks all for your comments.

@Taynement, why do whooty's annoy you? Kindly expanciate.

I will get an e-reader someday for sure, and it'll serve me well but it won't replace a book for real as Honey Dame ably explains.

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