Secrets to Adulthood

Saw this on another blog and liked it. Thought I'd share. I actually practice and agree with almost all of them. Enjoy.

Secrets to Adulthood

1. No one really cares!

2. Seriously, Its okay to say No

3. Don't expect too much from people.

4. Do good, feel good

5. It's important to be nice to everyone

6. If you can't find something, clean up

7. Not everyone is like you

8. Put yourself in other people's shoes

9. No one likes a selfish friend

10. Talk less about people

11. Cook more. It can make you happier

12. Lists work wonders

13. Your 20's are for experimenting!

14. Having a good support system is better than money. Sometimes

15. Exercise if an effective way to snap out of a funk

16. Great thoughts are conceived while walking

17. Never dress for him/her/them. Dress for you.

18. Junk attracts more junk. Spiritually, in friendships and in closets.

19. Do it now! Apply the one-minute rule. Anything that requires less than a minute, do it now

20. Sharing. Easier said than done

21. Always have a pen

22. Everyone loves a little extra love/attention. Not just on birthdays.


Anonymous said…
dosh said…
i liked it too. you had me at number one, we get so carried away trying to impress people when the truth is that "no one really cares". Just do what you can by the grace of God and move on.

Thanks for sharing

i love the new look of your blog btw
kay9 said…
new blog, new post... nice.
Kash said…
So true! Love it!!
Sisi Yemmie said…
interesting, i liked it and shared on twitter
Anonymous said…
Love this Tayne!!

Also digging the new look..

LohiO said…
I must be old...coz I do all those things...hmmmm LOVE IT!
Vivi N. said…
Great list!

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