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Hi guys. I totally forgot to put up Friday Randoms and even though I don't have that many who says randoms are relegated to Fridays, huh? How have you guys been? We've been having some dangerous weather down south. I feel like it rained all last week with constant tornado and hail warning. Thankfully it wasn't so bad in my area but some places got it worse. My boss and another coworker had to have their roofs completely redone cuz it was damaged by the hail. As I type this, we have expected thunderstorms for tonight and tomorrow. I don't mind the rain so much as long as I am indoors, the only thing is it just makes me want to be held and emm that's not happening. Anyone else catch the royal wedding? Although it irritated a lot of people there were some funny zingers on Twitter like:

1981 - She attended as the groom's mistress, 2011 - she attended as the groom's stepmom.

Nice of the Royal family to involve Camilla in the wedding and having her pull the carr…

Words of Wisdom - Funny Style

Apparently, Katie Couric has a book coming out called The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives. I read excerpts in a magazine that were funny. Here are 5 of them:

Never follow anyone else's path, unless you're in the woods and you're lost and you see a path: then by all means, you should follow that path - Ellen Degeneres

Say yes. Accept the job, agree to that meeting, catch up over coffee, lend a helping hand..You can always so no later - or so I've heard - Ryan Seacrest

So the pie isn't perfect? Cut it into wedges..Stay in control and never panic - Martha Stewart

Resist the urge to write lists, especially if the list is pros and cons. Just go with your gut - Hugh Jackman

Don't sleep with your boss - Chelsea Handler

Friday Randoms

Howdy ho people. How have you been? How was your week? I didn't think it was but my week was actually eventful. I am currently in my room, a bit spooked because it's raining hard, lightning, thunderstorms, hail is hitting my window. The tv channels are back on now, they went off and the emergency system was blaring outside my window and on the tv. It should die down soon though. When I was younger, I was always sick, it was terrible, my mom used to make fun of my immune system. Got to the states and I'd pick up a cold every 2 days lol. This stopped in the last year or two but then i gained "aches and pains" lol. Sharrap, if you are saying old age. My back has been my main source of hurt for a while and I am currently lying here in pain, I also had some spasms in my neck area, at least I think they were it was like a pinching sensation.I am terrible when it comes to taking medication, I prefer to ride out the pain, foolish me. But this pain is too much. I think I&…

Random Thursday

Hi guys, yep you read right, it says Random Thursday not Friday. I am so tired right now, I fear I might fall asleep and forget to put up randoms,so better early than never. It's been an interesting week for me both highs and lows. Just took an exam I don't feel good about and to think I pulled an all nighter last night, ugh!I am looking forward to the weekend though, just put this week behind me. Enough chit chat. Let's random.

I've been getting asked a lot more if I'd consider joining dating sites. My answer is no, I don't have a need for it..yet.

I was talking to my friend about whether women enjoy giving head or not and we veered off to some of the reasons some women enjoy it and one of them was was that they felt powerful. Just because I have mad friends, he said he'd heard that before and he'd replied it with: "well get on your knees and feel powerful then. I'm all for empowering women". That cracked me up.

I don't watch Dancing …