Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hi guys. I totally forgot to put up Friday Randoms and even though I don't have that many who says randoms are relegated to Fridays, huh? How have you guys been? We've been having some dangerous weather down south. I feel like it rained all last week with constant tornado and hail warning. Thankfully it wasn't so bad in my area but some places got it worse. My boss and another coworker had to have their roofs completely redone cuz it was damaged by the hail. As I type this, we have expected thunderstorms for tonight and tomorrow. I don't mind the rain so much as long as I am indoors, the only thing is it just makes me want to be held and emm that's not happening. Anyone else catch the royal wedding? Although it irritated a lot of people there were some funny zingers on Twitter like:

1981 - She attended as the groom's mistress, 2011 - she attended as the groom's stepmom.

Nice of the Royal family to involve Camilla in the wedding and having her pull the carriage at the end

A bald prince and a flat chested commoner this is far from a fairytale, guess I have been watching too much Disney.

I should just random.

What would make a person brag publicly about their sexual prowess especially when you are not asked? I don't get it.

I saw this dude on tv who made a documentary about losing weight by cutting out solid food and going on a liquid diet of veggies and fruits for 90 days or something like that. I was annoyed when I saw that. These people always come on tv claiming stuff. He admitted to being light headed sometimes, how are regular people with regular jobs supposed to do that?

I am a bit irked by people who are always vocal about solutions for nigeria when they have not visited in like God knows when.

Someone told me I had an addictive personality. I don't accept compliments easy but i have to say I was flattered and I accepted this one.

If I ever got a public proposal, I think I will die of shame.

I always laugh when I see these obviously very gay people on reality tv, make such a big deal about telling their parents that they are gay. The response is always the same: we knew

My friend asked me if I'd be upset if she dated my ex and I said no. I think there are two reasons people usually are opposed to it and that's still harboring feelings and ego. I think my ego will be bruised, I have been in that situation before but I got over it. What about you guys? yay?nay?

Like I said, I don't have that many randoms but I will be back with a proper post.

Haven't been listening to anything else besides Frank Ocean lately but I will spare you guys. You've probably seen this but its a duo called Karmin who do a bunch of covers. This is their cover of Chris Brown's Look at me now. WHite girl killed it.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Words of Wisdom - Funny Style

Apparently, Katie Couric has a book coming out called The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives. I read excerpts in a magazine that were funny. Here are 5 of them:

Never follow anyone else's path, unless you're in the woods and you're lost and you see a path: then by all means, you should follow that path - Ellen Degeneres

Say yes. Accept the job, agree to that meeting, catch up over coffee, lend a helping hand..You can always so no later - or so I've heard - Ryan Seacrest

So the pie isn't perfect? Cut it into wedges..Stay in control and never panic - Martha Stewart

Resist the urge to write lists, especially if the list is pros and cons. Just go with your gut - Hugh Jackman

Don't sleep with your boss - Chelsea Handler

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday Randoms

Howdy ho people. How have you been? How was your week? I didn't think it was but my week was actually eventful. I am currently in my room, a bit spooked because it's raining hard, lightning, thunderstorms, hail is hitting my window. The tv channels are back on now, they went off and the emergency system was blaring outside my window and on the tv. It should die down soon though. When I was younger, I was always sick, it was terrible, my mom used to make fun of my immune system. Got to the states and I'd pick up a cold every 2 days lol. This stopped in the last year or two but then i gained "aches and pains" lol. Sharrap, if you are saying old age. My back has been my main source of hurt for a while and I am currently lying here in pain, I also had some spasms in my neck area, at least I think they were it was like a pinching sensation.I am terrible when it comes to taking medication, I prefer to ride out the pain, foolish me. But this pain is too much. I think I'll cave and see a chiropractor. Finally, bunch of friends of mine lost a friend this week. She was our age. Some saw her on saturday and by monday she was gone. It was a reminder that noone is invincible, it could have been anyone of us. I hope God grants her family solace and may her soul rest in peace. Enough gum flapping, let's random shall we?

I have never had chicken pox and I haven't had my appendix taken out. Anyone else?

Noone ever prepares or tells you what to expect as an adult. I mean I guess it can't be explained, but I think it sucks that as you get older you have all these decisions to make and you are never really sure. Should you take this risk? will it pay off?. What makes it worse is the older you get, the heavier the consequences of whatever you decide is. God dey.

Human beings are hilarious. I find it amusing that we are sometimes annoyed when people do things that we are also guilty of doing. I think it's probably because we don't recognize when we are doing it.

Although I am not that heavy a drinker, err 9 months is a long time without alcohol.

I've noticed recently that naija men like to hide their age. You ask him his age and then its sidestep. In his Wendy Williams' interview, MI was dodging his age. "I'm in my upper 20's". Beans? Ish is annoying.

I find it amusing when I see people type things like "I luh you" or "I milz you". I automatically assume they don't really mean it but it seems like the appropriate thing to say.

I am kinda over people who allegedly think that Adele is a "fat, black, yoruba" singer. Like there's google, do yourself a favor.

Am I the only one who still has pairs of jeans from many years ago because I foolishly tell myself that I will fit into them again? I need to do myself a favor and let dem things go.

Kudos to people who cheat in this day and age. I am not saying it's not possible but with advanced technology, it just has to be harder. The world is waay smaller now and everyone knows everyone. no joke. It's the oddest thing, meeting someone for the first time yet you practically know their life history.

Speaking of technology. Who knew some people see Twitter as a modified As usual maybe I'm the only one who didn't know but if DMs could talk, eh?

Does anyone else enjoy the process of putting lotion on their body? No? Just me? Ok then.

So when people sneeze we say bless you. Why don't we have anything for when people cough? sorry is lame.

I have no fight left in me. Sorry mama :)

I hate getting lost but I hate asking for directions. I prefer to keep driving around and around and figure it out even though I am frustrated as hell. What is wrong with me? lol

So most girls always say the first thing they can't wait to get rid off when they get home is their bra. Not for me, for me it's pants. Those are the first things I have to take off.

My aunt had a birthday last sunday. Called to wish her a happy birthday, naturally it went to marriage. She asked what my plans for those are and I politely said none. She then said the plan is to just give my email and number out to eligible men and that's the way to go because our grandparents afterall didn't know who they were marrying, it came during the marriage and they were forced to iron out their issues. She also said that when people get married and years down the line the guy changes, the woman starts crying that he changed on me. She says he didn't change, he has always been that way, you just chose to see what you wanted while you were dating. Do you agree?disagree?

This peanut butter snickers ad is all sorts of stupid. As in, they are asking sharks which human tasted better and they reply with the one who just ate the chocolate. Like, they are using a shark ate man theme?? camaaaan!

So, when I pray for my friends, I pray for them individually, no blanket prayer.Soooo, is it wrong if i stop praying for an ex? As in, you're not on bad terms but they are just not in your life anymore.

"Women are way too committed. Keep your options open, if something better comes along dump the old, bring in the new" - Got this from a funny blog but I completely agree. I am not saying leave your husband or your healthy relationship oh! but if you are in an unhealthy relationship and you are unhappy, don't try to hang in there because of all the years you've invested or whatever reason. Everyone deserves to be happy (ha, see me talking)so find your happy!

PRAYER REQUEST - For all women who have suffered or are going through a miscarriage that God comforts them and gives them the strength to get through it

Ok Swanboy, I'll drop naija music today. Have a lovely weekend my lovelies and stay blessed!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Thursday

Hi guys, yep you read right, it says Random Thursday not Friday. I am so tired right now, I fear I might fall asleep and forget to put up randoms,so better early than never. It's been an interesting week for me both highs and lows. Just took an exam I don't feel good about and to think I pulled an all nighter last night, ugh!I am looking forward to the weekend though, just put this week behind me. Enough chit chat. Let's random.

I've been getting asked a lot more if I'd consider joining dating sites. My answer is no, I don't have a need for it..yet.

I was talking to my friend about whether women enjoy giving head or not and we veered off to some of the reasons some women enjoy it and one of them was was that they felt powerful. Just because I have mad friends, he said he'd heard that before and he'd replied it with: "well get on your knees and feel powerful then. I'm all for empowering women". That cracked me up.

I don't watch Dancing with the stars regularly but I think Lacy Schwimmer is a sexy young lady. She is not a skinny meanie but she moves so well and is so confident.

As much noise as we make, do women really know what they want? I'm watching Bethenny's show and she tells her husband not to get her a gift but if he really doesn't get her a gift she'll be mad. *confused* Why not just say you want a gift in the first place? So we say we want a nice guy, but truth be told nice guy is the new boring. blah confusion.

That being said theory states nice guys get no ass. yay?nay?

My friend told me that I don't hide my thoughts but I hide my feelings. Does that make sense to y'all? hehe

Oh to be young again. To be bright eyed and bushy tailed. Full of youthful exuberance and thinking you have it all figured out.

Deliver me from this hunk of temptation...or not.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

So the CEO of Sprint features in their ads. Does he get royalties too, on top of his salary or he does it for free for the love of his company?

I've never quite understood or believed it when I hear a girl say "I think like a man". Maybe it's possible, but for me I think it's all a front. Yes, we might be the more emotional or complicated sex and we are built the way we are, just like men are built the way they are for a reason. It plays its part in that man/woman dance we play in life.

What are the benefits of being stubborn? Anyone? I am a stubborn person but I can't tell you why. I don't like apologizing either. Had to apologize to my mom this week but not before a lot of grumbling.

I asked this on twitter: what makes a "good"girl good and a "bad" girl bad? Is it wrong to be adventurous?

I HATE those ASPCA ads about abused animals. Uggh! they take so long and they try too damn hard to "touch your heart", making the animals give some fierce puppy dog eyes. hiss

I smile when I see people's grandoise dreams for their future partner like "she must be able to do a full split while scrubbing my back" or "he must be able to dip my toes in icecream and lick it like a cone". Ok, I am exaggerating but maybe it's just me but there comes a time when you prioritize and focus on the real important things that are substantial, so for now I'll just assume some things I hear or read are all for show.

Do you ever wonder what your life would have been like if you stayed in Nigeria and didn't go overseas?

So Marlee Matlin is deaf, yea? But she can talk and speaks perfect english. Well how did she hear or sound out the words to know what they sound like?

Do our issues ever go away or do we just learn how to manage them better? This is like the saying Time heals all wounds. I don't agree, I just think Time numbs all wounds. Hmm is that the same thing? (healing and numbing?)

It's always amusing when people come how many years later to let you know that they had a crush on you way back when. Why thanks but why didn't you say anything? I take that back, in some instances you are grateful they didn't say a word.

So I chuckle at the fact that my answer to the question: Where were you when MJ died? will forever be: Swe Bar lol

Happy Birthday to my darling Kate and (in a few days) RepOne. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

That's all I got folks, hope yall have a fantastic weekend, shake a tailfeather or two for me and be safe. So Swanboy said, I never have nigerian music for random fridays and I have no legit reason why and just because I never listen, it won't be this week. This week I have to post the music of Frank Ocean, who was able to reach the titanium that is my heart (offtopic, my mother told me this week that my heart was closed sha. see my life) with this song. If you haven't heard of him he has a mixtape out called Nostalgia that's free. In the meantime enjoy!

Frank Ocean - Strawberry Swing