Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hi guys. I totally forgot to put up Friday Randoms and even though I don't have that many who says randoms are relegated to Fridays, huh? How have you guys been? We've been having some dangerous weather down south. I feel like it rained all last week with constant tornado and hail warning. Thankfully it wasn't so bad in my area but some places got it worse. My boss and another coworker had to have their roofs completely redone cuz it was damaged by the hail. As I type this, we have expected thunderstorms for tonight and tomorrow. I don't mind the rain so much as long as I am indoors, the only thing is it just makes me want to be held and emm that's not happening. Anyone else catch the royal wedding? Although it irritated a lot of people there were some funny zingers on Twitter like:

1981 - She attended as the groom's mistress, 2011 - she attended as the groom's stepmom.

Nice of the Royal family to involve Camilla in the wedding and having her pull the carriage at the end

A bald prince and a flat chested commoner this is far from a fairytale, guess I have been watching too much Disney.

I should just random.

What would make a person brag publicly about their sexual prowess especially when you are not asked? I don't get it.

I saw this dude on tv who made a documentary about losing weight by cutting out solid food and going on a liquid diet of veggies and fruits for 90 days or something like that. I was annoyed when I saw that. These people always come on tv claiming stuff. He admitted to being light headed sometimes, how are regular people with regular jobs supposed to do that?

I am a bit irked by people who are always vocal about solutions for nigeria when they have not visited in like God knows when.

Someone told me I had an addictive personality. I don't accept compliments easy but i have to say I was flattered and I accepted this one.

If I ever got a public proposal, I think I will die of shame.

I always laugh when I see these obviously very gay people on reality tv, make such a big deal about telling their parents that they are gay. The response is always the same: we knew

My friend asked me if I'd be upset if she dated my ex and I said no. I think there are two reasons people usually are opposed to it and that's still harboring feelings and ego. I think my ego will be bruised, I have been in that situation before but I got over it. What about you guys? yay?nay?

Like I said, I don't have that many randoms but I will be back with a proper post.

Haven't been listening to anything else besides Frank Ocean lately but I will spare you guys. You've probably seen this but its a duo called Karmin who do a bunch of covers. This is their cover of Chris Brown's Look at me now. WHite girl killed it.



Vivian said...

About the ex situation..depends on how long ago yall were involved and if things ended on a good note/or bad. If you have feelings of indifference towards that person..neither happy nor anger, then I think its safe to say that you are over it and the next person can proceed to dating them.

About the royal wedding... I believe in fairy tales but in this world that we live in where 6 marriages out of ten end in divorce, I am glad to see that William and Kate had a realistic relationship. They had ups and downs and plenty of time to decide if they want to be in it for the long haul. My only beef with her is when they call her "a professional girlfriend" I think its harsh...but its so true.


kitkat said...

aww cmon, the prince and the commoner is classic disney romance. u cnt even takeaway from the fairy-tale! :p
Lol i also get irritated when ppl that have abandoned Nigeri since the late nineties always have a whole lot 2 say about solving our problems. its like beesh, if u're so smart, y dnt u do something..everyone knows talk is cheap.
Hoestly, i wont want a fwend to date a guy i like or my ex. My ego will be bruised duh!..but there's no way she'll ask for my permission to do so and i'll be like "mbanu dont date him". what wld that make me look like??lol. I wont be mad if she dates him, but it'll take a while to get used to seeing someone i liked(or still like) cuddling with another girl (even worse, my friend!).

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

about the Ex....i dont really know...but i dont think i would be happy esp if things didnt end right with the relationship.

I refuse to comment on the royal i wasnt feeling it!

LohiO said...

The royal wedding unleashed the romantic in me! #LOVEAGE!

Lol @ the weight loss ads..very true!

I love the cover, they did a Good job!

Vivi said...

Hope you're having a great weekend, so far.

I know for a fact that I have a addictive personality. A gift and a curse. I don't know bout liking it as a compliment, though. lol./I already don't like attention and then my future beau is gonna do a public proposal? LAWD!/I actually unfollowed someone on Twitter because of their daily tweets bout their sexual prowess and done no one asked 'em./I like your reasons of why people get pissed when their friends ask to date their exes. Never thought of that./For the past few weeks, I've been singrapping "Look at Me Now" like Karmin.

leobabe said...

lol... d prince and d commoner...dts so Disney!
thot i was d only one dt noticed d young prince is going bald(mayb a case of royal genes..loll) wonder if it will catch up with harry who still has a full head of hair.
her 'chest' reminds me of myself @ 8(*toothy grin*)
@those that kiss and tell...dts jst plain lame...
@dating d ex... dts a hard one...if it ended on a gud note(u guys r still frnds) it wud feel mega-awkward
and if it ended on a bad note(no longer frnds)u wud feel betrayed

MPB said...

Just wanted to mark my presence on your blog!