Random Thursday

Hi guys, yep you read right, it says Random Thursday not Friday. I am so tired right now, I fear I might fall asleep and forget to put up randoms,so better early than never. It's been an interesting week for me both highs and lows. Just took an exam I don't feel good about and to think I pulled an all nighter last night, ugh!I am looking forward to the weekend though, just put this week behind me. Enough chit chat. Let's random.

I've been getting asked a lot more if I'd consider joining dating sites. My answer is no, I don't have a need for it..yet.

I was talking to my friend about whether women enjoy giving head or not and we veered off to some of the reasons some women enjoy it and one of them was was that they felt powerful. Just because I have mad friends, he said he'd heard that before and he'd replied it with: "well get on your knees and feel powerful then. I'm all for empowering women". That cracked me up.

I don't watch Dancing with the stars regularly but I think Lacy Schwimmer is a sexy young lady. She is not a skinny meanie but she moves so well and is so confident.

As much noise as we make, do women really know what they want? I'm watching Bethenny's show and she tells her husband not to get her a gift but if he really doesn't get her a gift she'll be mad. *confused* Why not just say you want a gift in the first place? So we say we want a nice guy, but truth be told nice guy is the new boring. blah confusion.

That being said theory states nice guys get no ass. yay?nay?

My friend told me that I don't hide my thoughts but I hide my feelings. Does that make sense to y'all? hehe

Oh to be young again. To be bright eyed and bushy tailed. Full of youthful exuberance and thinking you have it all figured out.

Deliver me from this hunk of temptation...or not.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

So the CEO of Sprint features in their ads. Does he get royalties too, on top of his salary or he does it for free for the love of his company?

I've never quite understood or believed it when I hear a girl say "I think like a man". Maybe it's possible, but for me I think it's all a front. Yes, we might be the more emotional or complicated sex and we are built the way we are, just like men are built the way they are for a reason. It plays its part in that man/woman dance we play in life.

What are the benefits of being stubborn? Anyone? I am a stubborn person but I can't tell you why. I don't like apologizing either. Had to apologize to my mom this week but not before a lot of grumbling.

I asked this on twitter: what makes a "good"girl good and a "bad" girl bad? Is it wrong to be adventurous?

I HATE those ASPCA ads about abused animals. Uggh! they take so long and they try too damn hard to "touch your heart", making the animals give some fierce puppy dog eyes. hiss

I smile when I see people's grandoise dreams for their future partner like "she must be able to do a full split while scrubbing my back" or "he must be able to dip my toes in icecream and lick it like a cone". Ok, I am exaggerating but maybe it's just me but there comes a time when you prioritize and focus on the real important things that are substantial, so for now I'll just assume some things I hear or read are all for show.

Do you ever wonder what your life would have been like if you stayed in Nigeria and didn't go overseas?

So Marlee Matlin is deaf, yea? But she can talk and speaks perfect english. Well how did she hear or sound out the words to know what they sound like?

Do our issues ever go away or do we just learn how to manage them better? This is like the saying Time heals all wounds. I don't agree, I just think Time numbs all wounds. Hmm is that the same thing? (healing and numbing?)

It's always amusing when people come how many years later to let you know that they had a crush on you way back when. Why thanks but why didn't you say anything? I take that back, in some instances you are grateful they didn't say a word.

So I chuckle at the fact that my answer to the question: Where were you when MJ died? will forever be: Swe Bar lol

Happy Birthday to my darling Kate and (in a few days) RepOne. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!

That's all I got folks, hope yall have a fantastic weekend, shake a tailfeather or two for me and be safe. So Swanboy said, I never have nigerian music for random fridays and I have no legit reason why and just because I never listen, it won't be this week. This week I have to post the music of Frank Ocean, who was able to reach the titanium that is my heart (offtopic, my mother told me this week that my heart was closed sha. see my life) with this song. If you haven't heard of him he has a mixtape out called Nostalgia that's free. In the meantime enjoy!

Frank Ocean - Strawberry Swing


kitkat said…
lol i secretly laugh at people that are so unnecesarily picky when it comes to choosing partners..like its cool to set standards and not settle for less but when u start being too choosy..like "i must marry a white guy with green eyes and pink lips" and then you wonder why you're 50yrs old, living in your apartment with a cat..its like AHA!
and if i didnt leave nigeria, my life would pretty much be a continuation of secondary school,lol
tunrayo said…
i needed this to make me smile, and think. Im really picky and its starting to piss me off cos i just let a good one go cos i cant help but sweat the small stuff. tsk tsk at me.

and i get what you friend means by 'not hiding thoughts but hiding feelings'. i do it all the time. with a voice void of emotions i tell u what im thinking not necessarily how im feeling.

For me, its the reverse. I wonder what my life will be if i had gone abroad and not stayed in Nigeria but oh well...

hey mami, been a while... :)
GUESS WHO! said…
Ummm Kudos to women who enjoy giving head. Giving head gives me a headache! Lol at ur friend and lol at the ppl who feel empowered by giving head.

Tihihihi... I do d same thing that Bethenny does. A smart husband knows his wife ALWAYS wants a gift.

Thought =/= feelings. feelings = emotions... how a situation or a thought makes u feel. Thoughts = opinions? cant think of another synonym bujt they can be disconnected from emotions/feelings

No benefits.../ well maybe it helps u not be forced into situations u dont want/like but being stubborn causes way too much drama... but I refuse to change :p

Maybe she tried saying it how it's spelt and her voice coach signaled when she was correct? I dunno sha

Some of the issues go away (heal), others are numbed and other just stay there wide open and hurt daily.


WV:P Styligri - Yup... I am a stylish girl :P
Swanboy said…
Stubborn goat :-)
Tori said…
I change the channel on those stupid commercials. I'm not sure if its possible to hate something more.

Lol @ female empowerment.

I wonder if people truly believe their lists, especially when they are utterly specific. Her hair must be real and waistlength and she must love her moms dog. I chuckle on the inside when I hear people tell me "I checked my list and he met all the criteria" and I know we've been talking for 10 years and you've never ever ever mentioned said list to me.

Nice guys can get it o. As long as they're not nice to the point of I can slap you and you turn the other cheek. Men need a hint of steel in their spines.

I laughed out loud @ "Swe Bar"
Lady said…
I'm a woman, I thought I knew what I want, but alas, it turns out I have no idea what the hell I want.
Kate said…
This is me...leaving a comment! :D

Thanks for the birthday wishes! 'Ppreciate ya!
I'm stubborn too! My family knws it. even my aunt had to as my bf how he copes with me becos I'm stubborn and strong headed. I was driving back from work when I heard on the road bout MJs death

Was jst sayn today hw I wld have been oppressed if I was still in Naij, all this brazilian this n that, designer wat not and quest for status/acceptance *sigh* is jst too much work for me abeg.

Glad I'm here. have a great weekend!
RepOne said…
-Okwa soso empowerment…sounds like something a man fed women and they too chopped :0.
-Men/Women=blind leading blind. We all don’t know what we want in equal measures lol
- “don't hide my thoughts but I hide my feelings” Makes perfect sense.
-Stubbornness makes you feel empowered?? Teehee
-I definitely wonder what my life woulda been like if I never left naija…
-Ain’t it tho? Me I just roll my eyes…I’m starting to wonder if its something guys [feel like they have to] just say. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a compliment or something…? *makes face*

Thanks ma! *Muah*

Have a good weekend
Anonymous said…
Pele about the exam. Hopefully it's not bad as you think.

Haha @ giving head and women empowerment. Na so. You friend is ridic..lol.(besides i dare say that reasoning will only make sense to someone who is either drunk or high as hell)... I think people in general are confused. But i would like to think that there are certain things that i damn sure know i want (if that makes any sense)..

Nay to nice guys get no booty. It totally makes sense about hiding one's feelings but not your thoughts. I do that ALL the time. I sigh with you about being young again (double sigh).. Hunk of temptation *ears perked up* :) I like that Maria quote. Being stubborn, story of my life. I don't know about the benefits. Well i guess i tend to think rationally. haha. I no know jare...Hell no it's not wrong to be adventurous + though i hate labels, I'll take being a "bad girl" over being a "good girl" anyday. The commercials, i tire ni. Yes i do wonder what my life would have been like if i stayed in naija. But one thing i know for sure is that I would have been "five crazy" (God is indeed faithful).. Haha @ Swe bar. You this girl... Frank Ocean is just awesome... Have a blessed Sunday sweets..

Yankeenaijababe said…
Those ads get on my head and sometimes I want to cry so bad. cos they make it so pathetic.lol

I can imagine what my future life would be if I stayed in Nigeria...funny I appreciate my new life abroad.lol

I totally can imagine your thoughts on girls who give head, well every woman to her own feelings

How you de?
LucidLilith said…
Fierce randoms!

What women want? Don't you think men will stop trying when they know all about us?

Giving head sucks. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I have to be thoroughly hammered to do a good job. /tmi

Nice guys finish last cus they have no aggression. Life is competitive.

Hiding thoughts but not words. sounds like good advice to me. Looks like a good politician in the making.
AuralAdultery said…
Does LucidLilith mean "hammered" as in drunk or as in he hammered her?

Nice guys get it too. They just get it a lot less than the other guys do. How often do women give it up for a listening ear?

Yay for empowerment!

Lacy is a beast. Runs in the blood. Benjy (her brother) and Heidi (cousin) used to be US West Coast Swing champs.

Your mates are using technology in every area, you'll be there chilling, unaware that the love of your life is on match.com. Duro si be!
LucidLilith said…
hammered = drunk digity drunk

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