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Loved the back of Marg Helgenberg's dress. Doesn't hurt for you husband to be the SAG president eh? :)
Debbie Matenopolis or however you spell her name is such an idiot, no wonder she got fired from "The View". How can you ask Ricky Gervais how he feels about Steve Carell being more famous than he is? Idiot.
Josh Brolin is just a jackass. Diane Lane should be smiling like she is in love as if she didn't just call the cops on him for assault some time ago.
Forest Whitaker is so well spoken and articulate. I love hearing him speak, so soothing. His wife is gawg.

Was I the only one who saw a bump on Eva Longoria Parker. Speaking of bumps, Angelina is so preggers.
Poor Nikki Blonsky and thats all i have to say.
Hurray for Chandra Wilson, hope she achieved her dream of being a Dreamette after the awards, just kidding her hair was an upgrade, dress still needed work.
Cate Blanchett is pretty, her dress - not so much.

Casey Affleck is a horrible person to interview, why show up…

RIP Heath Ledger

So in the past week and a half there were like 4 celeb deaths but the most high profile of them was Heath Ledger's. I'm sitting through another painful day at work, and my friend Queen Bee sends me an email : "Heath Ledger.Dead.Cnn" and I'm like no!. I go to cnn and lo and behold in the big red breaking news box it was confirmed, unlike many who thot of the fate of Batman first, my first thought was "he was so young and he has a little kid". Anyways, there were others who felt the way I did ie numb and finding it surreal and there were others who wondered what the biggie was "afterall you never knew him". Well I think Sharon Maguire, director of the upcoming Incidiery(which stars Heath's ex-love, Michelle Williams) sums it up best:

"When celebrities die in heartbreaking circumstances, people who don't care for Hollywood say things like, "Who cares, we lose people every day and nobody makes a fuss about them." 'Tis tru…

Best and Worst of 2007

So IMO 2007 was a good year for movies, I watched a lot of them (shout out to ya! :), granted the best movies were indie movies but twas a good year then why did someone ask me what my favorite movie of the year was and i swear i was stumped. I just blanked out and couldnt think of any movie. I won't lie even though there were good movies, I was not WOWED by any movie. Anyways the only movie that came to mind was "The Namesake", a story about an Indian immigrant raising his kids in America. It came out earlier in the year, but I enjoyed it, its based on a book which i haven't read, but my best friend claims the movie is better than the book (that's rare). So since that's what came to my head it is officially my fave movie of the year :D...The lady who asked me thinks if i had seen "No Country for Old Men" then that'd be my fav..ah well we'll see...

On to the worst, yes i don't watch a lot of bad movies because i know what…

Stupid Writer's strike

So i came in here all ready to blog about a topic i have carried in my head for a while now, but i just remembered that tomorrow is supposed to be the Golden Globes' awards (one of my faves) and it has been cancelled due to this writers strike that looks like its not gonna get resolved anytime soon.

I mean, I am all for the writers getting paid and all but why should everyone else suffer for it? Poor crew members are probably headed to the unemployment line. Again aside from my viewing pleasure, i feel no pity for the Katherine Heigl's (uggh), i really feel for the Ellen Paiges (juno) and Nikki Blonskys (hairspray)..i mean these kids had their breakthrough year, when else are they going to enjoy their accolades?, i hate that they are being robbed of this, imagine if this happened during the time of Jennifer Hudson's wave, i firmly believe she wouldn't have the same number of acting projects that she nabbed after her award sweeping last year..ah well, my crazy self will …