RIP Heath Ledger

So in the past week and a half there were like 4 celeb deaths but the most high profile of them was Heath Ledger's. I'm sitting through another painful day at work, and my friend Queen Bee sends me an email : "Heath Ledger.Dead.Cnn" and I'm like no!. I go to cnn and lo and behold in the big red breaking news box it was confirmed, unlike many who thot of the fate of Batman first, my first thought was "he was so young and he has a little kid". Anyways, there were others who felt the way I did ie numb and finding it surreal and there were others who wondered what the biggie was "afterall you never knew him". Well I think Sharon Maguire, director of the upcoming Incidiery(which stars Heath's ex-love, Michelle Williams) sums it up best:

"When celebrities die in heartbreaking circumstances, people who don't care for Hollywood say things like, "Who cares, we lose people every day and nobody makes a fuss about them." 'Tis true. But we don't know everybody — or at least it’s impossible to feel like we do in the same vein that a spectacular performance makes us feel connected to an actor".

The day i heard that Heath had died, I was discussing with a co-worker of mine and another co-worker chirped in saying "Well that's what he gets for doing a sinful movie, hahaha, just kidding". Apparently for him to have that thought, he was not kidding. I know I live in TX, bible belt and all but personally I identify as Christian, I do believe homosexuality is a sin but ultimately that God's call to judge not mine or anybodys. I watched BrokeBack Mountain twice in the theaters, it was a very well done movie and need I remind people - IT WAS A MOVIE!. I heard people wanted to picket his funeral, I don't hear about people wanting to picket dead actors who portrayed pre-marital sex or murder in their movies. Anyways,condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

Other RIP's :
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Brad Renfro
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Spiritual Ninja said…
he overdosed..big freaking deal.. same thing with Anna Nicole Smith. he should have been in a rehab clinic getting purged not alone in an apartment.
pearl said…
bah..overdose, suicide whatever..alls i know is a little girl lost her daddy.

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