Loved the back of Marg Helgenberg's dress. Doesn't hurt for you husband to be the SAG president eh? :)
Debbie Matenopolis or however you spell her name is such an idiot, no wonder she got fired from "The View". How can you ask Ricky Gervais how he feels about Steve Carell being more famous than he is? Idiot.

Josh Brolin is just a jackass. Diane Lane should be smiling like she is in love as if she didn't just call the cops on him for assault some time ago.

Forest Whitaker is so well spoken and articulate. I love hearing him speak, so soothing. His wife is gawg.

Was I the only one who saw a bump on Eva Longoria Parker. Speaking of bumps, Angelina is so preggers.

Poor Nikki Blonsky and thats all i have to say.

Hurray for Chandra Wilson, hope she achieved her dream of being a Dreamette after the awards, just kidding her hair was an upgrade, dress still needed work.

Cate Blanchett is pretty, her dress - not so much.

Casey Affleck is a horrible person to interview, why show up if you don't want to be there..hisss.

Old age is the best way to campaign for an award. Think i am lying, ask Ruby Dee. Her role in American Gangster was not that spectacular. Ah well her glasses were snazzy.

Julie Christie is actually hot for her age, too bad her movie was a snooze.

Ryan Gosling is hot and yummy

Daniel Day Lewis is hot sha.Absolute best speech of the night.RIP Heath

When Heath was shown last in the "In Memoriam" section, i closed my eyes and took a deep breath. so sad.

Why did Jane Krakowski think her grapes on-a-chest would be a fashion statement?

feel free to share yours :)


OmoIbadan said…
I just read HELLO off this blog post!
pearl said…
as in Hello magazine?

do i know you?

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