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10 Life Lessons to Excel in your 30's

I came across this post written by Mark Manson on my timeline and I thought it was really good. So good that I posted it twice. As usual, I felt the need to share it with you guys with some thoughts of mine. I know it says 30's but I do think that if you are on the other side of 25 i.e closer to 30 then this should come in handy. Here goes.

1. Start saving for Retirement now, not later - For those who know me, I am a huge believer of saving. No matter how much you make, I believe a little portion should go to a savings account. I have a savings account where my company automatically deposits my requested amount straight in there and I act (ahem for the most part) like it doesn't exist. Even when I was making a paltry amount, I was depositing $50 every paycheck. It may not seem like much but it does add up. Especially when you forget it exists. Also, I am not savvy on trades and investing and such but I am told you get more return that way over a savings account which has like …

Friday Randoms

Hello Howdy folks. Hope you all had a good week, for those that observe, happy lenten season. You guys, winter might never end. I am really beginning to think this is a possibility. We woke up on monday to ice, sleet and snow. Granted it melted and its not as much as our northern brethren are getting but it was so cold. At some point, the weather said 18degrees feels like -8. March 20 is supposed to be the official first day of spring, make we dey observe. How about dem Oscars? I really enjoyed this year's telecast even if the winners were pretty much locked this year. I am glad they got rid of the cut of speech music. We had a lot of heartfelt and good speeches - standouts being Lupita's, Matthew McConaughey's and the Lopezes (best song for Frozen). It was just nice in general seeing the winners when they won, the cheers and hugs from their peers. Steve McQueen's happiness when 12 Years won best picture was too cute, just makes me smile. Recognition is good, no matter…