Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10 Life Lessons to Excel in your 30's

I came across this post written by Mark Manson on my timeline and I thought it was really good. So good that I posted it twice. As usual, I felt the need to share it with you guys with some thoughts of mine. I know it says 30's but I do think that if you are on the other side of 25 i.e closer to 30 then this should come in handy. Here goes.

1. Start saving for Retirement now, not later - For those who know me, I am a huge believer of saving. No matter how much you make, I believe a little portion should go to a savings account. I have a savings account where my company automatically deposits my requested amount straight in there and I act (ahem for the most part) like it doesn't exist. Even when I was making a paltry amount, I was depositing $50 every paycheck. It may not seem like much but it does add up. Especially when you forget it exists. Also, I am not savvy on trades and investing and such but I am told you get more return that way over a savings account which has like a 0.001% interest. Either way, saving is a good habit to have. It keeps you disciplined and you just never know.

2. Start taking care of your health now, not later - Ain't that the truth. I remember watching The Challenge a while back and Cyrus said the thing you learn about age is you have good intentions but your body just doesn't agree with you and has other plans. It's quite true. We still think we are invincible but our stomachs become less tolerant, we develop allergies, metabolism slows down. Better to start healthy habits now.

3. Don't spend time with people who don't treat you well - I get in trouble a lot for being honest about how I feel or saying what I think but honestly I woke up one day in my late twenties and just had less fucks to give (less not none). Basically, if you interfere with my happy, you have no purpose in my life. I also learned that it is okay to say no. People have a big problem with that word. Also at first read, its easy to think that it only applies to romantic relationships but it happens in friendships too. Why hang around or be with people who make you feel some type of way? They aren't necessarily bad people, maybe you just don't gel. Life's too short.

4. Be good to the people you care about - Everyone says life is short but I don't know if anyone really really believes this could apply to them. Well it is. And I probably spend more time than normal thinking about death but the one thing I do try to do is to let my loved ones know that i am thankful for all they've done for me and try to be there for them anyway I can. I've also tried to be less stingy with the I love yous.

5. You can't have everything, focus on doing a few things really well - Self explanatory. The actual article explains better. Now let me just find what I do really well besides watching tv. Although based on twitter, some people seem to be good at everything (snicker)

6. Don't be afraid of taking risks, you can still change - The blurb on the actual post says "all adults are winging it". That is comforting cuz Lord knows that I feel like a mess most times. Regarding risks, I have taken some risks in my life that actually paid off and some -__- You'd be amazed at the number of people that are actually scared of change. Read a tweet - "Watch out for the fear of failure especially the subtle kind. It prevents you from taking certain actions and comes with excellent excuses" The human mind can justify anything sha.

7. You must continue to grow and develop yourself - take a class, try something new, just try to be a better person each day. All na something abi?

8. Nobody (still) Knows what they are doing. Get used to it - I have nothing to add.

9. Invest in your family, it's worth it - At the rate most of my friends are losing their parents and watching my mom go through 2 cancer scares. You don't have to tell me twice to hold family close and cherish them. Parents know how to push our buttons but they're also the ones that will have your back and (un)fortunately if the normal life span occurs they'll be the ones to go first.

10. Be kind to yourself, respect yourself  - If I am being honest, this is probably the hardest on the list for me. I am waaay too hard on myself and I don't make the smartest decisions for myself. I will try to apply this more to myself this year.

Well those are the 10. Which ones do you struggle with or did you like the best. If you still have the energy, I'd encourage you to read the original post. The writer had older people send in their advice and he compiled based on the responses. The examples and stuff made it a good read - http://markmanson.net/10-life-lessons-excel-30s

Have a lovely week!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Randoms

Hello Howdy folks. Hope you all had a good week, for those that observe, happy lenten season. You guys, winter might never end. I am really beginning to think this is a possibility. We woke up on monday to ice, sleet and snow. Granted it melted and its not as much as our northern brethren are getting but it was so cold. At some point, the weather said 18degrees feels like -8. March 20 is supposed to be the official first day of spring, make we dey observe. How about dem Oscars? I really enjoyed this year's telecast even if the winners were pretty much locked this year. I am glad they got rid of the cut of speech music. We had a lot of heartfelt and good speeches - standouts being Lupita's, Matthew McConaughey's and the Lopezes (best song for Frozen). It was just nice in general seeing the winners when they won, the cheers and hugs from their peers. Steve McQueen's happiness when 12 Years won best picture was too cute, just makes me smile. Recognition is good, no matter what they say. Ok let's random

There's a lot of yummy mummies floating around o. Seems everyone is now very conscious when pregnant and almost always bounce back to pre pregnancy body fast. The stomach seems to usually be the problem area. I still can't get used to the damage pregnancy does to bellies.

On Braxton Family Values, Tamar was doing an interview and she was asked to use one word to describe herself and she said "worthy". I can't tell you how much I loved this answer, it just encapsulates so much in one word. She was like I deserve the good things happening to me. I deserve my child, my accolades, my husband. Often times, we think we don't deserve certain things and why not?

"There are many men who don't like women, and they don't even know it. In their minds, it's "I love women doe". Nah, you like banging them" I saw this tweet and it's a thought I have had for a while. You hear some men speak and you're just like "do you even like women?" If you watch LAHHNY, you would have seen how Saigon always acted or if you watch Couples Therapy how Ghostface acted. A lot of men seem to have a severe distrust for women and if not for their need to have sex, probably won't even deal with them at all.

My friend had a status saying he judges women who post pics of what they receive for Valentine's day. I laughed but I guess its true, what really is the purpose of posting what you got for Vals besides to brag?

So Lent is here and I usually get a bit annoyed because it has become some fad and everyone asking "What are you giving up for Lent" and people announcing what they are giving up. I think of our relationships with God as personal so when people start announcing what they are giving up and make it seem thats it for Lent is giving up something its a bit annoying. 

For couples that keep breaking up and getting back together, how do you celebrate your anniversary and how many years you've been together?

Must suck to be allergic to latex

The good thing about having good sex is that you are having good sex, the bad thing is if you have the good sex with someone you don't end up with. I know I have randomed before about it and speaking to my married friends they say your spouse may not be your best sex but the other qualities make up for it. I say it again because it really is a huge fear of mine (refer back to my last post). Tonight on Grey's, Hunt broke up with someone that is everything he ever wanted because of that "thing" that he shared with Christina. She doesn't have everything he is looking for but he can't deny their chemistry and ended up cheating on his gf.

Speaking of, was watching something where the guy said he was anti labels because labels make everything serious. He was very happy with the girl he has been talking to (for 2 years) but he feels if he puts labels then it becomes serious and leads to marriage and he is totally not ready for that. I laughed because someone has told me those exact words before. So basically, some men run away from you because even though they are happy, that leads to marriage which they arent ready for - even though you aren't pressuring them to marry you. Got it.

I've noticed there's now a slew of *insert word that starts with F* Fridays now. Well I am one of them, please check out my Fan Friday page on www.taynement.com and let me know if you'd like to contribute

Have a lovely weekend guys. Be safe and stay blessed!