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Friday Randoms

It hasn't felt like summer because the weather has been cool and there's just been so much rain. But it felt hot today and I welcomed the sun. The days are dragging for me. It's so much effort to drag myself out of bed and when I get to work, I am just clock watching waiting to leave - riveting life, eh? Is anyone doing anything exciting for the summer? I think I am out of preamble material.

Let's random.

I am watching Queen Sugar and this nuisance of a Nova has written a memoir that reveals personal details about her family. She says its to free them from secrets but excuse me? It's akin to outing a person. It's not your place. I'd never write a memoir simply because it involves telling other people's stories. Come to think of it, are people required to get permission before writing memoirs?

The bad part about new person caking is how much TV time it takes away. Even more annoying when you know in a few months, they'll be gone while trusty TV will …

Women and Weight

I have spoken about this here and there in some of my randoms and it had been swirling in my head but then this just popped up on my ipad and I figured it was a sign to get my thoughts on this topic on here.

It's true. Much like talking about boys/relationships, its almost guaranteed that where women are gathered there will be talk of weight or the new diet fad. We all have our body issues but I now call out my friends who are publicly self deprecating and calling out the body parts they hate. Its not kind to yourself and it makes people uncomfortable. Let it be a private journey to loving yourself. Anyways, I clicked on the link and read the article and I agree with a lot of it

"I called this poisonous relationship between a body I was indoctrinated to hate and food I had been taught to fear “wellness.” This was before I could recognize wellness culture for what it was — a dangerous con that seduces …