Monday, August 29, 2011

I need...

As seen on a blog on my blog rounds:

I need someone who is prepared for:

A million questions
Uncontrollable laughter
My family
My appetite
Musical outbursts
Random dancing
My friends
Sad/Happy tears
Deep Talks
My imagination
My dreams
Walks in the rain
Random Texts
Useless arguments
...and acceptance of the real me.

So take away walks in the rain, give or take that appetite could be for both food and sex, add bbms to texts, know the random dancing could also be just being random and yea I totally agree with the list. Whatchu think?

Have a great week ahead :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

30 mins to Friday

I was going to title the post It's Friday but it won't be for another 30 and some minutes. There should be randoms but there won't be. So many thoughts, so many feelings but nothing that can be put here. This is probably why my sleep habits have been shit the last month or so. My trainer was on some, I don't enter some realm of sleep or something, so the slightest things wakes me up so I am not really sleeping, which just sounded weird. I don't know how I make it through the day really but I am tired a lot. I think if I can figure out how to shut my brain off it might help, thinking about trying yoga again. When I first tried it, it just freaked me out, it was too...serene. I felt like I could hear my thoughts, but it's worth a shot.

I've never had a high threshold for pain, well unless it's waxing or piercings - speaking of which I want a piercing but I can't think of where to get it, I'm all grown now so I will probably settle for a 4th on my ear (how boring) - this is no different,feels like punishment and it's funny how everytime still cuts like the first time. Ha, probably why I ran. Anyhues, enough of my whining. Yall have a good weekend, enjoy and good times. I should have randoms next week!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The tragedy of missing out

A friend posted this on twitter and I thought it was a great read. I shared it with some friends but I figure I'd post it on here. Enjoy.

A father and his son went fishing on a small boat, hungry.
The father helped his son reel in his first fish, and it was a beauty. “Great catch, son,” the father said.
“Yes, but I’m worried I’m missing out on better fish,” the son said. “What if I could catch a bigger, tastier fish?”
“Maybe you should try,” the father said.
And the son did, catching an even bigger fish an hour later. “A real beaut,” the father said.
“But what if there are better fish out there?” the son asked.
“Maybe you should try,” the father said.
And the son did, catching a bigger fish, then wondering if there were better fish, catching another, and so on.
At the end of the day, the son was exhausted. The father asked, “How did the fish taste?”
The son hesitated. “I’m not sure. I was so busy looking for better fish that I didn’t taste any of them.”
The father smiled contentedly, patted his belly. “Don’t worry. They were delicious.”

We are all of us like the son. We all worry, at some time or other, that we’re missing out on things.
It’s why we’re so busy — we take on so much because we don’t want to miss out. We take on dozens of goals and aspirations, because we don’t want to miss out.
But here’s the bare truth: we will miss out, no matter what. It’s inevitable. We cannot do or try everything in the world, even with lives twice as long. We cannot see every town and city, read every interesting book, watch every important film. We will always, always miss out.

Here’s the second, more important truth: if you always worry about what you’re missing out on, you will miss out on what you already have.
Don’t make a reading list a mile long — focus on the book in your hand. Don’t pack your vacation itinerary with every highlight of the city you’re visiting — walk around and enjoy what you find. Don’t worry about traveling the entire world — be delighted with the world around you. Don’t worry about what you’re missing online, or in the news — what you’re doing is good enough.

And let go of your long to-do lists and goal lists. They are a futile attempt to keep from missing out. You will miss out, but in striving to do everything, you’ll miss out on the wonder of the thing you are doing right now.
What you’re doing right now is all that matters. Let the rest go, and enjoy the fish you’ve already caught.

*I did not write this. This was written by Leo Babauta and I got this from

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Randoms

Hi guys, hope y'all are doing well. I had a pretty uneventful week and it went by really quickly. Hmm, I actually can't think of anything to talk about, that's how uneventful my week was. Summer is technically almost over but since I am in Texas, I think I still have a few months in...Ok, I have resorted to talking about the weather sha. I will stop this and just go straight to randoming.

So, in naija songs and here and there, I have heard some naija men mention being lightskinned to a woman as a compliment. It makes me uncomfortable.

Are there any guys that don't snore?

I went out last weekend and hit the drive through afterwards. There was a cab in front of us with some drunk white girls. I couldn't help but wonder if the meter was running and if it was if they were even aware, cuz we sure were in line for a while.

Why are my people (nigerians) so into appearances and flossing? It's like a sport to make sure everyone knows what you have or are doing and how you are living it up. It's not cute.

When people say f*ck or fck, not sure what I am missing but are we not supposed to know they are saying fuck? Does it make you classier? I mean you might as well, write what it is and if you have a problem with the word, just don't use it.

So like emm, watching True Blood I wondered how these vamps give head. Don't the fangs interfere?

In today's #weirdtaynementnews, Ricky Gervais featured on Curb your enthusiasm on sunday (still everly hilarious)and I thought to myself, this man isn't cute but he could get it. I don't know what it is about him - you may commence judgement. Oh, Turtle from Entourage too. :)

I read something online about some celeb's ex who was giving his new girl trouble. Calling and hanging up, leaving hateful voicemails. Why do people do that? Ok fine, pain, hurt etc but do that ish in private na. Call your friend up and vent or something, going all that extra mile won't bring him back to you. It's over.

There are naija songs begging to be danced to in Naija this december. And that is all folks.

Have you ever wished that you never met someone?

I have been looking for tickets to Nigeria and spoken to a lot of travel agents. Why do they [majority of the time] always try to change your dates? I mean if I was flexible I would have told you in the beginning.

Speaking of travel agents, why are most of them middle eastern/indian?

The myth is that big girls work harder in bed. Assuming it's true, do they still maintain the work ethic if they lose weight?

That's all I got today folks. Have a wonderful weekend. I think I have a fun one planned. Have some friends coming into town and they are always a good time so fingers crossed.

I couldn't decide which song to post so I decided to post both songs. Who says it has to be just one song, right?

My booboo. My voice. I was tripping hard when I heard this song and said it sucked. This song is amazeballs and I love it. When he hits that falsetto...

Frank Ocean - Thinking about you

This man/group whatever brings a smile to my face. I don't think I will ever get tired of listening to him. I think this song is sweet.

The Weeknd - Rescue you

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey people. I figured I'd just post this before I pass out. I just got back from dinner with the Moms and I ate too damn much, I can literally feel my stomach stretching, yuck. Oh, speaking of the Moms, I can't believe she got carded tonight, granted they claim that Texas has a strict state law with alcohol blah blah, it was hilarious sha. It's been fun having my mom around sha even though she stays calling me "mad girl" :(. We've shopped so damn much, I have fulfilled my quota for the year. The last couple of days, I have come home from work to find my mom, lounging on the sofa in my dresses, smiling sheepishly. Come to find out she had gone through my closet and tried on my dresses and I only got spared some cuz "they were so short". Oh and once she was in front of my mirror dancing (guess I am her daughter). She's listening to a lot of Top 40 music and stays humming to them. "Give me everything" is her favorite, she asked me who the boy was that sings the chorus because "he has a lovely voice and I don't understand what the other man is saying before then". She asked who sang the "I'm into you" song and wondered why she never heard the "boom boom" song in nigeria - that would be Super Bass, people (her jam). Ok I could go on and on so I'll stop. I'll miss her when she leaves :(. Random shall we?

Not that I intend to, but I think I understand a little why people settle.

"Some niggas recognize the light but can't handle the glare" - A line from "The Light" by Common. Beautiful lyrics all around.

So ehn, this ogbanje show or True Blood as it's better known as gets weirder and weirder each week. I won't lie, I think of myself as an enlightened Nigerian but biko, I still have Nigerian suspicion in me. If I was an actor I dunno if I would have liver to do some of the scenes they have on there. Like the whole witch scene last week and the chanting will spook me the hell out.

Still on True Blood, yes I know it's acting but err the actors who play Bill and Sookie dey try. I wonder if he is able to watch the sex scenes between Sookie and Eric. Again, I know it's acting but fact is she is still topless. Aren't most men really protective of their wives/girls?

I like how the default assumption when I say I am single is "maybe you are picky". Someone, I hadn't spoken to in forever just said that to me. Err, you don't know me.

Added to my dirty (sounding) word list - spurt

I don't really like small talk sha, you know - how are you? how is work? etc. I usually can't wait for that part to be done. A friend of mine always complains that I start a convo with her from the middle, instead of saying hello, I go in like we've been talking forever lol

"What doesnt break you, changes you and not always for the better"

What makes Louboutins so great? Why is it always on people's wish lists? I should try a pair and see if I feel different. Don't get me wrong, if I got it as a gift, I'd probably appreciate but I think I'd prefer an airline gift certificate or travel voucher or something before those.

I watch trashy reality shows. Bad Girls Club is one of them - oh, feel free to judge me. Anyways, in one scene this girl is yarning with a dude in the house and all of a sudden she goes "do you wanna have a deep conversation or do you wanna fuck cuz I can go either way". That was hella hilarious to me. No beating around the bush. Just in case you were curious the answer was the latter.

I don't think it's so weird that I like to plan waaay ahead for stuff. It just makes everything easier. Most of my guy friends are so scatter brained, its frustrating planning stuff. The whole go with the flow thing makes me itch.

My friend was telling me how she went to a psychic. I don't think I will ever see one.

Read this on someone's blog: “Oh I pray to him everynight but looks like they all go to voicemail”. That was funny - and not because I could relate *cough*

Alrighty, that's all I have. Hope you all have a fun weekend, I intend to. I have a couple of friends coming into town, one or two shindigs to attend and will hang with the Moms. Stay safe everyone and let's all say a prayer or two for all the unrest around the world. Have a lovely weekend!!

I love this song. I love her version. I love her voice. I love the words.

a href="">

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pick me, Choose me, Love me....then Discuss

Before I post the topic of discussion, I have to preface it by saying that even though Grey's Anatomy is shit now, there was once a time it was a really good show. Ok, maybe shit is harsh but it definitely has more down than up episodes. Anyways, I really despised Meredith, my best friend never quite got why I couldn't stand her, she thought I would be able to relate to her (oh dear god, yuck!). I vividly remember that episode, when Derek was torn between Addison and herself and she told him:

"okay, here it is, your choice... it's simple, her or me, and I'm sure she is really great. but, I love you, in a really, really big pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake,hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you. so pick me, choose me, love me".

Dear God, I cringed. I remember feeling so embarassed for Meredith. I remember wondering what kind of woman loses her pride and dignity for a man all in the name of love. *insert image of Igbo woman spitting and saying "Tufia!".

Well I was 24 then...

....Now I'm almost 29

And boy do I get it.... (umm not saying I don reach Meredith level oh, that was deep)

You see for some, it's pretty easy to just let people in and let things be and for others e.g me it requires more effort, effort I am willing to put in as much as I can. Looking back, I think that was a brave thing she did. She put herself out there, laid all her cards on the table and took a risk. Risks can be good..and can be bad. There are only two ways it can turn out. If things do go bad, like the resilient human beings that we are, we will recover.

Okay na, all my long tori was resurrected because I came across a speech Meredith gave on the most recent season that reminded me of the speech above and maybe shift small in my chair:

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone.It wasnt cos I thot I'd be happy alone.It was becos I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart,I might not make it.It's easier to be alone, because what if u learn that u need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? If you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can u even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage.It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? Could go on forever.

This is where the discuss part comes in. I would really love to hear what your thoughts are on this, I think I gave my thoughts on this in my yakking above. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

PS Those of you who like to give me your opinion via chat or bbm mba mba, I don't want to hear, write it here :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friday Randoms

Hi guys. Hope everyone is doing well. Well it's weekend again. We thank God for the ability to see another Friday cuz not everyone was that fortunate. It's been an emotional week for me but moms being around helps in terms of distraction. All she wants to do is shop, so after work I drive her around. I intend to spoil her a bit this weekend and hit her with a massage, mani/pedi etc. I had her thread her eyebrows yesterday and it was hilarious, cuz her pain threshold is really low. I kept laughing as she squealed in pain. It's cool having her around sha. I don't have that many randoms this week, so this should be quick. Let's go:

I always joke that everyone I love always ends up leaving me especially since all my good friends have up and left my dry city. Now the last of my friends are leaving soon and I am gonna miss them :(

I have never understood getting closure from someone else when a relationship ends. Something I learned a few years ago. Some may disagree with me but only you can give yourself closure. Sure as human beings, you may want to know why but honestly I think it's pointless.

I went to a strip club last weekend. I was majorly bothered by this one fat - no not phat- but fat stripper who had on glasses. Like a stripper with glasses though??

I don't like being called "kid", I know people don't mean it that way but I think it's condescending. It's one of the reasons I hated Big's character on SATC. He used to call Carrie kid. Yuck.

Men are from mars and women are from venus.

I think I have mentioned this before. I don't think there is such a thing as an emotionally unavailable man - he's just not that into you.

Fellas, if you met an awesome girl who met most of what you were looking for but didn't give head, is that a deal breaker? Oh and she wouldn't expect you to dine on southern cuisine either. I'd ask females but females in general are more accepting of stuff.

Smash into you.

Today on the radio, they mentioned that if you had a kid at 31, your kid will be 9 when you are 40. That didn't really sit well with me sha. I always used to want to wait 3 years after marriage before I had kids but seeing as I have no clue when that will be and I am 29 already, that might not be the case. Have I ever mentioned that I want 4 kids? lol. Even i laugh when I say that, I'll probably have 2. Yes biological clock is real, I think about kids more these days *covers face in shame*

Why are my instincts always right about everyone else except in my own case? Or are they right and I turn a blind eye?

That's all I got folk. Y'all have a great weekend and stay blessed! :)

Amy Winehouse - Tears dry on their own

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We all try

Today has just been one of those days. I feel drained, almost wary but God dey. And because he does, I said a prayer. I really should get better with my praying habits. Like I pray every morning and almost all nights and I am sure to pray for my friends especially when they have something big coming up but I know I could do better and have some real conversations with Baba God. Anyways, like I said I said a prayer to God, so now I need to find a way to get out of my head and just let him do what He does and take care of everything. In addition to praying, I also listened to Frank Ocean's "We all Try" a lot. As corny as it sounds, that song for some reason just gives me hope when I feel overwhelmed (my friend thinks that it's strange that of all songs it's this one lol).

i believe jehovah jireh
i believe there's heaven
i believe in war
i believe a woman's temple
gives her the right to choose
but baby don't abort
i believe that marriage isn't
between a man & woman
but between love and love
and i believe you when you say that
you've lost all faith
but you must believe in something
something something
you gotta believe in something
something something

i still believe in man
a wise one asked me why
cause i just don't believe we're wicked
i know that we sin but i do believe we try
we all try
the girls try
the boys try
women try
men try
you and i
try try we all try

i don't believe in time travel
i don't believe our nation's flag is on the moon
i don't believe our lives are simple
and i don't believe they're short
this is interlude
i don't believe my hands are cleanly
can't believe that you would
let me touch your heart
she didn't believe me when i said that
i lost my faith
said you must believe in something
something something
you gottta believe in something
something something

I really do like that line - I believe you when you say that you've lost all faith, but you must believe in something.

Have a great rest of the week.

PS I have been making noise about getting one and I finally got a journal. Let's see how long I last with this.