Hey people. I figured I'd just post this before I pass out. I just got back from dinner with the Moms and I ate too damn much, I can literally feel my stomach stretching, yuck. Oh, speaking of the Moms, I can't believe she got carded tonight, granted they claim that Texas has a strict state law with alcohol blah blah, it was hilarious sha. It's been fun having my mom around sha even though she stays calling me "mad girl" :(. We've shopped so damn much, I have fulfilled my quota for the year. The last couple of days, I have come home from work to find my mom, lounging on the sofa in my dresses, smiling sheepishly. Come to find out she had gone through my closet and tried on my dresses and I only got spared some cuz "they were so short". Oh and once she was in front of my mirror dancing (guess I am her daughter). She's listening to a lot of Top 40 music and stays humming to them. "Give me everything" is her favorite, she asked me who the boy was that sings the chorus because "he has a lovely voice and I don't understand what the other man is saying before then". She asked who sang the "I'm into you" song and wondered why she never heard the "boom boom" song in nigeria - that would be Super Bass, people (her jam). Ok I could go on and on so I'll stop. I'll miss her when she leaves :(. Random shall we?

Not that I intend to, but I think I understand a little why people settle.

"Some niggas recognize the light but can't handle the glare" - A line from "The Light" by Common. Beautiful lyrics all around.

So ehn, this ogbanje show or True Blood as it's better known as gets weirder and weirder each week. I won't lie, I think of myself as an enlightened Nigerian but biko, I still have Nigerian suspicion in me. If I was an actor I dunno if I would have liver to do some of the scenes they have on there. Like the whole witch scene last week and the chanting will spook me the hell out.

Still on True Blood, yes I know it's acting but err the actors who play Bill and Sookie dey try. I wonder if he is able to watch the sex scenes between Sookie and Eric. Again, I know it's acting but fact is she is still topless. Aren't most men really protective of their wives/girls?

I like how the default assumption when I say I am single is "maybe you are picky". Someone, I hadn't spoken to in forever just said that to me. Err, you don't know me.

Added to my dirty (sounding) word list - spurt

I don't really like small talk sha, you know - how are you? how is work? etc. I usually can't wait for that part to be done. A friend of mine always complains that I start a convo with her from the middle, instead of saying hello, I go in like we've been talking forever lol

"What doesnt break you, changes you and not always for the better"

What makes Louboutins so great? Why is it always on people's wish lists? I should try a pair and see if I feel different. Don't get me wrong, if I got it as a gift, I'd probably appreciate but I think I'd prefer an airline gift certificate or travel voucher or something before those.

I watch trashy reality shows. Bad Girls Club is one of them - oh, feel free to judge me. Anyways, in one scene this girl is yarning with a dude in the house and all of a sudden she goes "do you wanna have a deep conversation or do you wanna fuck cuz I can go either way". That was hella hilarious to me. No beating around the bush. Just in case you were curious the answer was the latter.

I don't think it's so weird that I like to plan waaay ahead for stuff. It just makes everything easier. Most of my guy friends are so scatter brained, its frustrating planning stuff. The whole go with the flow thing makes me itch.

My friend was telling me how she went to a psychic. I don't think I will ever see one.

Read this on someone's blog: “Oh I pray to him everynight but looks like they all go to voicemail”. That was funny - and not because I could relate *cough*

Alrighty, that's all I have. Hope you all have a fun weekend, I intend to. I have a couple of friends coming into town, one or two shindigs to attend and will hang with the Moms. Stay safe everyone and let's all say a prayer or two for all the unrest around the world. Have a lovely weekend!!

I love this song. I love her version. I love her voice. I love the words.

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Myne said…
Your mum sounds like the bee's knees like they say, I call Superbass boom boom too, lol.

Spurt is so gross, yeah I have a dirty mind, blame all the bad books I read.

About being seen as picky, isn't it better than the other way around?

What do you mean about settling?
Etoile Oye said…
Settling is very rarely a good idea. The rest of your life is often longer than you think.
As for the being picky, those people will not be living in your house with you. So long as in your heart, you know you cannot see a forever, eliminate away, my dear!
Shadenonconform said…
Now spurting my way to comment:)

First, i will say that your mum sounds like a super cool person. awesome...

I can never understand why people settle. It's just not right...especially when you don't have to.. I kinda hate small talk too but sometimes i can't lie, it's necessary... Haha i love the no beating around the bush story.. Keeping it real 101...Nice...Per Loubs, meh...But if i see a pair of Loubs like that ooze pure sex, sheet, i may have to reconsider...(i just hate spending that much money on shoes...) lol @ "Nigerian suspicion"... High five to team planning waaaaaay ahead!! That is the shit...I don't get it when people seem surprised that ish does not go as expected...[well maybe if you planned damn it....:)]

Amen to the prayer for the unrest in the world, so crazy and sad... Have a lovely weekend too Tayne..
Giagerry said…
LoL ur mama sounds really interesting! Rocking ur clothes and dancing in front of d mirror?? Ahhhh!
Mgbeks said…
Awww your moms is so cute. Lav it!

Sookie and Eric are now hooking up? Am I behind in the times or what?

I don't get the Loubs hype either. All the people I know who own a pair or more can barely walk in them. I guess it's a status symbol? Gimme a $700 Urban Outfitters giftcard, thank you very much.

I feel like thunder would strike me if I went to see a psychic.

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