Friday Randoms

Hi guys, hope y'all are doing well. I had a pretty uneventful week and it went by really quickly. Hmm, I actually can't think of anything to talk about, that's how uneventful my week was. Summer is technically almost over but since I am in Texas, I think I still have a few months in...Ok, I have resorted to talking about the weather sha. I will stop this and just go straight to randoming.

So, in naija songs and here and there, I have heard some naija men mention being lightskinned to a woman as a compliment. It makes me uncomfortable.

Are there any guys that don't snore?

I went out last weekend and hit the drive through afterwards. There was a cab in front of us with some drunk white girls. I couldn't help but wonder if the meter was running and if it was if they were even aware, cuz we sure were in line for a while.

Why are my people (nigerians) so into appearances and flossing? It's like a sport to make sure everyone knows what you have or are doing and how you are living it up. It's not cute.

When people say f*ck or fck, not sure what I am missing but are we not supposed to know they are saying fuck? Does it make you classier? I mean you might as well, write what it is and if you have a problem with the word, just don't use it.

So like emm, watching True Blood I wondered how these vamps give head. Don't the fangs interfere?

In today's #weirdtaynementnews, Ricky Gervais featured on Curb your enthusiasm on sunday (still everly hilarious)and I thought to myself, this man isn't cute but he could get it. I don't know what it is about him - you may commence judgement. Oh, Turtle from Entourage too. :)

I read something online about some celeb's ex who was giving his new girl trouble. Calling and hanging up, leaving hateful voicemails. Why do people do that? Ok fine, pain, hurt etc but do that ish in private na. Call your friend up and vent or something, going all that extra mile won't bring him back to you. It's over.

There are naija songs begging to be danced to in Naija this december. And that is all folks.

Have you ever wished that you never met someone?

I have been looking for tickets to Nigeria and spoken to a lot of travel agents. Why do they [majority of the time] always try to change your dates? I mean if I was flexible I would have told you in the beginning.

Speaking of travel agents, why are most of them middle eastern/indian?

The myth is that big girls work harder in bed. Assuming it's true, do they still maintain the work ethic if they lose weight?

That's all I got today folks. Have a wonderful weekend. I think I have a fun one planned. Have some friends coming into town and they are always a good time so fingers crossed.

I couldn't decide which song to post so I decided to post both songs. Who says it has to be just one song, right?

My booboo. My voice. I was tripping hard when I heard this song and said it sucked. This song is amazeballs and I love it. When he hits that falsetto...

Frank Ocean - Thinking about you

This man/group whatever brings a smile to my face. I don't think I will ever get tired of listening to him. I think this song is sweet.

The Weeknd - Rescue you


Myne said…
About vampires giving head, don't the fangs retract? "_"

I think they're trying to be classy, like those who say "the f word" instead or just f f f/effing...
LucidLilith said…
Oh how I have missed ur randoms!

Yeah, I think some dudes don't snore.

Nigerians like to play big man that is why they are into flossing. Who does not like to be fawned over when they enter a room/club

People try to disguise the f word because in some instances, it gets deleted such as blog comments, forums etc.

Vampire fangs and em, no. That is soooo not appealing.

I have such a huge crush on Turtle in entourage. I think he is the cutest...not the sharpest knife in the drawer but cute none-the-less.
Vivi N. said…
lol @ vampires might havea problems giving head! I can't stop laughing. I would HOPE those fangs retract.

I would be a groupie to Rick Ross and Conan O'Brien, so I totally understand your (weird?) love for Ricky Gervais. Meanwhile, Turtle is looking good these days since the weight loss. Granted, he was a cutie to me even when he was a butterball.

People that purposely misspell curse words or add symbols to replace it gives me the giggles. Just like you said, you might as well type the full word or not type it at all. I don't know about them being classy about it because hey, they still cursing. And I've been told that cursing is not classy. (That hasn't stopped me, though.)

I would hope that 'work ethic' lasts after they lost their weight.
AuralAdultery said…
My use of "f*ck" comes from chatting at work, and my deep seated fear that the man will get me. I have issues with people who type "lmbo"

Turtle? Really?

Re: True Blood: Ever consider the effects of vampire blood in the va-jay? Considering the blood acts as a drug, what happens when it's absorbed (yep, I'm disturbed)

Had a friend whose ex girl used to call and meow (like a cat). That one takes the cake.
mizchif said…
"There are naija songs waiting to be danced to in naija this December"
If somehow i don't make it to naij this Dec i will cry, real tears.
But on this matter i realise that i have to tame myself when i'm in naij before dem do deliverance for me.

Did you really just type "work ethic"
RE: big girls? You are a mess.

Somehow i have been roped into the F.O and The weeknd cloud. Just DL'd thursday but haven't had time to give it a good listen yet.
kitkat said…
i'm guilty of writing f*ck lol. I have no idea why i do it. sue me :D
neuyogi said…
The vamps retract their fangs at will in TB.
Women snore too.
I have definitely wished I had never met many people lol.
Original Mgbeke said…
I say "fork", "modafoka" etc. I am uncomfortable with flat out cussing. It makes me cringe.

Turtle from Entourage??? Judged!!!

Yeah, dudes saw big girls aka BBWs give better head, have wetter vajayjays and are better in bed because they feel they have to overcompensate for being big. If I was a big girl, I'd be insulted.

In the last carrying news of the day, this is my first time listening to F.Ocean's new song and I love it. Mad folks on Twitter was saying it was wack. I beg to differ.

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