I need...

As seen on a blog on my blog rounds:

I need someone who is prepared for:

A million questions
Uncontrollable laughter
My family
My appetite
Musical outbursts
Random dancing
My friends
Sad/Happy tears
Deep Talks
My imagination
My dreams
Walks in the rain
Random Texts
Useless arguments
...and acceptance of the real me.

So take away walks in the rain, give or take that appetite could be for both food and sex, add bbms to texts, know the random dancing could also be just being random and yea I totally agree with the list. Whatchu think?

Have a great week ahead :)


Giagerry said…
Well we all want people that would accept us just the way we are dont we? Lol @ the uncontrollable laughter tho, I have a few friends dat can relate--LOL
Vivi N. said…
Asking a million questions sound annoying. lolol. The rain part is kinda iffy. Like, who walks in the rain just for, y'know, fun? Yeah, scratch that out for me. Okay, besides those, I can relate to this list.
Mgbeks said…
Co-sign! Okay, minus the musical outbursts, random dancing and walks in the rain.
LohiO said…
heheh Yes. I agree!
mizchif said…
Funny how i had this "acceptance" thought in my head earlier today.

I almost totally agree. That appetite one, definitely more for sex than food because i don't eat that much anyway. And who really wants to walk in the rain?
I'd remove useless arguements, there will be arguements but they will all be useful. yes.
I'd also add silliness. I am very silly, you'd have to be ok with it to be around me for any reasonable period of time.
Oh also mushyness. I am the queen of mush. I can be sappy, emo and mushy AF.
Myne said…
Totally agree.
kitkat said…
i need someone that'll challenge me to be a better me, that'll give me a reason to live, that wont always do what i want :)
leggy said…
i will not walk in the rain. as long as the texts aren't coming first thing in the morning, pretty strong list.
isha said…
On point. I love walks (and kisses) in the rain!
Etoile Oye said…
Strong list. kitkat gave my list. plus God-fearing. The rest are MOSTLY negotiable

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