We all try

Today has just been one of those days. I feel drained, almost wary but God dey. And because he does, I said a prayer. I really should get better with my praying habits. Like I pray every morning and almost all nights and I am sure to pray for my friends especially when they have something big coming up but I know I could do better and have some real conversations with Baba God. Anyways, like I said I said a prayer to God, so now I need to find a way to get out of my head and just let him do what He does and take care of everything. In addition to praying, I also listened to Frank Ocean's "We all Try" a lot. As corny as it sounds, that song for some reason just gives me hope when I feel overwhelmed (my friend thinks that it's strange that of all songs it's this one lol).

i believe jehovah jireh
i believe there's heaven
i believe in war
i believe a woman's temple
gives her the right to choose
but baby don't abort
i believe that marriage isn't
between a man & woman
but between love and love
and i believe you when you say that
you've lost all faith
but you must believe in something
something something
you gotta believe in something
something something

i still believe in man
a wise one asked me why
cause i just don't believe we're wicked
i know that we sin but i do believe we try
we all try
the girls try
the boys try
women try
men try
you and i
try try we all try

i don't believe in time travel
i don't believe our nation's flag is on the moon
i don't believe our lives are simple
and i don't believe they're short
this is interlude
i don't believe my hands are cleanly
can't believe that you would
let me touch your heart
she didn't believe me when i said that
i lost my faith
said you must believe in something
something something
you gottta believe in something
something something

I really do like that line - I believe you when you say that you've lost all faith, but you must believe in something.

Have a great rest of the week.

PS I have been making noise about getting one and I finally got a journal. Let's see how long I last with this.



Random One said…
ohhh, i like this song!!

God dey...hope you feel better. I hear you mehn...i really should do better. You even pray EVERY morning, that's good!! May our prayers be answered.

G'luck with the journal
neuyogi said…
You are always in my prayers...hugs.
Vivi N. said…
So...I, too, like the line you like. Meanwhile, I've had so many journals in my life. I think the stupidest thing I've ever done was throwing them away. D'oh! I've stopped for a bit but it may be therapeutic for me to start back up again.
LohiO said…
My second fave song on Nostalgia Ultra after Nature feels. :D
Yankeenaijababe said…
nice one girl, lovely song, stay strong always, he is your strength

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