Friday Randoms

Hi guys. Hope everyone is doing well. Well it's weekend again. We thank God for the ability to see another Friday cuz not everyone was that fortunate. It's been an emotional week for me but moms being around helps in terms of distraction. All she wants to do is shop, so after work I drive her around. I intend to spoil her a bit this weekend and hit her with a massage, mani/pedi etc. I had her thread her eyebrows yesterday and it was hilarious, cuz her pain threshold is really low. I kept laughing as she squealed in pain. It's cool having her around sha. I don't have that many randoms this week, so this should be quick. Let's go:

I always joke that everyone I love always ends up leaving me especially since all my good friends have up and left my dry city. Now the last of my friends are leaving soon and I am gonna miss them :(

I have never understood getting closure from someone else when a relationship ends. Something I learned a few years ago. Some may disagree with me but only you can give yourself closure. Sure as human beings, you may want to know why but honestly I think it's pointless.

I went to a strip club last weekend. I was majorly bothered by this one fat - no not phat- but fat stripper who had on glasses. Like a stripper with glasses though??

I don't like being called "kid", I know people don't mean it that way but I think it's condescending. It's one of the reasons I hated Big's character on SATC. He used to call Carrie kid. Yuck.

Men are from mars and women are from venus.

I think I have mentioned this before. I don't think there is such a thing as an emotionally unavailable man - he's just not that into you.

Fellas, if you met an awesome girl who met most of what you were looking for but didn't give head, is that a deal breaker? Oh and she wouldn't expect you to dine on southern cuisine either. I'd ask females but females in general are more accepting of stuff.

Smash into you.

Today on the radio, they mentioned that if you had a kid at 31, your kid will be 9 when you are 40. That didn't really sit well with me sha. I always used to want to wait 3 years after marriage before I had kids but seeing as I have no clue when that will be and I am 29 already, that might not be the case. Have I ever mentioned that I want 4 kids? lol. Even i laugh when I say that, I'll probably have 2. Yes biological clock is real, I think about kids more these days *covers face in shame*

Why are my instincts always right about everyone else except in my own case? Or are they right and I turn a blind eye?

That's all I got folk. Y'all have a great weekend and stay blessed! :)

Amy Winehouse - Tears dry on their own


Original Mgbeke said…
Gbam! @ emotionally unavailable men.

Nnaaa, I've been thinking about the kid situation like so much for that vacation off having kids for like 2 years. At this rate, I doubt I will have that privilege.
Kate said…
Hi Taynment's mommy!! said…
Amen on the Closure bit...I get the 'longing' for answers but omo folks better get up and close the door themselves...long tin!!

lol@ covering face in shame...why na? I HEAR its perfectly normal.
Myne said…
What if the guy has never had a BJ before, he won't know what he's missing right?

Forget that biological clock thing. Once you make life a race, against anything, it loses its flavor.

Amy Winehouse, still hard to believe she's dead.
kitkat said…
men are from mars and women are from venus..ditto!

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