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Saturday Randoms

It's my blog and I can bend the rules right? Today was one of those days. It wasn't a great day. Do you guys ever wonder why life has to be so hard and complicated? or is it just me? Are there people who find life not that hard and uncomplicated? Show yourself and also tag me in! Sigh.

Anyways, I feel fall around the corner. The weather gets a bit nippy in the mornings. That makes me sadder. I am a heat baby. I love the sun and the heat, it just makes things slightly better. Meanwhile, I practically lost all dignity and begged yall for comments and got crickets. Oh well, I take my L and continue screaming to my echoes.

Let's random.

John Cena and Nicki Bella have been playing tag on their wedding and breaking up and making up. There was a scene on their TV show where she says she doesn't want to be the 66 year old woman who started being happy at 63 and that was some honest talk. Why do we always delay our happiness under the hubris that life will wait for us or give u…