Monday, July 27, 2009

Music Monday

Hello blogsville,

Happy Monday to ya, hope everyone had a good weekend. I had a good weekend with girls night out, hanging with moms, friend from outta town and just hanging with fam in general. The only mar on my weekend was when I was jejely cruising on the island and this cop stopped me and was basically being an ass. The idiot actually made me climb the curb and wanted us(three girls) to park the car and catch a cab to Ikeja(we are looking at like 10.30 pm). I can't get used that giving money thing and I guess I was giving lip cuz I was so pissed with his foolish questions when he obviously just wanted money. My friend did all the talking and gave him money, to which the bastard said it wasn't enough. UUUUGH! I hate naija cops!.

Anywhoooooos back to the blog title, anyone who knows me knows I love music and because I am a dork, I made a list of songs that I am feeling/songs I think everyone should listen to at least once. Indulge me bloggers and look through the list, if you have the time state how many of the songs you actually know and try to listen to at least 5 of the songs that you haven't heard. Hope everyone finds a song that they like and brings a smile to their face. Have a lovely week ahead, y'all!


Mario - I choose you
John Mayer - Bold as Love
Shank ft Akon - Shorty
Chris Brown ft Keri Hilson - Superhuman
Keri Hilson - Knock you down (my current fave song)
Lloyd - I can change your life - Pass me your love
Bracket - Yori Yori
Wande Coal ft Ikechukwu - Kiss me hand ( I just love the beat of this song)
Chudi K - So slow
India.Arie - Therapy
M.I - Forever, Jehovah ( do yourself a favor and listen to his whole album, Talk about it)
Sia - Breathe Me (In my top 10 all time faves)
Tori Amos - It's a sorta fairytale (also in all time faves)
Bonnie Raitt - I can't make you love me (also in all time faves)
Shinedown - Second Chance
Ciara ft Missy - Work
Ciara ft The Dream - Keep dancing
Sean Kingston - Fire Burning
Tokyo Hotel - Monsoon
James Morrison ft Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings (LOVE it)
James Morrison - If you don't wanna love me (LOVE LOVE it)
The Script - We cry
Tinchy Stryder - Number One ( Thanks Nice Anon!)
Seal - It's a man's man's man's world
Mary Mary - Seattle
Usher - Appetite ( Give "Here I stand" a chance)
Damien Rice - 9 crimes
Banky W - STrong Thing
Brick and Lace - Bad to the Bone
Rosi Golan - Hazy
Maino ft Tpain - All the above
Nina Simone - Wild is the Wind
Matisyahu - King without a crown
Michael Buble - Lost, Home and Me and Mrs Jones
JOsh Groban - anything of his lol
Rkelly - Imagine That
Michelle WIlliams - We break the dawn
Lonestar - I'm already there
Rascal Flatts - My wish
Carrie Underwood - Jesus take the wheel
The Cranberries - Zombie
Gorilla Zoe - Lost
Duffy - Stepping Stone and Warwick Avenue
Adele - Make you feel my love and Hometown glory
John Legend - This time ( this song can make me forgive an underserving person)
Lil Wayne ft Robin Thicke - Tie my hands

Umm, I had to stop myself, I totally understand if you guys have better things to do with your time :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

They say 5 is the magic number....

Stolen from the original mgbeke herself, I thought I'd give this a whirl.

5 things that I would like to do:

1. Visit all 50 states in the United States.
2. Learn how to cook and bake all kinds of nonsense. The cooking channel is so fascinating to me and I always long to try different recipes but laziness, no time and fear of liking it so much, I'd eat more than I should therefore expanding waist never allow me to. (issues, I know)
3. Know what it feels like to be in love.
4. Be a salsa dance pro. I love to dance and salsa is so sexy, I would just love to be an expert in it and swing my hips to some hot latin music.
5. Relearn French, I used to be fluent in it when I was a young lass but the older I became the less I knew.

5 things that I look forward to:

1. Weekends/Vacation days - hooray for sleeping alarmless.
2. Watching a movie/reading a book I just know is gonna be good.
3. E! News
4. Trying something new.
5. Being a mother to little Taynements :D

5 things that I’d grab if my apartment caught fire:

1. My Blackberry ( my baby!)
2. My laptop
3. My Passport
4. My zune
5. My wallet

5 random things about me:

1. I can only cry from one eye, I think the tear duct on the other eye is blocked or something. Told my mom when I was little and she told me to hold an onion to it. Naija parents.
2. I tell people I have 2 personalities, one when there is no music and the other when there is music. It's practically impossible for me to hear music and not move, I love music and I love dancing so to me dancing is like telling the story of the song, I get all theatrical and could have characters - flirty, silly, naughty etc, doesn't hurt that I am not bad on the dance floor either :p
3. I like to travel but I hate flying. I get all nauseated and feel like I am gonna die part of my fear of heights thing, I always request for the aisle seat. But I think my like for trying new things is greater than my fear because I have flown on a 2 passenger(i think?, small plane sha) plane and had the opportunity to be in a cockpit on a domestic flight(scary i tell ya, it was raining), just to say I have done it lol
4. I am messy but anal at the same time. Things have to be just how I like them or how they were. Examples:
- Bathrooms scare me, they have to be uber clean for me to be comfortable, when I was in college it took a while to get used to my bathroom, when I eventually got myself to get used to it without chanting first it was the only one I could use even if I was on the third floor I would either hold it or run all the way down (kate, remember?)lol.

- I hate toothpastes being squeezed from the middle.

- Dogeared or mishandled books or magazines irk me
5. I have a good memory(some may argue that), but I remember the randomest things.

5 things that I’m wearing right now:

1. mismatched underwear
2. gold bracelets
3. gold earrings
4. black flats
5. Yaky weave

Yay! I am done. That wasnt so bad. I would like to note that living in newyork would have been in my like to do list but I think i am gradually accepting I am getting to old to live there and maybe its not God's intention for me.

Well I shall have no internet access till monday because taynement is playing hookie from work tomorrow and is hoping to break her stay home hiatus. If something interesting happens, I would be sure to share with y'all. Have a fabulous weekend and be good!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Would you?

Hallo Peoples, how goes it? how was your weekend, hope everyone had a good one? I had a fun weekend, literally dashed in and out of Abuja and on sunday hanging out at the beach with friends. Anyways, since I have been in Lag, I have not lacked toasters oh, both serious and unserious (abeg free me make i brag, when I return to yankee now, dry season go start again), anyways this weekend I experienced one of the most interesting ones so I thought I'd share with my fellow bloggers.

Ok so on my plane ride back from ABJ, I kinda sorta had a hookup so I was on the plane early. So this tall, Jayz(without the swag) looking man enters and seats on the right hand side of the aisle seat(I was on the left side aisle seat). He doesn't waste time to start conversation, mostly with questions - How did you get on the plane early? What do you do? Where do you live? Are you Igbo?etc etc, time to take off, the flight attendant saw my discomfort and moved me to the window seat, claiming he had to seat on the aisle seat. I used that opportunity to feign sleep and put on my headphones, next thing I know there is someone beside me fastening his seat belt and starting with the questions again. Umm ok?

Surprisingly at this point, I wasn't irritated as I usually am, I was just amused. He starts asking my tribe and after finding out I reside in the states, he asked whether my parents had tried hooking me up like they did him. Ok now at this point, I never notice rings on girls or guys but he had taken my mind there and I glanced to see his status and lo and behold i see a glistening silver ring that mr dude was trynna hide. He had his right hand over his left, his hand under his pits, it was funny. He eventually grabbed my devotional that I was reading and was asking questions about it, turns out he is atheist, I don't even know where the convo led to but dude just blurted out, "by the way I am married". I laughed and said congrats. Then I couldn't resist and asked why he got married especially if he is atheist and is not bound by church, he explained something about culture and it was court bla bla.

Anyways, he asked about religion and while we were going back and forth, he stopped me and asked me if I had seen the movie, "Dogma". I said no. He goes on to explain a scene where one of the angels asked another if they would have sex with them because the world is about to end and as you may have already guessed next thing he said was, "So in that vein if this plane were to crash right now, would you have sex with me?"

Ladies and Gentlemen, that sums up the way marriage is viewed today. This dude has been married just 4 months and she is pregnant. How unfair is that? Anyways, I replied him with a hell no! and he was still asking why not? I said umm because you are married? I even asked why he bothered to get married if his eyes are still wandering and he was like he wanted one person and was tired of being with different people. again, umm okay?

Ah well, just thought I'd share. I hope everyone has a lovely week and remember to thank God for giving you life to enjoy this new week.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Tidbits

TGIF y'all. How are you? Is it just me or are the days just whizzing by like no man's business? So much to do, so little time. Anywhoos, I am gonna try and remember my little random thoughts over the week and share with you guys.

This week I noticed in blogsville(including myself and it sho' wasn't planned), a bunch of people expressing their frustration with dating and how tiring it has become. Talking to a bunch of people, I see a lot of women share the same sentiment. Ironically, having a convo with male friends and in online discussions, men of our generation are screaming their new mantra of how they have Options everywhere. In an interesting note written by a friend on facebook, the replies were full of nigerian guys telling us how chics from other races are catching up to us. How fair is life?
To be fair I know a lot of nigerian women who are opposed to dating outside nigerian guys, I mean I guess I can understand why(culture bla bla)but I wonder how our men easily do it but our women shy away from it? Any input?

I don't know what I was expecting when I came to do my little stint in Nigeria but I thought getting used to missing my little yankee comforts would be the biggest thing. But I decided, the biggest thing for me is getting used to the mentality. See, back in Yankee one of my pet peeves is when a fellow Nigerian tells me "You are so americanized"(wtf does that even mean?) but over here I think I can understand that statement. It could be because I am in Lagos but it seems everyone has that "one up you" mentality ie it feels like everyone wants to pull one over on you. I know its hard out here and everyone is a hustler but it's like humanity has dissapeared.Everyone is in competition with each other and not in a healthy way, in a materialistic way. lol, the sense of humor is also quite different, so you could find yourself laughing by yourself sometimes unless you have a fellow returnee with you. Nigeria still rocks tho!

I have never flown domestic in Nigeria before and I will soon. Please pray for me oh.

The 20's have been the most confusing years of my life.anyone else feel this way?

I envy overachievers sometimes. How do you sit there formulate a plan and actually get through it. It takes a lot of work! I know what I want to do but I realise I have a lot of groundwork to do and add that to regular responsibilities and sometimes you just get tired. So when I see my agemates who have their own business up and running I can do nothing but give them respect.

For the first time in how many years I didn't watch the Emmy Nominations live. SHoutout to them for getting it right.

Am i the only one who has never seen a Harry Potter movie? Ok i think I saw the first one in bits and pieces. I claim to be an avid reader yet I havent completed the series. Speaking of reading, I am reading this book The Charming Man by Marian Keyes and its quite strange, very different from her usual style.

My current favorite song is still Keri Hilson's Knock you down

KATE GO AND LISTEN TO BRACKET'S YORI YORI. ALthough I think because I suggested it, you won't like it.

I finally got around to watching that Jenifa movie.watched only part 1 so far and its actually funny.

Pregnancy scare, AIDS test, checking your credit report. what do they have in common? They all give the same feeling. It's like you know the result but for some reason your mind does this thing to you and just scares you to irrationality.

Rainy season sucks and rocks at the same time.

I have a bunch of material. Why have I not sewn them?

I can't wait to see my mommy. I love that woman die.

3rd Mainland Bridge is my Homie.what? I am practicing that positive thinking thing so maybe it'll guide me through as I navigate that bridge during rush hour. Did yall hear that the militants have threatened to blow up the bridge? I hope its not true sha, because it'll be awful.

Gas is going up from N65 to N94. does that make sense? its going down everywhere else but where the oil is its going up? sigh, my country nigeria.

Alright chickens, I gotta go. Have a lovely weekend, be safe and be good!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dating Sucks!

Hello People, Happy Tuesday!Hope you had a good weekend, I am not in the best of moods but this was the only topic I could think of. I don't know about y'all but I gotta tell you that I was thinking about it the other day(ok yesterday) and I concluded that dating sucks.

Ok before I go further, lemme clarify or rather state my definition of dating. It's that process/time period when you are single, not in an exclusive relationship and getting to know one (or more) dude(s) to see if both of you are willing to get into an exclusive relationship. Here's my beef:

It's just so much wahala. I don't know how to play games and don't intentionally do so. I just go with the flow and always let you know that I like you if i do, so you are not in doubt as to where I stand. If I want to call, I'll call, I don't think oh maybe I have called too much etc. I have no problem making the first move if I fancy(free my inner Brit jo)a guy. But you know when you have conversations and over the years you hear all these "rules", so sometimes when I want to do any of the aforementioned I pause and think should I? am I supposed to?, oft times I say screw it and do what I want to. Add the fact that you run into those dudes that want to play hot and cold with you, those that are not feeling you but won't mind friends with benefit situation, those that are great guys but that something is just not there or you are not attracted to them etc etc the list goes on and on with no guaranteed successful outcome. Someone mentioned on their blog that they wish we could skip the dating part and just be in the relationship and I agree jo, I envy those that have skipped that part and have reached that comfortable place.

In spite of my griping, I understand that it is something that in today's world it's an inevitable process that most go through before eventually meeting the person that you will end up with. It's not all bad, it's nice to have someone to chat with or flatter you or *insert whatever it is you like about dating* but it sucks jo:D..What say ye, blogsville?

Monday, July 6, 2009

I have a question please!

Happy Monday Y'all!..Ok I am chipper for a monday sha, cuz Lord knows I do not like Mondays. Maybe it's my new hairdo that's making me happy.sidebar: I have been trying to get this look for a while now and God bless my lovely country, I finally got it. 'Twas the first time a man had done my hair too. I'm gonna miss this place :(.

Ok back to regularly scheduled program (or question in my case). So I finally got to watch the BET awards and I was watching with a bunch of people. Beyonce in her (i wanna be avant garde) garb was performing and one of the dudes said, "I don't like how Beyonce looks she has lost weight, I like her bigger".

Ok lemme rewind.

I have always had the impression that men in naija liked them lepa. I am not a skinny girl by any means never was. I am one of those "thick"(I hate this word) girls. I have more than enough hips, thighs and butt and growing up all I ever heard was that I am fat. Coming to America (hehe), discussions among my fellow nigerians was that men liked women thicker back home and I always disagreed with it because that wasn't my experience.

Fast forward how many years later, walk around Silverbird or MegaPlaza, you'll see all the lepa babes primped and dolled up in their skinny jeans and you dont need a sign to let you know that skinny is in (or is it just me). Hearing my relatives talk once as they described an ideal wife, the word "and she is slim and not chubby" has been used and we all know how fixated on weight people in nigeria always are("oh you have added" anyone?)so I wanna throw it out there bloggers from your own knowledge or experience: Do the men in naija prefer them skinny or fleshy?

ps I know that it all depends on individual taste. Just indulge me and give me your stereotypical POV.

pss.happy birthday to the man who is partially responsible for giving me life.

psss. based on blogsvilled alone and the number of friends/people that are around, I have to say that a BUNCH of people are back in Nigeria oh.It also seems like we all seem to like it, I can't believe I ever thought I'd be begging to go back to yankee. Those of y'all thinking about coming back to Naija, it's really not bad.Just do it! umm, secure a job first sha.

Have a lovely week ahead people!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random Steez

After slaving to finish my report yesterday, all bleary eyed and stuff, I found out that my boss had left for the day at noon and won't be back till friday. SO today I am chilling(even though I should be working oh, I got stuff to do), so I decided to do the most logical thing - blog of course.

I have begun counting down my days here and I feel sad :(

I am amazed at my carb intake here.Between my awesome varying diet of rice or yam. But it's all good sha, I have a work out plan in effect when I return. The world should be scared.Uh huh, I said it.

As an internet addict, the internet here is a patience tester man, you learn to copy and paste all you've typed before hitting send because you might never see it again. BUt I am grateful for the lame internet than no internet at all. (Thank you MTN BB Data Service)

I hate going to Silverbird but its the closest place to work to watch movies. I saw transformers 2 yesterday and it was waaaay better than the first, cuz Lord knows I thought the first was the piss.Hey ladies and gentlemen how do you spell sexy? - M-E-A-G-A-N F-O-X, that's how.Bitch!

My people, there is no recession in Nigeria. I repeat, there is no recession in naija from what I see and hear.Anyone that wants to tell me otherwise is wasting their time, sheesh!I think people's club/bar bills can pay my tuition for a year (ok i exxagerate)

I have to say a bunch of people are back in Nigeria sha. SOmetimes I feel bad that people who study abroad just come back and can easily secure a job over those that were here but I guess such is life.

I have a surprising guest in the country. I am still surprised sha, let's see how this plays out.

Rkelly is gonna be in town on saturday. To go or not to go, I probably won't.

So earlier in the year, I decided I wanted 2009 to be my year of travel.So far I have hit up: North Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, Poland and Germany(Does Naija count?lol). I still have my eye on one more trip to Naija in Dec and also Mexico but let's see what God decides for me instead. To continue my declaration, I really wanna hit up Abuja, PH and a neighboring country.It's looking like the neighboring country will be ghana, but I can't seem to find anyone to go with but I am gonna find a way to make it happen. BTW, if anyone of you out there have hookups to hotel in Ghana, please holla at a sista.

I haven't had Gala in like a week! That's a record for me yo!

I keep forgetting how cheap it is to do hair here. sewing in a weave is like N1500, infact sef I think I want to do my hair this weekend. I have been trying to avoid braiding till I am coming back but I saw some really kinky twists that I really want, so I might relent.

Even though they might never see this, I want to give a shout out to Promise and Wisdom(slap yourself if you snickered). They are the two office boys at work and they clean and run errands for everyone. I commend their patience, because if you have read my earlier posts, the way people speak to them is appalling. Wisdom is going to school, so by God's grace this is just temporary for him and God will reward both of them for their patience and strong character.

So when I was coming home, with the incessant "oh you are gonna get married"*rolls eyes* I had told my friends (half kidding)that I wasn't gonna holla at any dude that didn't have blue or red kpali or at the very least a GC. Is that pushing it too far, fellow bloggers?lol

*racking brain for more randoms* Funny how I have A LOT in traffic but now to type I am blank.

Stephanie Okereke dropped by my office a few days ago.For those who don't know her she is a Nigerian Actress. The chic is really pretty..and taaall..and skinnny. Nah, didn't ask for an autograph.

My brother was right when he said there is no make and model of cars in the world that you are looking for that you cannot find on the streets of Lagos..wait maybe he said naija.

Am I the only one that didn't know that rainy season lasted till like September? and it's not no kiddies play rain.There's like serious flooding everywhere. If you plan on returning back, I suggest you invest in an SUV so you can navigate dem floods that are probably covering deep potholes.

Ok, lemme stop now sha. I guess if i remember anymore I'll update. Happy Weekend's Eve y'all!