They say 5 is the magic number....

Stolen from the original mgbeke herself, I thought I'd give this a whirl.

5 things that I would like to do:

1. Visit all 50 states in the United States.
2. Learn how to cook and bake all kinds of nonsense. The cooking channel is so fascinating to me and I always long to try different recipes but laziness, no time and fear of liking it so much, I'd eat more than I should therefore expanding waist never allow me to. (issues, I know)
3. Know what it feels like to be in love.
4. Be a salsa dance pro. I love to dance and salsa is so sexy, I would just love to be an expert in it and swing my hips to some hot latin music.
5. Relearn French, I used to be fluent in it when I was a young lass but the older I became the less I knew.

5 things that I look forward to:

1. Weekends/Vacation days - hooray for sleeping alarmless.
2. Watching a movie/reading a book I just know is gonna be good.
3. E! News
4. Trying something new.
5. Being a mother to little Taynements :D

5 things that I’d grab if my apartment caught fire:

1. My Blackberry ( my baby!)
2. My laptop
3. My Passport
4. My zune
5. My wallet

5 random things about me:

1. I can only cry from one eye, I think the tear duct on the other eye is blocked or something. Told my mom when I was little and she told me to hold an onion to it. Naija parents.
2. I tell people I have 2 personalities, one when there is no music and the other when there is music. It's practically impossible for me to hear music and not move, I love music and I love dancing so to me dancing is like telling the story of the song, I get all theatrical and could have characters - flirty, silly, naughty etc, doesn't hurt that I am not bad on the dance floor either :p
3. I like to travel but I hate flying. I get all nauseated and feel like I am gonna die part of my fear of heights thing, I always request for the aisle seat. But I think my like for trying new things is greater than my fear because I have flown on a 2 passenger(i think?, small plane sha) plane and had the opportunity to be in a cockpit on a domestic flight(scary i tell ya, it was raining), just to say I have done it lol
4. I am messy but anal at the same time. Things have to be just how I like them or how they were. Examples:
- Bathrooms scare me, they have to be uber clean for me to be comfortable, when I was in college it took a while to get used to my bathroom, when I eventually got myself to get used to it without chanting first it was the only one I could use even if I was on the third floor I would either hold it or run all the way down (kate, remember?)lol.

- I hate toothpastes being squeezed from the middle.

- Dogeared or mishandled books or magazines irk me
5. I have a good memory(some may argue that), but I remember the randomest things.

5 things that I’m wearing right now:

1. mismatched underwear
2. gold bracelets
3. gold earrings
4. black flats
5. Yaky weave

Yay! I am done. That wasnt so bad. I would like to note that living in newyork would have been in my like to do list but I think i am gradually accepting I am getting to old to live there and maybe its not God's intention for me.

Well I shall have no internet access till monday because taynement is playing hookie from work tomorrow and is hoping to break her stay home hiatus. If something interesting happens, I would be sure to share with y'all. Have a fabulous weekend and be good!


Original Mgbeke said…
*Giggles*...Lirru Taynements. Oh I wanna visit all the 50 states too.
You cry from one eye...intaresting!

Nice read!
Tigeress said…
lol@ the onion
Yinkuslolo said…
u have only one [functional] tearduct. that's interesting.

i wanna visit more states too, maybe not all, cos i dont have business in kentuckty and mississipi(sp?)
Ada said…
lmao at yaki weave

I can be messy too but will be anal bout somethings like bathrooms and toilets. My God I can hold shit for days if the bathroom isnt clean.
Kate said…
lol..yes i remember. weirdo.

Awww @ lirru taynments.
Reverence said…
so we have the exact same things i'd like to do list. weird!

I am also very anal about bathrooms, when i went on that 3 day mission trip to mexico ..i didn't use the bathroom till i got back :(
CIL said…
@ Yinkuslolo U better not be talking abt my future home state! Go Kentucy *insert any sport team*!

@Taynement See u today or tomorrow!!! Yeeehhhaaawwww~!!! I am sitting in the airport and looking at the women here with their kids, I think I can wait on little Juzos.
RocNaija said…
The second major reason for filing for a divorce..

"Toothpaste squeezed from the middle.."

If he can't afford two bathrooms, tell him it ain't happening..

So did the onion work? Or did you get a Robb suggestion as well?
Fancy-Free said…
Loving the 5's. May do it sometime. I'd like to know how to bake all sorts too. I luurrv food.
TayneMent said…
@Roc..tears welled up in the eye but nothing major. lol, no there was no robb suggestion.
出張ホスト said…
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