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Hallo Peoples, how goes it? how was your weekend, hope everyone had a good one? I had a fun weekend, literally dashed in and out of Abuja and on sunday hanging out at the beach with friends. Anyways, since I have been in Lag, I have not lacked toasters oh, both serious and unserious (abeg free me make i brag, when I return to yankee now, dry season go start again), anyways this weekend I experienced one of the most interesting ones so I thought I'd share with my fellow bloggers.

Ok so on my plane ride back from ABJ, I kinda sorta had a hookup so I was on the plane early. So this tall, Jayz(without the swag) looking man enters and seats on the right hand side of the aisle seat(I was on the left side aisle seat). He doesn't waste time to start conversation, mostly with questions - How did you get on the plane early? What do you do? Where do you live? Are you Igbo?etc etc, time to take off, the flight attendant saw my discomfort and moved me to the window seat, claiming he had to seat on the aisle seat. I used that opportunity to feign sleep and put on my headphones, next thing I know there is someone beside me fastening his seat belt and starting with the questions again. Umm ok?

Surprisingly at this point, I wasn't irritated as I usually am, I was just amused. He starts asking my tribe and after finding out I reside in the states, he asked whether my parents had tried hooking me up like they did him. Ok now at this point, I never notice rings on girls or guys but he had taken my mind there and I glanced to see his status and lo and behold i see a glistening silver ring that mr dude was trynna hide. He had his right hand over his left, his hand under his pits, it was funny. He eventually grabbed my devotional that I was reading and was asking questions about it, turns out he is atheist, I don't even know where the convo led to but dude just blurted out, "by the way I am married". I laughed and said congrats. Then I couldn't resist and asked why he got married especially if he is atheist and is not bound by church, he explained something about culture and it was court bla bla.

Anyways, he asked about religion and while we were going back and forth, he stopped me and asked me if I had seen the movie, "Dogma". I said no. He goes on to explain a scene where one of the angels asked another if they would have sex with them because the world is about to end and as you may have already guessed next thing he said was, "So in that vein if this plane were to crash right now, would you have sex with me?"

Ladies and Gentlemen, that sums up the way marriage is viewed today. This dude has been married just 4 months and she is pregnant. How unfair is that? Anyways, I replied him with a hell no! and he was still asking why not? I said umm because you are married? I even asked why he bothered to get married if his eyes are still wandering and he was like he wanted one person and was tired of being with different people. again, umm okay?

Ah well, just thought I'd share. I hope everyone has a lovely week and remember to thank God for giving you life to enjoy this new week.


Original Mgbeke said…
Married men in Nigeria have absolutely no shame. It's quite ridiculous! At least here, dem dey try hide am small but the ones in Naija no send...their wifeys aint going no where as long as hubby stays lacing them with nice cars, summer trips abroad and ultimately comes home every night. *SMDH*
Plus you know how we Naija folk don't believe in divorce and alladat...
Kate said…
oooo...NO TOMATOES!!

um..ewwwww...men..morality in that country is going to hell in a hand basket. Um..you also missed all the gist that happened before you got BACK on the plane?
Ada said…
*blank stare*

no words
chayoma said…
I am speechless!
So that was what was on his dirty atheist mind?

i have no words!
Reverence said…
to borrow mgbeke's words *SMDH*
Nice Anon said…
Well, that is the reason I tell women not to brag too much about how their man is this and that.. dude could be shagging another chic as we speak. I cannot vouch for anyone in that sense. I do not!
Tigeress said…
LWKMD @ "So in that vein if this plane were to crash right now, would you have sex with me?"

Was the dude serious? Mehn, thats marriage in Naija for you o!
UnderCover07 said…
Wonders will never end! Imagine the nonsense and golden morn(Mgbeks).

The poor wife is waiting at home for a man who has a diff agenda....mschewww.

U get time to even answer him; dat one I'll jst ignore him and zone out!
MPB said…
LOL at Chayoma's: dirty atheist mind, stmt
blogoratti said…
What was he expecting? A 'Hell Yes'?
Funmi said…
WOw, that's messed up! all I can say is that some people see marriege that way and some don't. HOpefully when you get married you'll get one that doesn't.

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