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TGIF y'all. How are you? Is it just me or are the days just whizzing by like no man's business? So much to do, so little time. Anywhoos, I am gonna try and remember my little random thoughts over the week and share with you guys.

This week I noticed in blogsville(including myself and it sho' wasn't planned), a bunch of people expressing their frustration with dating and how tiring it has become. Talking to a bunch of people, I see a lot of women share the same sentiment. Ironically, having a convo with male friends and in online discussions, men of our generation are screaming their new mantra of how they have Options everywhere. In an interesting note written by a friend on facebook, the replies were full of nigerian guys telling us how chics from other races are catching up to us. How fair is life?
To be fair I know a lot of nigerian women who are opposed to dating outside nigerian guys, I mean I guess I can understand why(culture bla bla)but I wonder how our men easily do it but our women shy away from it? Any input?

I don't know what I was expecting when I came to do my little stint in Nigeria but I thought getting used to missing my little yankee comforts would be the biggest thing. But I decided, the biggest thing for me is getting used to the mentality. See, back in Yankee one of my pet peeves is when a fellow Nigerian tells me "You are so americanized"(wtf does that even mean?) but over here I think I can understand that statement. It could be because I am in Lagos but it seems everyone has that "one up you" mentality ie it feels like everyone wants to pull one over on you. I know its hard out here and everyone is a hustler but it's like humanity has dissapeared.Everyone is in competition with each other and not in a healthy way, in a materialistic way. lol, the sense of humor is also quite different, so you could find yourself laughing by yourself sometimes unless you have a fellow returnee with you. Nigeria still rocks tho!

I have never flown domestic in Nigeria before and I will soon. Please pray for me oh.

The 20's have been the most confusing years of my life.anyone else feel this way?

I envy overachievers sometimes. How do you sit there formulate a plan and actually get through it. It takes a lot of work! I know what I want to do but I realise I have a lot of groundwork to do and add that to regular responsibilities and sometimes you just get tired. So when I see my agemates who have their own business up and running I can do nothing but give them respect.

For the first time in how many years I didn't watch the Emmy Nominations live. SHoutout to them for getting it right.

Am i the only one who has never seen a Harry Potter movie? Ok i think I saw the first one in bits and pieces. I claim to be an avid reader yet I havent completed the series. Speaking of reading, I am reading this book The Charming Man by Marian Keyes and its quite strange, very different from her usual style.

My current favorite song is still Keri Hilson's Knock you down

KATE GO AND LISTEN TO BRACKET'S YORI YORI. ALthough I think because I suggested it, you won't like it.

I finally got around to watching that Jenifa movie.watched only part 1 so far and its actually funny.

Pregnancy scare, AIDS test, checking your credit report. what do they have in common? They all give the same feeling. It's like you know the result but for some reason your mind does this thing to you and just scares you to irrationality.

Rainy season sucks and rocks at the same time.

I have a bunch of material. Why have I not sewn them?

I can't wait to see my mommy. I love that woman die.

3rd Mainland Bridge is my Homie.what? I am practicing that positive thinking thing so maybe it'll guide me through as I navigate that bridge during rush hour. Did yall hear that the militants have threatened to blow up the bridge? I hope its not true sha, because it'll be awful.

Gas is going up from N65 to N94. does that make sense? its going down everywhere else but where the oil is its going up? sigh, my country nigeria.

Alright chickens, I gotta go. Have a lovely weekend, be safe and be good!


CIL said…

Tori said…
WOW, N94? Hay-soos!

I've never seen a HP movie either.

Flew Virgin Nigeria between Accra and Lagos. "Do you want the Meatpie or the Cake?" :D
Kate said…
I WILL LISTEN TO IT..and technically you ain't recommend it so if i dont like it you can't take credit for that!!

MEN..time is going by soooo fast!!
20's BETTER be the most confusing years o..cuz if i turn 30 and they are as well..i'm suing someone.
Nice Anon said…
Dating sucks jare.

My dia I fear to fly in naija since ndi mmadu kira n'miri uyo! ( sosoliso anyone?) I beg the differ you hear.
Reverence said…
LMAO @ Kate.. Frreal!

someone told me the 20s are confusing because we make pretty much all our life decisions then. education, career, dating and truth be told i think the 20s is also when we finally figure out who we really are..
yinkuslolo said…
I am with Nice.anon on this oh! flying in Nigeria seems so risky to me, but I dont think I can travel for 10 hrs by road anymore sef in Naija. Sosoliso ish gripped me mehn.

I dont do Hp movies either, I saw four in the last wkend. they were not as great as the book. finish the books as soon as you can.
Original Mgbeke said…
LMAO, Is Nice Anon on a certain website? 'I beg the differ'.
Kate, I cooo sign. Go and listen to YoriYori.
The 20's have had its ups and downs but we are only just starting.

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