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After slaving to finish my report yesterday, all bleary eyed and stuff, I found out that my boss had left for the day at noon and won't be back till friday. SO today I am chilling(even though I should be working oh, I got stuff to do), so I decided to do the most logical thing - blog of course.

I have begun counting down my days here and I feel sad :(

I am amazed at my carb intake here.Between my awesome varying diet of rice or yam. But it's all good sha, I have a work out plan in effect when I return. The world should be scared.Uh huh, I said it.

As an internet addict, the internet here is a patience tester man, you learn to copy and paste all you've typed before hitting send because you might never see it again. BUt I am grateful for the lame internet than no internet at all. (Thank you MTN BB Data Service)

I hate going to Silverbird but its the closest place to work to watch movies. I saw transformers 2 yesterday and it was waaaay better than the first, cuz Lord knows I thought the first was the piss.Hey ladies and gentlemen how do you spell sexy? - M-E-A-G-A-N F-O-X, that's how.Bitch!

My people, there is no recession in Nigeria. I repeat, there is no recession in naija from what I see and hear.Anyone that wants to tell me otherwise is wasting their time, sheesh!I think people's club/bar bills can pay my tuition for a year (ok i exxagerate)

I have to say a bunch of people are back in Nigeria sha. SOmetimes I feel bad that people who study abroad just come back and can easily secure a job over those that were here but I guess such is life.

I have a surprising guest in the country. I am still surprised sha, let's see how this plays out.

Rkelly is gonna be in town on saturday. To go or not to go, I probably won't.

So earlier in the year, I decided I wanted 2009 to be my year of travel.So far I have hit up: North Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, Poland and Germany(Does Naija count?lol). I still have my eye on one more trip to Naija in Dec and also Mexico but let's see what God decides for me instead. To continue my declaration, I really wanna hit up Abuja, PH and a neighboring country.It's looking like the neighboring country will be ghana, but I can't seem to find anyone to go with but I am gonna find a way to make it happen. BTW, if anyone of you out there have hookups to hotel in Ghana, please holla at a sista.

I haven't had Gala in like a week! That's a record for me yo!

I keep forgetting how cheap it is to do hair here. sewing in a weave is like N1500, infact sef I think I want to do my hair this weekend. I have been trying to avoid braiding till I am coming back but I saw some really kinky twists that I really want, so I might relent.

Even though they might never see this, I want to give a shout out to Promise and Wisdom(slap yourself if you snickered). They are the two office boys at work and they clean and run errands for everyone. I commend their patience, because if you have read my earlier posts, the way people speak to them is appalling. Wisdom is going to school, so by God's grace this is just temporary for him and God will reward both of them for their patience and strong character.

So when I was coming home, with the incessant "oh you are gonna get married"*rolls eyes* I had told my friends (half kidding)that I wasn't gonna holla at any dude that didn't have blue or red kpali or at the very least a GC. Is that pushing it too far, fellow bloggers?lol

*racking brain for more randoms* Funny how I have A LOT in traffic but now to type I am blank.

Stephanie Okereke dropped by my office a few days ago.For those who don't know her she is a Nigerian Actress. The chic is really pretty..and taaall..and skinnny. Nah, didn't ask for an autograph.

My brother was right when he said there is no make and model of cars in the world that you are looking for that you cannot find on the streets of Lagos..wait maybe he said naija.

Am I the only one that didn't know that rainy season lasted till like September? and it's not no kiddies play rain.There's like serious flooding everywhere. If you plan on returning back, I suggest you invest in an SUV so you can navigate dem floods that are probably covering deep potholes.

Ok, lemme stop now sha. I guess if i remember anymore I'll update. Happy Weekend's Eve y'all!


Tori said…
you liked Transformers 2 more than you liked 1? Shocking. Although, I will admit they DID do a lot more gratuitous "Meagan Fox Running in a tank top" scenes than last time :D

The second you get back, you need to do a blog on "What people who are considering moving back probably haven't considered, but should" blog. Forgot Rainy season existed.
TayneMent said…
Yep, I am convinced you have an alert.It's okay I am flattered :p

I might consider the blog, remind me :D
Reverence said…
you met Stephanie Okerereke, did you talk to her? is she nice? o.k let me stop..lol
*cough* since the countdown to return has begun can i err remind you about err my golden morn err. please?
Elle Woods said…
buahahaha..i just slapped myself.
Luv you! lmao.
TayneMent said…
I have golden morn sitting in my office drawer for breakfast. yummy.

You know I think far far ahead, I am still not coming back for at least 7/8 weeks or more lol.

I shall do my best.
Kate said…
@Tori.."tank top AND heels"..like wtf? in what world is that practical or real?
@Taynement on the blue/red kpali or GC steez..why can't you just try and meet a nice young man? Wisdom sounds promising..c'mon!!
RocNaija said…
Sounds like lagos is buzzing in your neck of the woods..

Good stuff..

I honestly don't think Meagan Fox is.. 'foxy'.. Pun intended..

I'll breeze through your previous posts for the one on Wisdom..
mizchif said…
Gala is the TRUTH!!!

And my dear life without an SUV in LAgos this season is pure torture, i seriously dunno how ppl survive.

We just like to follow ppl of the world to blow big grammar, there is certainly nothing like a RECESSION, cuz ppl club bills be enuff to pay my 2 mnths rent!!!
Diyani said…
HI!!!!! You're having fun, I'm partially envious.. :) I agree with Tori-- Please give me a list of things to consider before I do my "Naija test trip"..
bumight said…
i love reading ur random sturvs!

im glad someone else agrees there's no recession in naija!
TayneMent said…
Thanks Bumighty! :D

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