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Hello blogsville,

Happy Monday to ya, hope everyone had a good weekend. I had a good weekend with girls night out, hanging with moms, friend from outta town and just hanging with fam in general. The only mar on my weekend was when I was jejely cruising on the island and this cop stopped me and was basically being an ass. The idiot actually made me climb the curb and wanted us(three girls) to park the car and catch a cab to Ikeja(we are looking at like 10.30 pm). I can't get used that giving money thing and I guess I was giving lip cuz I was so pissed with his foolish questions when he obviously just wanted money. My friend did all the talking and gave him money, to which the bastard said it wasn't enough. UUUUGH! I hate naija cops!.

Anywhoooooos back to the blog title, anyone who knows me knows I love music and because I am a dork, I made a list of songs that I am feeling/songs I think everyone should listen to at least once. Indulge me bloggers and look through the list, if you have the time state how many of the songs you actually know and try to listen to at least 5 of the songs that you haven't heard. Hope everyone finds a song that they like and brings a smile to their face. Have a lovely week ahead, y'all!


Mario - I choose you
John Mayer - Bold as Love
Shank ft Akon - Shorty
Chris Brown ft Keri Hilson - Superhuman
Keri Hilson - Knock you down (my current fave song)
Lloyd - I can change your life - Pass me your love
Bracket - Yori Yori
Wande Coal ft Ikechukwu - Kiss me hand ( I just love the beat of this song)
Chudi K - So slow
India.Arie - Therapy
M.I - Forever, Jehovah ( do yourself a favor and listen to his whole album, Talk about it)
Sia - Breathe Me (In my top 10 all time faves)
Tori Amos - It's a sorta fairytale (also in all time faves)
Bonnie Raitt - I can't make you love me (also in all time faves)
Shinedown - Second Chance
Ciara ft Missy - Work
Ciara ft The Dream - Keep dancing
Sean Kingston - Fire Burning
Tokyo Hotel - Monsoon
James Morrison ft Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings (LOVE it)
James Morrison - If you don't wanna love me (LOVE LOVE it)
The Script - We cry
Tinchy Stryder - Number One ( Thanks Nice Anon!)
Seal - It's a man's man's man's world
Mary Mary - Seattle
Usher - Appetite ( Give "Here I stand" a chance)
Damien Rice - 9 crimes
Banky W - STrong Thing
Brick and Lace - Bad to the Bone
Rosi Golan - Hazy
Maino ft Tpain - All the above
Nina Simone - Wild is the Wind
Matisyahu - King without a crown
Michael Buble - Lost, Home and Me and Mrs Jones
JOsh Groban - anything of his lol
Rkelly - Imagine That
Michelle WIlliams - We break the dawn
Lonestar - I'm already there
Rascal Flatts - My wish
Carrie Underwood - Jesus take the wheel
The Cranberries - Zombie
Gorilla Zoe - Lost
Duffy - Stepping Stone and Warwick Avenue
Adele - Make you feel my love and Hometown glory
John Legend - This time ( this song can make me forgive an underserving person)
Lil Wayne ft Robin Thicke - Tie my hands

Umm, I had to stop myself, I totally understand if you guys have better things to do with your time :)


Kate said…
nice list.
We break the dawn alwasy reminds me of RuPaul's drag races when that one dude mimed it and Michelle started crying.

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE ALL THE ABOVE (maino and tpain)...that's my current anthem! LOVE IT!! GOD I NEED MY LIMEWIRE AND ITUNES BACK!
Tigeress said…
so what if u didnt give him money? And what was his reason for telling u to take a cab?
Tori said…
Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooves Sorta Fairytale. Like LOOOOOVES it.

The Mr. LOVES "all the Above" too, Kate, it drives me nuts now.
Reverence said…
Micheal buble is awesome .. i love love him. me and mrs jones makes me want to go have an affair
TayneMent said…
@Tigeress - I don't know what happens if I didnt give him money but he had my license and the car particulars, he could have held it ransom, because it was night time I was concerned about our safety he asked me to get down and open my trunk which i blatantly refused to, once before my cousin had obliged and one of the cops had touched her innapropriately.

He told me to take a cab because I didnt have a tinted window license, so I was to park the car and give them the keys and come back to the station the next day. You know that wouldhave been the last I saw of the car.
Reverence said…
ooooh so what are you thoughts on the new Whitney Houston? my friends don't like it. i think i am just so glad shes back i will take anything.
chayoma said…
Heard everything except for
Sia's and Tori Amos...gonna go look them up!
Keri hilson's knock you down. she can do me no wrong!
John Mayer: why i love this guy's music is beyond me but i do!
Bracket:Yoriyori...who doesn;t love this song!
Wande Coal: dude has got a voice!
M.I. : I get him, his music....everything infact lol!
Ciara's work: finally. i thot love sex and magic wld have the umph work's vid did!
Sean Kingston's fire burning: Just reminded me why we love him!
James Morrison ft Nelly furtado: *ahhh*!
Seal: i listen to all his stuff! he has a special place in my heart :)
Brick and Lace: after i heard "Love is wicked", i was in love!
Josh Groban: He just raises me up! i know i am loved when i listen to him! i can;t even find fault in any of his music, for all ages i tell you from my lil 2 yr old cuz to my 60 yr granny....
Michelle Williams: i love "we break the dawn" she shld get more air time i tell you! i am a huge fan!
Robin Thicke: i just love the man! period!

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