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Who changed?

It always feels like it has been a while since I have actually blogged. Was racking my brain for a topic and finally decided to write about this. So you've heard how people say they "lose" (lose used loosely) friends when they get married. I have always wondered about this. I'm a bit older so most of my friends got married a while (a while being <5 a="" ago="" also="" are="" bad.="" be="" bit="" but="" can="" change="" changed="" different="" distance.="" do="" don="" dynamic="" exactly="" experience="" friends.="" friends="" from="" geographical="" go="" guys="" had="" have="" hitting="" i="" is="" it="" itself="" kids.="" like="" lol=&quo…


Its been a minute guys. I've had a few people hit me up about the lack of posts. Sorrrrry. A lot's been going on and I haven't really had time to remember my numerous random thoughts but I have a few remembered. How has everyone been? Hope good. I just tried watching ep 1 of the new season of GoT and for one, had no idea what was going on and was just bored. I wanna be cool and love GoT like everyone else, why can't I get how awesome it is :(. The weather has become so beautiful it just automatically puts me in a good mood and made me happy. Speaking of happy, I have still been putting into practice my new resolution to think more positive no matter what and I think I have been doing good. Been thanking God more lately for the little things. I still feel undeserving and like the worst christian ever but wetin man go do but keep trying abi? Aite enough introspection. Let's random!

I had such high hope for Lent, especially after having a great one last year and learn…