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My Very First Tag

So I had a post all planned but I see that I was tagged By in Kabi-Osi Edumare the two truth and one lie game. I have been pushing it just cuz I am lazy as hell but I might as well.

1. You have to tell us 3 things about you, 2 truths and 1 lie

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I can't stand poetry
I love shopping. I swear I could shop all day
I am always cold

I hereby tag

Miss Kate
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Magusi Soup

Pick Me Up Songs

I'm hurting. No details needed cuz it's not that kind of blog :). But going through this hurt for the last month or so, I find myself listening to A LOT more music than I used to (which was already a lot). It's the one thing that's constant and is able to keep me from going over the edge. So for those that know me emm my library is full of what some people call "depressing" songs, so I find myself skipping through a bunch of songs looking for "pick me up songs". I thought I'd share my current faves:

1. As you may have already known from the last entry Lady Gaga's - Just Dance
2. Britney Spears - Circus ( that song is hot yo!)
3. I hate this part - Pussycat Dolls ( does this count? it's fun to scream "I gotta do it" over and over like Nicole does at the end of the song..hehe)
4. Bunch of Nigerian songs - Banky's ID Cabasa Remix of Capable, M.I's Teaser and Eldee's Bosi Gbangba top the list.
5. T.I and Rihanna - Live …

Tunes in my Head

Pussycat dolls - I hate this part


Missy Higgins - WHere I stood


Lady Gaga - Just dance


Beyonce - Halo


What's on TV?

Happy New Year peoples! Hope each and everyone of you had a wonderful new year's day filled with new year resolutions that you will be breaking soon enough. 
Soo..What's on TV?

How many times have I heard this question and thought about this question since TV shows went on thanksgiving/christmas hiatus? There really is nothing to watch on TV, especially since the new fall shows were such a dissapointment. The only new show that I managed to try and watch  was Leverage (yeah the pilot episode was called The Nigerian Job) but it was a Meh for me.(my favorite blog reader, see I mentioned Leverage..hehehehe).
On the bright side, three awesome shows will be coming back for a new season, one of them being my favorite show. Here we go:
Nip/Tuck: Yay! my favorite dysfunctional tv show is bizzack on Jan 6 on FX channel. Lost : my favorite what the hell is going on? show is bizzack on Jan 21 on ABC. Scrubs : The best comedy that you are not watching is moving from NBC to ABC for its final sea…