Pick Me Up Songs

I'm hurting. No details needed cuz it's not that kind of blog :). But going through this hurt for the last month or so, I find myself listening to A LOT more music than I used to (which was already a lot). It's the one thing that's constant and is able to keep me from going over the edge. So for those that know me emm my library is full of what some people call "depressing" songs, so I find myself skipping through a bunch of songs looking for "pick me up songs". I thought I'd share my current faves:

1. As you may have already known from the last entry Lady Gaga's - Just Dance
2. Britney Spears - Circus ( that song is hot yo!)
3. I hate this part - Pussycat Dolls ( does this count? it's fun to scream "I gotta do it" over and over like Nicole does at the end of the song..hehe)
4. Bunch of Nigerian songs - Banky's ID Cabasa Remix of Capable, M.I's Teaser and Eldee's Bosi Gbangba top the list.
5. T.I and Rihanna - Live your life
6. Pink - So what
7. Keri Hilson and Timbaland - Return the Favor
8. Fall Out Boy - I don't care
9. Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar
10.Taylor Swift - Love Story

Others are Rihanna's Distubia, Rihanna and M5's -Never see your face again

I have to give a special mention to one song. It's by a coupla friends of mine Wole, Yemi and Z, who are jobless most of the time (except Z) it's called 'Wa' which in english translates to 'Come'..yup that kind. Everytime I hear this song it cracks me up but I promise it's a good song, here's the youtube video..Enjoy! just make sure you don't Wa as you listen lol!


I am more than sure but these are the ones I know I listen to a lot and I remember. Feel free to share yours if you have any.

Ps - Congrats to everyone fortunate enough to witness the swearing in of President Barack Obama.


MPB said…
Thank god for music for real and novels and movies ...they all help me escape. E go betta for you my dear.
Wonder what life would be without Music.

Music soothes the savage beast.It holds the power to elevate our moods above our worries and relieve debilitating depression.

Lol u shld listen to Gongo aso !!!
TayneMent said…
Lol. It took me a whiiiiiillleee before gongo aso grew on me. I still never had it till yesterday and I got it for a friend.
Thanks for warm welcome...
you have been tagged! see my page for info.Gracias!!!

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