Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my few readers, hope you had a wonderful one. I had a pleasant one and surprise surprise, yours truly blessed the day with two movies.

Four Christmases : I'd say yay, if you are not expecting anything deep. Vince vaughn is a motor mouth as usual but it's a decent movie.

Curious Case of Benjamin Button : Yay.long as hell movie but pretty good. I thought this was the year of Pitt's oscar win but he really didn't do anything extraordinary. Cate Blanchett was a delight as usual. Yay for Taraji P Henson.

Oh for an extra tidbit someone sent me this website which I know is not in the christmas spirit and all but it was interesting to say the least, there are wicked people out there.

What do you think?
happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So Far, So Good

Hello Peoples! Seasons Greetings to one and all!

Bleh, not one of my favorite holidays ( do I even have a favorite holiday?) but if you read earlier it is my favorite times for movie watching. Being on vacation hasn't helped my cause, been watching movies like they are going out of style, both at the theater and on dvd. So I thought I'd share my reviews with you incase you were wondering what to watch. Here we go:


THE LIFE BEFORE HER EYES: Sucky, don't waste your time. Thot it'd be good cuz it was directed by Vadim Perelman, same dude that did my favorite movie- House of Sand and Fog. It was just 1hr and 30 mins of over reaching. If you decide to watch it, don't say I didn't warn you.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE : As usual I am in the minority, I did not like this movie. I am not one of those opposed to Daniel Craig as Bond but this movie was an action movie not a BOND movie. I actually fell asleep sha. ah well.

WENDY AND LUCY: Indie Spirit Nomination + Michelle Williams so I thought I'd give it a try. I am sure most people haven't even heard of it. Boooooo!


7 POUNDS :  Once again, the different facebook statuses(statii?, lol) declaring this movie as excellent seem to differ from my opinion. I really thought it was just okay, then again I have a problem with movies that just seem to want to force emotion out of you. 

CHANGELING: After you get over Jolie's extra red lips, you can focus on the dreariness of this movie lol. It wasn't bad really, you just have to be in the mood for it.


SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE: Really good movie. No pretense, no megawatt stars. Just a good ole' simple movie based in India. For all you wusses, you'll prolly tear up. Go see it.

MILK: I didn't even really want to see this movie but I am glad I did. Outstanding performance by Sean Penn. It's a true story of the first gay elected official that was killed (it's not a spoiler). Go see it.

CADILLAC RECORDS : Surprise, Surprise! Yes, I was too but I quite enjoyed this movie. Kudos to Beyonce for actually being believable. Special shout out to Columbus Short - he was a stand out in the movie. ZERO shout out to Suckyelle Union, uggh!

That's all I have for now, feel free to share your own reviews and I might or might not update as I watch. Merry Christmas all and Blessings to you.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Ode to Adele - No Homo

People may not notice you
Because you are not a size two
And you don't prance around the stage half clothed.

But I see you, Adele
Not only do I see your beautiful face
But I hear you
I hear you in every soulful note that you sing
With the instrument that is your voice.

Your '19' album
Portrays different emotions felt by women
From a Confused Woman in 'Chasing Pavements'
To a Patriotic Woman in 'Hometown Glory
The Loyal Woman begging for a chance in 'Make you feel my Love'
You were able to be the Scorned Woman in 'Cold Shoulder'
Yet told Him off with just your voice and a bass in 'Best for Last'.

Thank you for the gift that is your music :)

Feel free to check out Adele's album - '19' (no I am not getting paid, lol). The listed songs are my favorite from the album.

If there are any other Adele lovers, what are your favorite songs?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Here's to the SongWriters

In good times and bad times, Music is always there, we listen to it when we are sad, happy, just for fun and even while cleaning. One of the beautiful things about it too is the fact that there are so many different genres to pick from so there is something for everyone no matter your mood. Everyone knows how important lyrics are and going through "matters of the heart" issues, I am pleasantly surprised when I find songs that capture exactly how I am feeling. Sometimes it's hard to put into words what you are feeling and these songwriters do this for you, it's also very comforting to know that even if it's just one person(ie the songwriter), you are not alone in whatever you emotion you are feeling. There are two songs that I remember feeling strongly about the first time I heard them.

1) Kelly Clarkson's 'Because of You' - The first time I heard this song, I was like "wow! I couldn't have said it any better". The song resonated with me except the 'You' for me had to do with my parents not an ex. Imagine my surprise when a couple of months later, I hear Kelly Clarkson say on the MTV awards red carpet that she wrote the song when she was younger and it was about her parents. I could have hugged her :)

2)Christina Aguilera's 'Beautiful' - For anyone who has ever had self esteem issues, this song is a powerful song and even for those that don't it is a beautiful message. Everyone needs to be reminded that they are a beautiful in their own way both inside and out. Add that to Ms Aguilera's voice and that's a song right thurr! :D

Anyways, over the years I have come across so many songs that have spoken to me in different ways(that includes Backstreet Boys :p), but I just wanted to give kudos to those songwriters, who put in words the many thoughts and feelings that we have in our heads. We appreciate ya!

You have any songs you want to share?:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

All about Ms B (...or Sasha Fierce)

Ah, it's that time again. You know, the time where Beyonce releases a cd and attacks all our senses by being there everywhere you turn and don't think it's coincidence when a movie happens to be opening whenever she has a cd coming out, it's all part of B's world domination plan. To celebrate her oncoming Media Blitz against the Poor Masses(MBPM), I decided to write my thoughts on her.

I was a HUGE Beyonce fan, not during her Destiny Child days, but when she went solo. I remember where I was the first time I heard and saw the video for "Crazy in Love". It was summer 2003 and I was on my way to class, which I was eventually late for cuz I plopped myself on my bed and was in awe of Beyonce. I don't even know why sef but the video was different to me at the time and so refreshing. The day the cd came out, I headed straight from work to Best Buy and bought me my copy of "Dangerously in Love". She did the regular press junkets and promotion required by entertainers when a new project comes out, then I began to notice that B's was a little more than usual, didn't help that Fighting Temptations came out months after too (beginning of the B trend - cd first then as media attention fades reignite with movie release or recently deluxe edition of cd)so there was more to be seen of Ms B.

Ok, don't get me wrong, I think Beyonce is a very talented human being who was born to be a star, she also works very hard and is driven by her ambition, whether it's attainable or not (think : her dream to win an Oscar), she is also one of the most beautiful celebs out there to me with a FANTASTIC bod to boot she has also mastered the art of keeping your name in the public's mouth while not really giving anything out about herself. Let me give examples of her well oiled machine besides the cd-movie trend.

1. Quite outlandish, but it was some award show I don't remember which one and the only person's applause that rivaled B's was Shakira's, she had done her usual hip shaking, waist twisting sexy stuff. So, in my head Beyonce could not be outdone and she got a duet cracking with Shakira to show that she could keep up with the latin queen, let's ignore the fact that the camera was focused on Ms B working that ass on the wall in the video , with Shakira trynna tone down her twisting,lol...ok she really did the duet to gather an audience for her spanish cd but my theory was more fun :D

2. Beyonce's Bday opened at #1 and was knocked off by my baby daddy - Justin Timberlake and everyone was on the Jt's tip talking about how his sound was different. What does Ms B do? call on the phone and hook up a duet.

3. Chic knows her audience, she is all married and happy, but in a world where majority of women keep getting hurt and done wrong by men, she sings the songs that they can relate to, not necessarily what she is going through. Check: If i was a boy (which I love), Single ladies(which I detest), Me, Myself and I etc

4. Name another singer who made the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue... That's black..That's not a stick figure...That wasn't a model......Anyone? I thought so, but B made it happen. decide but personally, I think she can sing,most people think she screams - which she does but it is not terrible. She sounds awesome live, which most singers can't pull off while dancing in high heels. Her acting still sucks tho, because just like her dancing (which is better than her acting), it just always seems forced and it doesn't flow.

But of late my question is why does B feel she has to constantly have herself out there as if she is a new artist? She has established herself and has reached the artist status where regardless of what she sings everyone will say it's the greatest thing ( other artists in this category are :Outkast, U2, Alicia Keys etc). While most celebrities have their little controversies blown out of proportion,B is able to have hers swept under the rug in 5 seconds, B was able to be the most successful DC child depsite not having the "Hollywood body", (if I would have picked anyone I would have said Kelly would have been the one to blow up). Anyways B was born to be a star as I have mentioned earlier, so no matter how much hating she gets, she will still be that star that she was meant to be and admit it no matter how many times you say "damn, I am tired of seeing Beyonce everywhere", when you are flicking through your tv and you see her, you know your ass will stop and watch lol.

Kudos Ms B, wishing you longevity in your career, not that you need it.

What are your thoughts on Ms B, people?

PS I didn't write much on DC and the member rotation on purpose, because they are the only ones that know what happened and I wanted to focus more on solo Beyonce.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bad Luck Oscar?

Just had a random thought. I noticed that whenever a female wins an oscar, a breakup with their significant other is imminent. Off the top of my head, these actresses came to me:

Elizabeth Taylor
Halle Berry
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Hudson
Reese Witherspoon
Hillary Swank I tripping or am I on to something?lol..Have a good week ahead people!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Today is a good tv me

Lately, I have been so busy and have fallen behind on most tv shows and pop culture happenings. But I have a little bit more free time and I cherish my sundays . A perfect sunday to me is sleeping and watching tv/movies, basically doing nothing! Mad Men(which if you are not watching you are missing out!) was moved to Sunday, so it's the perfect way to end my Sunday, oogling John Hamm right before I go to bed :)...Anyways, I have a lot of tv watching to do today, I totally forgot about the Gossip Girl premiere and missed out on half of the Top Model premiere,so I plan on catching up. The Mtv movie awards are today and even though they are now boring, I am still going to watch and hopefully catch a disaster or two, of course a new ep of Mad Men is on and finally and most excitingly (sue my english) - Entourage is bizzzacccck!!!! yay!. Hopefully they come with it this season because last season was kind of ho hum. Oh and if you are a fanof vampires and all, the new series True Blood by Alan Ball (writer of six feet under) also pemieres on HBO today. So anyways, I probably might not watch them all, thank God for Ondemand but the options are still there sha. How about you, plan on watching any of the above?:)

PS - am I the only one who still records shows on VCR? I haven't caught up to the DVR age yet, lol

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What have you watched for me lately?

hallo! Just got my blockbuster online subscription back on. I watched Persepolis the other day and it lived up to the hype, I liked it, nothing over the top or extraordinary, just enjoyable. Was a good way to express the story of a girl growing up in Iran after the fundamentalists took over. For those that read, there is a graphic novel of it(just found out there was one today, thanks to my best friend). Speaking of graphic novels, why did I just find out that its pretty much any comic book with a storyline, hisss. I thought graphic novels were comic books +superheroes+mega mucho violence. For those that grew up in nigeria, so if Papa Ajasco is written into one lengthy story it's a graphic novel?? madness, i tell ya.

I am about to watch 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, a romanian story about abortion i think. The last abortion movie I watched was Vera Drake and even though it was british, surprise-surprise, I liked it. We'll see how this goes.

What have you watched lately on your dvd?:)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Real Movie Season is on it's way YAY!

Hallo to the one or two of you who read my blog. It sho has been a minute but I have been sooooo busy, it is ridiculous. I have a week to spare and I decided to treat myself, I headed out to the movies and saw Tropic Thunder (TT)and Vicky Cristina Barcelona (VCB)(remember it was on my list of movies I couldn't wait to see).

I'll start with TT. I don't really know what I expected but not until recently did the trailers start making me laugh plus it has RJD in it. It wasn't a waste of $5 (I caught the matinee, lol). I laughed so hard sometimes, loudly too but it did have some moments where it lulled. May I just declare 2008 the year of RJD (yeah yeah i know it's just 2 movies but they were outstanding movies), he was just really the standout of the movie as "the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude!", lol. I say he deserves a nom for this role, comedy or not! ( the academy seems to have it out for comedies). That Ben Stiller sef, dude is just an undercover hottie, Jack Black did what he does best - gross comedy and Tom Cruise was a hoot. Matthew McConaughey just looked older :(. All in all it is not a waste of money.

On to VCB, I love Woody Allen and have actually seen all his recent movies. If you have caught any of his recent movies, you would know that ScaJo has been in them and she was also in this one. It was a good movie, very different, made you think, made you laugh, everything was cool until the end. That was where I found out that the movie had the disease that most movies today have - Bad Ending Syndrome (BES). I was like "this cannot be the end?", alas it was :(. Watching this movie, I grudgingly admit that Javier Bardem is a good actor(which reminded me that I still haven't seen No Country For Old Men(gasp!). Penelope Cruz was looking mighty sexay in this movie, dare i say even more than Miss ScaJo.

Soooo, for those of you who know me, you will know that the REAL movie season for me starts after the overhyped summer blockbusters till December and I saw some previews that got me excited.

- Secret Lives of the Bees: It has Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Sophie Okonedo, Jennifer Hudson, the lovely Dakota Fanning, who is blossoming into a pretty young lady oh and I can't forget Tristan Wilds aka Michael for you Wire fans. I felt so proud watching the preview and seeing fellow African Americans in a movie that looked like it had substance. I think this is a good followup role for Miss JHud ( umm I am intentionally forgetting her role in Sex and the City). So ladies and gentleman be sure to go support and go watch the movie, it comes out October 17.

- Flash of Genius: with Greg Kinnear and Lauren Graham looked good too, a true life story about a man whose windshield wiper idea was stolen by Ford and his fight to be recognised.

Those were the two standout previews for me. I noticed a poster for my dear Keira Knightley (note the sarcasm), who has a movie coming out called The Duchess. Poster had her in dem 1800 get up and an outfit that looks like it required a corset, sooo it is safe to assume the movie is another victorian snoozefest. I have to give it to her , the girl is smart, she knows she is not that great an actress so she sticks to what she knows and hides her lack of talent in this period pieces..all the best to her :D.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Movie CatchUp

Hi Folks, eek I can't believe I last posted in March. I guess i do have a life huh? lol....Well a friend of mine refers to me as a movie snob. He thinks I have a preference for movies not in english and with a budget of $500 lol. I bet to differ(he he, nr joke) and to prove him wrong and anyone else who agrees, I am happy to report that i have seen a number of movies in the first half of the year! ha!. I thought i'd play catch up and do a run down of the movies I have seen.


Back in 2004, I watched all seasons of SATC back to back thanks to my online blockbuster membership, even though at the time i thought it was overrated, there was still something about it that got me attached. Years later i still watched the reruns and can actually remember dialogue from most episodes. I was uber psyched about the movie and thankfully it didn't suck. It was what i expected, a 2 hour version of a different chapter of the girls' lives. It was a little bit too corny for me but all in all i liked it.


so I really didn't expect much from this movie, probably because Jack Black is in it. But i grudgingly admit that Jack Black is good at his niche. It turned out to be a funny movie and you just know that JB improvised a lot of his lines, i mean i kept forgetting it was a panda and not jack black that i was watching - and no its because their figures are similar :D..Skudush!


Pure awesomeness. I was having a bad day and decided to take myself to the movies and Ironman cured me. Who knew Robert Downey Jr could pull that off, kudos to the casting director for seeing what a lot of us didn't, I am so happy for him. I liked how the movie was appealing whether or not you are a comic book fan or not, it was also funny. Jeff Bridges as the bad guy thumbs up. Oh and shout out to Jon Favreau. Oh and just in case you couldn't tell, i loved it :)

ps RDJ has a tad bit fruitiness in him ..sshh!


hmm..Steve Carrell - funny, so I wanted to see this but I thought the movie was ho hum. It had its funny moments don't get me wrong but it was just ok.
PS when did Anne Hathaway get hot??


not bad at all. didn't watch the first one but I wanted to see this cuz Edward Norton (one of our better actors) is in it. Granted EN wasn't happy with the final product and did not do any promotion for the movie, i still wanted to check it out and it was ok, a lil uneven but enjoyable nonetheless. Liv Tyler had to have been a fairy in a past life, she sounded like Janet Jackson in the movie, whispering her way through lol. I would have liked for the Hulk itself to have not looked sooo animated.


Yuck! i really wanted to see The Visitor (which i still havent seen) and got stuck seeing this.waste of my time, i felt so empty. Is Ellen Paige always going to be a sassy teenager?

well these are the movies i remember seeing, in the future i hope to see Hancock and I am most looking forward to Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Woody Allen movie), He's just not that into you and whatever else i catch.

feel free to share yours :)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Nudity & Cursing does not =good tv show

Look back in history and check any TV award show, chances are 85% of the awards came from HBO. This was back in the days of Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, Sopranos etc etc. A lot of people argued that HBO had an unfair advantage over network TV and basic cable stations because they felt the ability to curse and show nudity added more to fleshing out a scene or storyline. At first I agreed with them, ok think of a scene with Samantha in SATC, completely nekkid and saying everything uncensored and when she describes to her friends, you kinda have a feel like you were there. Now think of Friends, first off we are not gonna get a scene, just an edited description the next day at the coffee house. Comparing the two, SATC just has more of an effect.

Eventually, I changed my mind. I do think nudity and cursing is an advantage but you just have to have a great script to back it up. Case in point : HBO's "Tell Me You Love Me". I swear that show had a sex scene every 5 seconds and I am like "what the hell is this show about?", basically the script was not strong enough. All the aforementioned shows were good, not because of the N&C but because they ALSO had great scripts. Tide has turned now, the best tv shows are not on HBO anymore - Lost,Brothers & Sisters, 30 Rock, The Closer etc - all this shows don't have the benefit of N&C and you know why?...Yup you guessed it, they have superb scripts :D

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oscar Tyme

So its the Oscars tomorrow (and the Independednt Spirit Awards today :)). Now the Oscars are definitely not in my top favorite award shows, they are too long, boring and the awards are not completely based on merit, a lot of politics and campaigning. But yours truly still watches it unfailingly every year ( its that sickness i have). So i am going to list the major awards and say who i would like to win and who is probably going to win. I didn't do so well this year in seeing the movies but I tried.

Best Picture Nominees

Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood

So Atonement sucked, Juno was lovely but not a movie the Oscars will take seriously, I didnt see NCFOM, There will be Blood was a serious movie that still managed to squeeze in funny parts ( I drink your milkshake anyone?). I have heard only good things about NCFOM that they'll probably win. If i had to pick, I'd give it to TWBB.

Best Actor Nominees

George Clooney
Daniel Day-Lewis
Johnny Depp
Tommy Lee Jones
Viggo Mortensen

George Clooney is just a filler nominee, Daniel Day Lewis was great and is gorgeous, didn't see Johnny but i am sure he did a good job and he is gorgeous, I honestly don't see the hype in Tommy Lee's performance (yes i actually saw In the Valley of Elah in the theaters), Viggo Mortensen was just the embodiment of a great actor in eastern Promises. So Day-Lewis is probably going to win(he has won everything else) but if i had to pick an upset or really close runnerup it would be Viggo (and not becos of his nude scene :)).If i didn't know who he was, noone could tell me he wasn't Russian.

Best Actress Nominees

Cate Blanchett
Julie Christie
Marion Cotilard
Laura Linney
Ellen Page

Yap Yap Yap , Julie Christie. In all honesty I could not finish that movie, it just draaaagged. My vote goes to Marion Cotillard, she truly captured Edith Piaf. Here's hoping for an upset.

Best Supporting Actor

Casey Affleck
Javier Bardem
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Hal Holbrook
Tom Wilkinson

No words necessary, did not see any of the above but i could bet a 100grand that Javier is running away with this one.

Best supporting Actress

Cate Blanchett
Ruby Dee
Saoirse Ronan
Amy Ryan
Tilda Swinton

what on earth did ruby dee do? slap denzel very well? i dont care who gets it.

Best Director

No need listing the nominees, the Coen brothers got this. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

One Naija!

I just got Banky's new cd "Mr. Capable" in my mailbox and I have to say I am very impressed with it. My favorite song is "Till my dying day", I absolutely love that song. My other favs are "Heartbreaker", "You really don't know me", "capable", ok in short I like the whole cd. Anyways, listening to it got me thinking how in the past coupla years, the visibility of naija artists increased a tenfold. I decided to list out some of my favorite artists/songs that I can remember.

My favorite Naija group even tho they don't get as much recognition has always been Styl Plus, ever since i heard "Olufunmi". Yes they have the corniest lyrics but I love their harmonies. Also "Imagine Dat" was a good song, who can deny?

Wande Coal/Dbanj etc etc - "Booty Call" is currently getting constant play on my playlist, forget the synthesizer, the hook is so catchy and the song as a whole captures both the naija playfulness and "american rapness" lol.

P2 - ok the first time i heard them, i decided i didn't/wouldn't like them because for every song on their cd, i could name the r&b song it was ripped off of. But i got a chance to listen to their latest cd "Game over" and i have to say, it was good. My fav of course is "Ifunanya". If you get a chance to listen to the DJ Fineboy remix, do so. FYI funfact:If you listen closely at the end you'll hear the beat to All American Reject's "Move Along"

Eldee - I never knew he was a Trybesman, but what I do know is that he is a talented young man. I don't even know if he is a singer or rapper or both but he commands every song I have heard him in. There's a remix he does on Banky's cd, he doesn't necessarily have the typical singer's voice but when his verse comes up he just takes over and you know its Eldee's turn. My favorite song of his is one that I don't even know if it was ever on a cd, it was done in memory of a friend of his who died. Its called "Sun Re". lovely song.

Resonance - Almost everyone knows the "Chinwe Ike" song, heard it Dec 2006 and played it over and over. She has a unique sounding voice. A friend of mine described her as the Nigerian Dolores O'Riordan (lead singer for the Cranberries) and he is right they sound alike.

Asa- I don't think i can say enuff good things about her. Just awesome. Songs that sound genuine, from the heart and just pure. If you have never heard of her look her up and start with "Bibanke", "Awe" or "Iba", infact any song of hers. Crisp is what she is!.

Jeremiah - I have only heard one song of his called "nabaka" that i like. I think its in Hausa with lots of clapping. Nice one.

Dbanj - This man is the hot stuff now everywhere. I have to say he was born to entertain, very charismatic and full of energy he can wake a dead crowd up. My fav song on his cd is "Serve the Lord". I like the bridge.

Tuface - Ok get ready to stone me, yes African Queen was great and he is good, but I will admit i am not a fan fan. I just wrote him down cuz i felt i had to :)

That's all i can remember for now. Have a great weekend!

Thats all i

Monday, February 18, 2008

Grammy Recap

I'm sorry this is late, i have been lazy :0

Alrighty so I guess, the Grammys have become kind of a free concert you watch on tv, cuz Lord knows that less than 10 grammys were given out on tv.

Ok so it started with Alicia Keys screeching alongside a "dead" Frank Sinatra, just nyeh to me, nothing special.

Carrie Underwood comes next with the song i want to and will sing one day at a Karaoke Bar, "Before he Cheats", it had some kind of funky drumming in the beginning. I liked it, she is pretty hot. Money is good sha

I think the first award went to Alicia for Noone, she is a Grammys baby so I wasn't so shocked. not that this relates in any way but she has small boobies, I am suddenly grateful for mine :D

Some group named The Time performed, didn't know who they were it was ok. They medlied with Rihanna and i didn't like it. I like her songs and all but right from the beginning, its like Rihanna needs some life injected in her, she just always seems like she is being forced to perform.

Tom Hanks looks old man :(. I won't lie. I skipped the whole Beatles, Cirque du Soleil thingie, i'm sure it was great. Oh i did enjoy when the black boy and black lady came out to sing, that was pretty good.

Uggh..Miley Cyrus annoys me, she sounds like a man

Kanye West's performance was awesome. "stronger" is an awesome song and anyone who disagrees is a non-awesome person. I did think he was going to break down and start crying and not be able to finish the song but he did sha.

Truth time again - I totally missed Fergie and John's performance

Performance i was waiting for all nite - Beyonce and Tina was as i imagined, a "screamfest". Gotta give Tina her props, she does well for her age. Beyonce was totally born to be a performer.

Foo fighters totally rocked out! i enjoyed the "Pretender" song.

Yawn at Aretha Franklin's performance with the gospel people following. I did enjoy one song they performed at the end, i just dont know what its called. oh and Aretha needs a stylist.

My favorite grammy moment - Alicia keys performance, not cuz of her, cuz i have heard that song so many times. i liked this version tho, but when John Mayer came out strapped with a guitar, my heart fluttered and i totally had a moment i now refer to as a Maygasm - it was pure awesomeness.

When Rihanna and JayZ won, it was annoying how Jayz was translating for her.

Finally after a lot of teasers, the crackhead performed. I have to say she did good, with her coyness and weird dance moves and back up dancers jumping all over the place. When she won, I cracked the eff up, so hard. She seemed shocked, hadn't she heard she had won other awards?her speech was hilarious - "to my Blake, incarcerated"

Man i kept saying "that can't be Jerry Lewis!" .old age is a binsh sha

I think i am the only one who enjoyed Will.I.Am's whatever he did. Though it seemed like they told him to do it to stall for time.

SHocker of the nite, ALbum of the year went to Herbie Hancock, I sooo did not see that coming. I let out a hearty laugh sha, trying to figure what was going on in Kanye's head, especially since they showed him hunched over in prayer form, right before they announced the winner. I really thot this was his year sha and if it wasn't him then Amy would, ah well, theres always next year abi?

well thats it.

PS Writers strike is over and surprisingly i am a little bummed, i have to start recording and planning my life around tv shows again :(

Monday, January 28, 2008


Loved the back of Marg Helgenberg's dress. Doesn't hurt for you husband to be the SAG president eh? :)
Debbie Matenopolis or however you spell her name is such an idiot, no wonder she got fired from "The View". How can you ask Ricky Gervais how he feels about Steve Carell being more famous than he is? Idiot.

Josh Brolin is just a jackass. Diane Lane should be smiling like she is in love as if she didn't just call the cops on him for assault some time ago.

Forest Whitaker is so well spoken and articulate. I love hearing him speak, so soothing. His wife is gawg.

Was I the only one who saw a bump on Eva Longoria Parker. Speaking of bumps, Angelina is so preggers.

Poor Nikki Blonsky and thats all i have to say.

Hurray for Chandra Wilson, hope she achieved her dream of being a Dreamette after the awards, just kidding her hair was an upgrade, dress still needed work.

Cate Blanchett is pretty, her dress - not so much.

Casey Affleck is a horrible person to interview, why show up if you don't want to be there..hisss.

Old age is the best way to campaign for an award. Think i am lying, ask Ruby Dee. Her role in American Gangster was not that spectacular. Ah well her glasses were snazzy.

Julie Christie is actually hot for her age, too bad her movie was a snooze.

Ryan Gosling is hot and yummy

Daniel Day Lewis is hot sha.Absolute best speech of the night.RIP Heath

When Heath was shown last in the "In Memoriam" section, i closed my eyes and took a deep breath. so sad.

Why did Jane Krakowski think her grapes on-a-chest would be a fashion statement?

feel free to share yours :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

RIP Heath Ledger

So in the past week and a half there were like 4 celeb deaths but the most high profile of them was Heath Ledger's. I'm sitting through another painful day at work, and my friend Queen Bee sends me an email : "Heath Ledger.Dead.Cnn" and I'm like no!. I go to cnn and lo and behold in the big red breaking news box it was confirmed, unlike many who thot of the fate of Batman first, my first thought was "he was so young and he has a little kid". Anyways, there were others who felt the way I did ie numb and finding it surreal and there were others who wondered what the biggie was "afterall you never knew him". Well I think Sharon Maguire, director of the upcoming Incidiery(which stars Heath's ex-love, Michelle Williams) sums it up best:

"When celebrities die in heartbreaking circumstances, people who don't care for Hollywood say things like, "Who cares, we lose people every day and nobody makes a fuss about them." 'Tis true. But we don't know everybody — or at least it’s impossible to feel like we do in the same vein that a spectacular performance makes us feel connected to an actor".

The day i heard that Heath had died, I was discussing with a co-worker of mine and another co-worker chirped in saying "Well that's what he gets for doing a sinful movie, hahaha, just kidding". Apparently for him to have that thought, he was not kidding. I know I live in TX, bible belt and all but personally I identify as Christian, I do believe homosexuality is a sin but ultimately that God's call to judge not mine or anybodys. I watched BrokeBack Mountain twice in the theaters, it was a very well done movie and need I remind people - IT WAS A MOVIE!. I heard people wanted to picket his funeral, I don't hear about people wanting to picket dead actors who portrayed pre-marital sex or murder in their movies. Anyways,condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

Other RIP's :
Suzanne Pleshette
Brad Renfro
Christian Brando

Monday, January 14, 2008

Best and Worst of 2007

So IMO 2007 was a good year for movies, I watched a lot of them (shout out to ya! :), granted the best movies were indie movies but twas a good year then why did someone ask me what my favorite movie of the year was and i swear i was stumped. I just blanked out and couldnt think of any movie. I won't lie even though there were good movies, I was not WOWED by any movie. Anyways the only movie that came to mind was "The Namesake", a story about an Indian immigrant raising his kids in America. It came out earlier in the year, but I enjoyed it, its based on a book which i haven't read, but my best friend claims the movie is better than the book (that's rare). So since that's what came to my head it is officially my fave movie of the year :D...The lady who asked me thinks if i had seen "No Country for Old Men" then that'd be my fav..ah well we'll see...

On to the worst, yes i don't watch a lot of bad movies because i know what i can stand or not (Chuck and Larry? tufia!). Sha Sha my worst movie was "Shoot 'em up"..yeah yeah yeah it's a parody, it still sucked! geez and it had Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti, i just assume they needed mortgage money..i watched this on dvd but Nanny Diaries was pretty bad too and i love Sca Jo :(

so those are my got any?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stupid Writer's strike

So i came in here all ready to blog about a topic i have carried in my head for a while now, but i just remembered that tomorrow is supposed to be the Golden Globes' awards (one of my faves) and it has been cancelled due to this writers strike that looks like its not gonna get resolved anytime soon.

I mean, I am all for the writers getting paid and all but why should everyone else suffer for it? Poor crew members are probably headed to the unemployment line. Again aside from my viewing pleasure, i feel no pity for the Katherine Heigl's (uggh), i really feel for the Ellen Paiges (juno) and Nikki Blonskys (hairspray)..i mean these kids had their breakthrough year, when else are they going to enjoy their accolades?, i hate that they are being robbed of this, imagine if this happened during the time of Jennifer Hudson's wave, i firmly believe she wouldn't have the same number of acting projects that she nabbed after her award sweeping last year..ah well, my crazy self will still tune in to hear the HFPA "press conference" listing the winners.

I wonder why they just can't postpone it..aargh i wouldn't have minded much if these were the oscars sef..mmmschhewww.