All about Ms B (...or Sasha Fierce)

Ah, it's that time again. You know, the time where Beyonce releases a cd and attacks all our senses by being there everywhere you turn and don't think it's coincidence when a movie happens to be opening whenever she has a cd coming out, it's all part of B's world domination plan. To celebrate her oncoming Media Blitz against the Poor Masses(MBPM), I decided to write my thoughts on her.

I was a HUGE Beyonce fan, not during her Destiny Child days, but when she went solo. I remember where I was the first time I heard and saw the video for "Crazy in Love". It was summer 2003 and I was on my way to class, which I was eventually late for cuz I plopped myself on my bed and was in awe of Beyonce. I don't even know why sef but the video was different to me at the time and so refreshing. The day the cd came out, I headed straight from work to Best Buy and bought me my copy of "Dangerously in Love". She did the regular press junkets and promotion required by entertainers when a new project comes out, then I began to notice that B's was a little more than usual, didn't help that Fighting Temptations came out months after too (beginning of the B trend - cd first then as media attention fades reignite with movie release or recently deluxe edition of cd)so there was more to be seen of Ms B.

Ok, don't get me wrong, I think Beyonce is a very talented human being who was born to be a star, she also works very hard and is driven by her ambition, whether it's attainable or not (think : her dream to win an Oscar), she is also one of the most beautiful celebs out there to me with a FANTASTIC bod to boot she has also mastered the art of keeping your name in the public's mouth while not really giving anything out about herself. Let me give examples of her well oiled machine besides the cd-movie trend.

1. Quite outlandish, but it was some award show I don't remember which one and the only person's applause that rivaled B's was Shakira's, she had done her usual hip shaking, waist twisting sexy stuff. So, in my head Beyonce could not be outdone and she got a duet cracking with Shakira to show that she could keep up with the latin queen, let's ignore the fact that the camera was focused on Ms B working that ass on the wall in the video , with Shakira trynna tone down her twisting,lol...ok she really did the duet to gather an audience for her spanish cd but my theory was more fun :D

2. Beyonce's Bday opened at #1 and was knocked off by my baby daddy - Justin Timberlake and everyone was on the Jt's tip talking about how his sound was different. What does Ms B do? call on the phone and hook up a duet.

3. Chic knows her audience, she is all married and happy, but in a world where majority of women keep getting hurt and done wrong by men, she sings the songs that they can relate to, not necessarily what she is going through. Check: If i was a boy (which I love), Single ladies(which I detest), Me, Myself and I etc

4. Name another singer who made the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue... That's black..That's not a stick figure...That wasn't a model......Anyone? I thought so, but B made it happen. decide but personally, I think she can sing,most people think she screams - which she does but it is not terrible. She sounds awesome live, which most singers can't pull off while dancing in high heels. Her acting still sucks tho, because just like her dancing (which is better than her acting), it just always seems forced and it doesn't flow.

But of late my question is why does B feel she has to constantly have herself out there as if she is a new artist? She has established herself and has reached the artist status where regardless of what she sings everyone will say it's the greatest thing ( other artists in this category are :Outkast, U2, Alicia Keys etc). While most celebrities have their little controversies blown out of proportion,B is able to have hers swept under the rug in 5 seconds, B was able to be the most successful DC child depsite not having the "Hollywood body", (if I would have picked anyone I would have said Kelly would have been the one to blow up). Anyways B was born to be a star as I have mentioned earlier, so no matter how much hating she gets, she will still be that star that she was meant to be and admit it no matter how many times you say "damn, I am tired of seeing Beyonce everywhere", when you are flicking through your tv and you see her, you know your ass will stop and watch lol.

Kudos Ms B, wishing you longevity in your career, not that you need it.

What are your thoughts on Ms B, people?

PS I didn't write much on DC and the member rotation on purpose, because they are the only ones that know what happened and I wanted to focus more on solo Beyonce.


MPB said…
This was like a dissertation on beyonce. I love it, it made me think.
Anonymous said…
You really like the 'you're just a boy' song??
TayneMent said…
lol yes ma'am I do
Original Mgbeke said…
B is ok. I'm on the fence; I don't hate her and I don't love her. I do think she is overexposed though but ah well...
Nice write up.
Ekene said…
I think B is talented, but I dont like her for some of the reasons you pointed out. Most of her songs seem anti men. I understand the need to uplift women, etc. But I don't think it's necessary to diss dudes in the process. "But you're just a boy". "I can have another you in a minute". etc etc.
Anonymous said…
Pearl Joy Nkem (I know this name gives me away, not that I want to be anonymous...but it's cool to make your mind work a little :))
I feel you on almost everything, you really hit the nail on the head. You had me lol @ the "no matter how many times you say "damn, I am tired of seeing Beyonce everywhere", when you are flicking through your tv and you see her, you know your ass will stop and watch lol."
The post was a nice read!
TayneMent said…
thank you "anonymous" lol
Anonymous said…
Tayne men, YOU WROTE THIS BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE EVER WRITTEN MEN. I salute thee. I LOVE B o jare. period!
So good to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way about Beyonce. Loved how you noticed she always trying to collaborate with whichever artist is hotter than her at that moment. Right now, she's all over some Lady Gaga. I'm surprised she hasn't coerced Rihanna yet. I guess in doing so, Beyonce would inadvertently ruin Rihanna's career. Or Jay-Z probably screamed at her. Whichever one. Anywho, my beef with Beyonce is just to slow her roll. Simmer down. Don't be too much.

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