Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Ode to Adele - No Homo

People may not notice you
Because you are not a size two
And you don't prance around the stage half clothed.

But I see you, Adele
Not only do I see your beautiful face
But I hear you
I hear you in every soulful note that you sing
With the instrument that is your voice.

Your '19' album
Portrays different emotions felt by women
From a Confused Woman in 'Chasing Pavements'
To a Patriotic Woman in 'Hometown Glory
The Loyal Woman begging for a chance in 'Make you feel my Love'
You were able to be the Scorned Woman in 'Cold Shoulder'
Yet told Him off with just your voice and a bass in 'Best for Last'.

Thank you for the gift that is your music :)

Feel free to check out Adele's album - '19' (no I am not getting paid, lol). The listed songs are my favorite from the album.

If there are any other Adele lovers, what are your favorite songs?



I am stuck on how she switches range in 'Chasing Pavements'. I am yet to hear any other musician do the same.

OmoIbadan Tuntun said...

She sounds too much like Lily Allen and Kate Nash....

pearl said...

Not at all IMO, but I know a lot of people would lump her in that category.

Vivian said...

I love Adele

mrs. mary mack said...

new visitor...great blog. I love Adele. I've been trying to put people on to her since I first heard the acoustic live version of "make you feel my love". I disagree with the person above. Lily Allen and Kate Nash are good but Adele's range puts her in a whole other category. I described her voice as "liquid sex" in an old blog. The other girls are just girls but Adele's voice makes her a woman. I love the fact that she doesn't "fit the skinny mold" too. I wish the U.S. had artists like this. Just my

Elle Woods said...

Crazy for You is my Fave. It gives me goosebumps