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Songs I am currently feeling

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I thought I'd share with you some songs I am currently feeling. Hopefully you find a gem or two in the list.

My list wouldn't be complete without The Weeknd and I'd just tell you to listen to the whole album, but these are my three favorite songs on his latest album:
Have a great week ahead. I am sure I have forgotten a few but let me know if theres any you like.

Friday Randoms

Hi my people. My goodness, its been such a long time. Life men, it really knows how to get in the way. Thank you all for all the birthday wishes! I truly appreciate it. For the most part, I always do something for my birthday but I have to say this year's birthday ranks high as one of my most useless birthdays. It was so uneventful it was ridiculous. For one, I went to work. I had the day off but corporate decided that was the day we had to move. So it was just a mess with the office in disarray and everyone annoying me. The devil was trynna use people to get to me, I almost wept from frustration. The day finally ended and I got home to my empty apartment but I received lovely cards from two of my friends with one of them that had a note and a list of nice things about me that made me cry. People called to wish me well, so was on the phone for most of it then I made myself some eba and had it with onugbu a friend had made for me (I am not even joking) and I watched Sons of Anarchy…

Another year, Another +1

Another year, another thank you to God for giving me life to see another year. It's been a tough year since the last birthday ( I feel like I say this every time but hopefully that's not true). Anyways, I'm thankful for the grace, strength and opportunity to deal with all. I'm thankful for the fun times I'm able to have with my friends and family, that I can afford for myself  and the kindness and love by strangers, friends and acquaintances. Thank you blog family for still reading my blog after all these years and for being kind. For the first time in a while, I'm actually doing nothing for my birthday and actually even going to work. Change is good abi? Lol. Ehen and for those of you who don't believe in the love me and Abel (the weeknd to you mere mortals) share, his album comes out tomorrow, make sure you get it. Also Sons of Anarchy debuts tomorrow, so should be a good day overall. Have a wonderful rest of the week guys and happy birthday to me!

Things Your Single Friends Wish You’d Stop Saying To Them

Hi guys, happy friday! Happy New month too, it's my month of September, the month I get to add one more year to my life gracefully. So I had randoms all ready except I forgot it was Friday and I had to post them, I'll post them in the next day or two. In the meantime, here's something a friend just sent to me that I thought was funny. It was written by one of Tamera's best friends, Andrea (if you watch the show then you will know who she is). Figured i'd copy and paste for you guys. Which one is the most annoying? I think #2 and #3 for me. Have a lovely weekend!

1.) “You’re such an amazing person. I don’t understand why you’re still single!” My dear, sweet friends have the best intentions when they make this statement. They think they’re giving me a compliment. My friends love me and can’t imagine why some strapping stud hasn’t scooped me up by now. Thank you, friends, for thinking that I am amazing. Really. I TOTALLY appreciate it! But I’d like to know what on Eart…