Songs I am currently feeling

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I thought I'd share with you some songs I am currently feeling. Hopefully you find a gem or two in the list.

My list wouldn't be complete without The Weeknd and I'd just tell you to listen to the whole album, but these are my three favorite songs on his latest album:
Have a great week ahead. I am sure I have forgotten a few but let me know if theres any you like.


Berry Dakara said…
#1. I thought The Weekend was a group. Why would 1 person call himself The Weekend?

#2. My sisters have been going on about Gorilla and I still haven't heard it. Today shall be the day.
Berry Dakara said…
I don't know what I was waiting for!!!!! Gorilla is HAWT! And so's my married husband, Johnny Boy.
Anonymous said…
seeing that its only in my car i listen to the radio, i don't know a lot of these songs. except for miley, which i like, but i like we cant stop better.
so happy for Tamar, that she finally wasn't all talk.
i like Gorilla, funny story, i heard that for the first time at the OR mind you, we were talking about bruno mars and super bowl and somebody(the Dr) was like well i hope he doesn't do the gorilla song cos its sorta rated, and half of us were like we havent heard that cue music...i know dry jist. lol. just wanted to give you jist sha.
jubekwe*forgot my time.

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