Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Randoms

Hi my people. My goodness, its been such a long time. Life men, it really knows how to get in the way. Thank you all for all the birthday wishes! I truly appreciate it. For the most part, I always do something for my birthday but I have to say this year's birthday ranks high as one of my most useless birthdays. It was so uneventful it was ridiculous. For one, I went to work. I had the day off but corporate decided that was the day we had to move. So it was just a mess with the office in disarray and everyone annoying me. The devil was trynna use people to get to me, I almost wept from frustration. The day finally ended and I got home to my empty apartment but I received lovely cards from two of my friends with one of them that had a note and a list of nice things about me that made me cry. People called to wish me well, so was on the phone for most of it then I made myself some eba and had it with onugbu a friend had made for me (I am not even joking) and I watched Sons of Anarchy and went to sleep. Sounds meh-ish abi? BUUUUT I made up for it during the weekend. See the thing is most of my good friends don't live in my city so my friend told me to get my ass to houston. I had friday off, so I did and I had a fun fun weekend. Smoked lots of hookah, got my light weight ass buzzed and had a lovely birthday dinner and even got cake. so yay to turn around and shout out to my friend for organizing and making sure I had a good time. I still have 2 dinner and drinks to cash in on and I get to see The Weeknd on Sunday woohooo. You know its real love when I am missing the Emmys for him, considering I have seen him twice before. Okay once again, Thank you!!! and let's random.

I don't like when people rant and vex about Naija and they say "but it's your country". It reminds me way too much of a dead beat dad who ain't acting right and when you choose not to stand for it some people say "but he's your dad". Umm and so?

These weddings in Naij are so lavish. Can any of these children afford these wedding on their own? Na the parents wey dey sponsor abi?

Speaking of, are there any legitimate people of our generation who are as wealthy as their parent's generation? I often wonder sometimes what the plan is for rich kids when their parents pass away. There's an increasing number of "rich kids" who don't work. I guess they inherit it?

You see a couple going through a divorce and you can't help but wonder what went wrong when you remember how in love they were at their wedding.

It really should be standard knowledge that love is not enough to sustain a relationship. Love is a great thing. Not all love is healthy though and it seems to cloud judgement. Values, Beliefs etc should also be in line in addition to love. Those are important.

The reasoning behind "divorce is not an option" makes sense but how much can one endure. I would imagine that it feels sucky to feel stuck and alone in an unhappy marriage. Most say thats why most of our parents have long lasting marriages. I think they did because they endured. And I think most of them were unhappy. The problem is now we allow ourselves to be happy and we have way too many options.

Someone asked me about naija weddings and I am like lately you can smell the desperation. It's strong. You can literally smell hunting and preying. Girls darting their eyes looking for who is eligible or not, people asking how's the wedding? any single men? find anyone? and guys chatting up any and everyone hoping to smash. At the end of the day the question is usually not how's the couple it's did you meet anyone?

It irks me when people say " I have no regrets, everything I have done has made me and led me to who I am today" Umm okay, Dali Lama. I mean we are human beings, noone's saying you can change it or you won't be who I am, you don't know what you could have been, you could have been better. Just admit to things you may have done differently/

Speaking of would you regret things you did over things you didn't do?

I think if I was a guy I'd be a (bigger) douche.

Well, that's all I got for yall. Have a wonderful wonderful weekend. Be safe and stay blessed. Love this song below, I expect to hear it at a lot of weddings.

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mizchif said...

Haha, i have no regrets. Really :p

Lavish is actually an understatement for some of those weddings, like i can't understand it. Where is all this money, can somebody show me the way? Daddy what were you doing? Are these not ya mates?

Love, definitely not enough.

I've not come to that "Divorce is not an option" place in my mind. I can't bear the thought of being in an unhappy marriage, I'm all for making an effort......but Lord knows i'm lazy about certain things. I guess that's why i'm still single innit.

About people who seem so in love on their wedding day, how can you really tell?