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Friday Randoms

We are halfway through February! Felt like January took forever and now we are whizzing through February. Weather is still cold but nothing too terrible. It just keeps fluctuating between low temperatures to mid-decent. Looking forward to the advent of Spring though. Nice weather is always welcome.

2018 has been okay so far. Okay, not meaning without its trials but I am trying to enjoy my 2018 as much as I can and handle disappointments as best as I can, especially the things I cannot control. I'm trying not to overthink and to just go with the flow and maybe the Universe will be kind to me. In that vein, I tried something I had never done before and went skiing last weekend and it was terrifying guys!! I took a lesson and many falls and practice later, I got the hang of it and it was a bit exhilarating but I was stressed for most of the time. Here's to many more exhilarating moments in the year.

Let's random.

I really hope people with good health really and truly apprecia…