Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday Randoms

Hi Guys, yea it is not a fluke, it is indeed friday randoms up. Well, technically it is thursday but I have to be up tomorrow at an ungodly hour to travel for work so I figured I will put this up. Today was not a good day, I was already ho hum and this co worker that seems to be my lesson to learn just seriously got to me all day, right to the very end. I just came home, shut my phone off and logged off instant messenger. My brother says there are bigger idiots in the world and I should find a way to deal with him and I will. I decided to watch Oprah's episode on the sound of music reunion and all the songs made me so nostalgic but I feel better and I will soon go to bed and by God's grace tomorrow will be a better day. I sha had a few randoms and figured who better to share with than my blogs people. Hope you all had a better week and I hope I haven't lost my touch but here goes.

I have this friend who sometimes complains about her weight to me as per she is gaining weight but she is a skinny babe and like I tell her complaining about now being a size 6 is not a problem( You know who you is! lol). Women generally complain about their weight sha so that's normal, but it had me thinking if women ever complain to those smaller than them or just those bigger than them. What say ye?

Why do guys use that "I was busy" line? Is that what they teach them in asshole school? The line irks me even more because it sounds like the girl has no life and she herself doesn't have anything to do. No fool, you make time for what you want, no matter how busy you are.

If people were honest (to themselves and each other) relationships would be much easier.

So my girl told me a story the other day: She got home after work and school, to meet her boyfriend watching football. She enters the kitchen to cook and is suddenly filled with annoyance and irritation. Her boo is still in high spirits even yelling TOuchdown! He must have noticed and tells her not to bother herself, that he will order since she is tired. SHe tells me this and I am wondering what the problem is? SHe says you are missing the point, the point is: This is what my life will be like, I am annoyed and irritated and his mood is all content. If we get married and add kids to the mix, I have to come home and cater to a man and children and I am annoyed that this is it. On the flip side, he is probably thinking that this is the life, I can get used to this being catered to, watching football, life is good. I probably didn't narrate it well but peoples I cracked up really hard.

Lately, I have been seeing like a HUGE flock of black birds just flying together and staying together and I have to say it freaks me out.

So cell phone usage and driving is against the law. Does that apply to smoking and driving too?

Why can't we just spell olodo like it is? I'm probably just old but I don't get the "olowdow" spelling, it irks the hell outta me.

Lately people have been guessing that I am like 21 or 22. Emm, I guess I am flattered.

I think I should make a resolution to explore recipes after I graduate from school. Lucid I still have the ones you sent me handy, just haven't had time to use.

Let me express some contributions to my "depression". I went to get sized for a bridesmaids dress, they measure your bust, waist and hips to get your size. Per my bust, I am a size 6.Per my waist, I am a size 10. Per my hips, I am a size 16. Yes, 1 and 6. She now put ? by my size because she couldn't figure it out. Doesn't that sound freakish? I wasn't happy at all sha.

My friend the other day said that she was "anti fine girls" lol, as per the chics that are so gorgeous and all. Me I thought about it and said I am "anti people in love". Lol, that's hilarious seeing as 3/4, if not more of my friends are in love. I'm just a hater tho and its all jokes o, before i get crucified.

I don't own an ipod like the rest of the world, so when I want to say something I get stuck because I am like do I say "My zune is on point" or "My mp3 player" or do i just say "my ipod" and hope noone notices and I am just saying it to make the story go easier. I love my zune sha.

To me, moist is just a dirty word. So when I hear oh that cake is so moist, it takes me a moment to adjust.

I need to learn how to say fine when asked how i am.

If anyone caught that Tyler Perry interview on Oprah, it was deep. There were so many relateable things and lessons that he said.

I always wonder about the accents of people like Kelsey Grammar or Christopher Plummer who sound british but are not.

Oh, watching the SOund of Music reunion, is it weird that my first thought was, "wow, 45 years later and everyone of them is still alive?"

PRAYER REQUEST: For everyone looking for that peace in their heart and looking for guidance and happiness while just being the best person that they can, that God provides the guidance and wisdom that is needed. AMEN

PS So yes indeed, I went ahead and went down a 15 story building as mentioned. I am not going to lie and say I was brave. I climbed the ledge with half my feet out and grabbed the hand of the cop (we had the SWAT team below and above), he was cute sha then they told me to lean back in a 45 degree angle. I heard the cars whizzing by on the freeway and I almost cried, I told him I couldn't then all of a sudden i just went down and it was fine till half way through when I couldn't feel my legs on the wall anymore, at this point I was screaming "Save me! Help me!" but emm noone could hear me, so i flailed down and long and short, I got down to the bottom into the arms of 2 very muscled SWAT team members. I volunteered to be the first to go down and I am proud I did it, it's part of facing my fears becos I am terrified of heights. I shook for a good 20 mins after. I don't think I will ever do it again.

So below is a video to give you an idea. It is not me in the video, but that is basically what I did.I haven't gotten my pics or video yet, just wanted you guys to get a taste. Have a blessed weekend and if you can please keep me in your prayers.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

Just popped in to wish my little baby, Blogger Neefemi, a wonderful wonderful birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day. Wishing you a lifetime full of music, since music is your opium lol. Stay blessed and enjoy your day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! MUAH!

Oh, its also Myne's birthday, so happy birthday to the most efficient commenter ever. Hope you and the hubby do something fun.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank You

Hello guys, it's sunday and a beautiful sunny day here in Texas, yay! If you know me, you will know I hate the cold more than anything. So I am really enjoying this extended summer so to speak. I told my coworker that won't it be awesome if Winter just skipped Texas this time, she told me to snap out of it, it's coming :(.

Anyways, based on my last post I really felt the need to come on here and say Thank You so much to everyone who commented and left encouraging words for me. At first, I was going to apologize for having a "woe is me" moment but I thought about it and I don't think I should have to make apologies for how I feel/felt at the time. Like my blog profile says: I think, I feel, I write :).

I digressed lol

I especially want to thank my friends who constantly checked up on me and laid me some serious advice and perspective. Even though you guys think you were preaching and I wasn't listening, I was. I was also blown away by how people perceive you even when you don't see yourself that way, thank you guys for giving me perspective and having friends like you alone should be enough to brighten my day when I am feeling down. You guys know yourself and if you are not sure you can ask lol.

Here's a takeaway I received today:

The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself but creating yourself anew, daily. Seek, therefore, not to find out who you are, seek to determine who you want to be.

(What you guys think?You agree or not?)

PS - I will be doing this, via work this week for the Special Olympics. I think I have lost my damn mind. Chances are I will probably back out but I hope I go ahead with it because I think it'll be an experience. ( Why am I thinking of Lucid Lillith again?lol)

Have a blessed weekend people.


Sunday, October 17, 2010


I couldn't think of a title. I don't even know what to blog about but I just felt the need to blog. This week wasn't the best of weeks for me, I just felt like there was a whole lot going on. I had many moments of just wanting to scream and being thrown on some island just so I can F5 myself. By the way, wouldn't it be awesome if we could just hit a button and just refresh our lives? Ok maybe not, because I know my own button will be broken by now.

My name is taynement and I am a comparer. It's not like I don't know any better because I do and I will be the first to give advice to people not to compare, but I have a chronic disease of constantly comparing myself to others and what makes it worse is I always see myself on the worse side of it all. I don't know why I always feel the other person is smarter, richer, skinnier (this one is true sha lol), prettier, *insert whatever else*. Like, I am smarter than this right? (or maybe not). I know all that glitters isn't gold and I know it is not a healthy thing to do but I can't help myself even when I see it sinks me deeper into a hole. My last bout of comparison, has me in a funk because I got to see and hear about two people who found their talent and started their own business and seem to be doing well and I am just like what do I have to offer? Why can't I start my own business? I can't even think of what I could do. It's not even like I am earning the big bucks my mates are earning. I am about to get my MBA and I am still waiting and wondering to see what that even means, having an MBA. And then this feeling of not being good enough, is making me eat away myself into oblivion. Blah! I really should stop. Anyways, hopefully I am just PMSing and I am talking out my ass. Just got done with two exams this week, one step closer to graduation. Hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead. Cheers.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shut up!

Yea sometimes that's what I want to scream to everyone. Sometimes you just don't want to hear the solicited and unsolicited advise. Everyone thinks or fakes that they have it all figured out even when it's not the case and then try to project it on you, which is not good for an overthinker like myself. I just want to be carefree and let be, tune everyone out and listen very well so I can hear what I am saying or what I feel. I might not even be making sense. I just had a moment and for a fleeting second wished everyone would shutup.

Have a wonderful weekend blogfam!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Simple Prayer

I was already getting ready for bed but a friend just said a prayer for me that really resonated and touched me so I had to share. Sometimes we forget that a prayer doesn't have to be long and tedious and just the right simple words are sufficient to convey your heart's desires:

I pray that you have peace of mind, serenity and rest.
Realizing that as a child of God you are cared for and provided for.
That you find the ability to let your soul just be, and know that only wonderful things and abundance of love, life, prosperity and happiness surrounds u.
There is indeed nothing to stress over, all is taken care of..

So it might not be a big deal to you guys but it is to me. I pray this also for everyone out there. Thank you again, you know who you are :)

Have a good night people.