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Friday Randoms

Hi guys. Can you believe June is over? This is crazy. On the bright side, it's Friday - yippee. Summer is here. I love summer. It's disgustingly hot especially here in TX but I'd take this over the cold anyday. So you may or may not know how much I love The Weeknd, incase you don't know - I LOVE The Weeknd, so imagine my delight when he came into town. It was everything I could imagine. I sometimes mentally have the live version of Dirty Diana playing in my head, I won't talk about the acoustic version of "Wicked Games". I actually really enjoy concerts and have been to quite a number of them. If i could this summer I would love to see Emeli De Sande and Lana Del Rey. There are some artists/bands I love but would never see in concert read: Coldplay. Not sure why, this is probably why I am stalling on buying Jason Mraz tickets. See you in July, Frank Ocean! I have a bunch of things going on this summer so Summer is off to a good start yay. Let's random…

The Diversity Complaint

Every now and then America picks on something to either pick on or hype up. I'll give you examples. Oh 50 shades of Grey is fantastic, the whole nation gets 50 Shades fever. Oh Emma Stone is the next best thing, the whole nation goes crazy and decides they love her and cast her in everything. Most recently, a new show "Girls" written, directed and produced by 25 year old Lena Dunham debuted on HBO, everyone raved about it and it was the topic of discussion, both good and bad (still not sure why) but anyways suddenly the criticism that it lacked diversity came up and quite frankly I was surprised. A lot of TV shows "lack diversity" so to speak (anyone remember the "Friends" backlash), so I couldn't quite for the life of me wonder why Girls was being singled out. I usually don't care about how many minority characters are in a show but at the time I  think I read an Essence article that made me kinda see their point for a second but it quickly …

Introducing - Adaku

SOUL SINGER ADAKU RELEASES DEBUT SINGLE "OR YOU CAN" In her own words, Adaku describes "Or You Can" as a song about being there for a friend, a lover or a loved one who needs a shoulder to lean on and most importantly a "big ass fro" to lay on. Initially posted on Youtube as a bedroom recording and a deviation from the usual YouTube cover videos, "Or You Can" took on a life of its own with over 15,000 YouTube views and troves of positive feedback that Adaku decided to create a studio version of "Or You Can" and release it as a single. Superbly written and produced by Adaku, it is a beautiful acoustic song with great lyrics and soothing guitar play that leaves the listener captivated and enthralled. ABOUT ADAKU ADAKU is a US-Based Nigerian Singer/Songwriter from Rivers State who has had to hide her talent and passion for singing in order to fully complete her degree education in Electrical Engineering, an education which has finally culmin…

Friday Randoms

Yes I am aware it is still Thursday but I am calling an early night tonight. It's one of those nights where I am so fatigued, I can't think straight. I keep telling myself, I am getting older and need to start taking vitamins but meeen, me and vitamins don't get along. I'll start taking 'em and a week or two in, I am out. I said I wasn't going to talk about the Dana victims, but I can't lie to you, they are still on my mind. Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends. May God be their comfort. In my good news of the week, I have been hoping and pleading for The Weeknd to come to TX, I didn't even care what city it was in TX,  I was going to make it either way and waddya know he is coming to Dallas! woohoo! I got my tickets waiting and can't wait to see him live.

Before I random, happy happy birthday to my most favorite CILy. Hope you have a wonderful day and you already got the best present you could have wished for. Wishing you many more years …

Floating Favor

I still have my issues with the word "favor" - it just sounds like being better than another when I believe we are all God's children with different paths. For example, with the recent tragedy of the air crash, if someone missed the flight and makes a comment like "I am favored", doesn't that sound somehow? It could have been anyone, it's not because we are more special or better, it just wasn't our path. That being said, I came across this devotional that I thought to share. It does have the topic of Favor but you will get the general gist of the message the writer was trying to share.

This was written by Lisa Crum

I don’t know the history of Ivory soap, but it has been around at least as long as I have. When I was a little kid, most of the time my grandmother had two kinds of bath soap in the house--Dove and Ivory. She liked the Dove because it had moisturizers in it (and tasted terrible when the washcloth passed over my mouth, by the way); my pick…

Rest in Peace

By now, most Nigerians have heard of the ill fated Dana Airlines crash from Abuja to Lagos. Details aren't fully out and conflicting stories are coming out, the bottom line is a lot of lives, that could have been saved, were lost today. Numerous family and friends will be mourning the loss of a loved one.

I've never known anyone personally, but everytime news like this comes from Nigeria, my heart just breaks. This is not good news for anyone. This is not news anyone wants to hear. This is also a reminder that our government, our country, our officials are still not doing anything. You know, over here in yankee when they delay or cancel our flights we grumble, we make noise but deep down we know better safe than sorry. In naija, the general don't care attitude starting from the top i.e Goodluck Jonathan always wins in the decision. We still don't know the cause of the crash, seeing as they made it to Lagos but I can guarantee someone must have known this plane was not …