Friday Randoms

Hi guys. Can you believe June is over? This is crazy. On the bright side, it's Friday - yippee. Summer is here. I love summer. It's disgustingly hot especially here in TX but I'd take this over the cold anyday. So you may or may not know how much I love The Weeknd, incase you don't know - I LOVE The Weeknd, so imagine my delight when he came into town. It was everything I could imagine. I sometimes mentally have the live version of Dirty Diana playing in my head, I won't talk about the acoustic version of "Wicked Games". I actually really enjoy concerts and have been to quite a number of them. If i could this summer I would love to see Emeli De Sande and Lana Del Rey. There are some artists/bands I love but would never see in concert read: Coldplay. Not sure why, this is probably why I am stalling on buying Jason Mraz tickets. See you in July, Frank Ocean! I have a bunch of things going on this summer so Summer is off to a good start yay. Let's random.

I think one of the valuable lessons I have learned so far in life is knowing when to say no and being okay with it. Agreeing to something you are uncomfortable with just makes you miserable and life is too short to be unhappy.

If my husband kisses someone and confesses to me, I think I might slap him...for confessing.

Speaking of cheating, on a scale of 1-10 how hard do you think it is to stay faithful in a marriage? Are there any women who worry about being faithful when they get married? How many of you also believe that all men will cheat? I am by no means a rainbows and butterflies girl but I think I am still taken aback by the number of women I know who are resigned to the fact that their husbands might cheat especially after a certain number of years of marriage.

Is there such a thing as being too private?

Watching documentaries where people with cancer decide to stop all treatment and just let them go home and nature takes its course. I never used to understand that. I thought it had an element of selfishness but now I understand.

The pursuit of happyness is a long, not so easy journey.

This blog post totally read my mind from head to toe, especially that part where people try to hook you up and when you ask what you have in common, they're like I dunno he is single. That gets my goat everytime. So annoying!

I have often wondered at what point (and how) men realize they are below-average size wise "down there" and skill wise. Yes it's true, women talk and yes there are exceptions where the woman guides a man to what they like and what could have been done better but for the most part telling someone they suck is not the best conversation to have, so they go ahead sucking it up and the man continues life thinking he is the man. Do they ever realize or they live in ignorance?

Watching a tv show and there was a scene where a character's mom was dying but preferred for her son not to know. I've never understood that. People who do that think it's easier on the loved one but is it? To me, they have denied their loved one of precious last moments and basically taken an opportunity from them. What do you think should it be the choice of the dying?

This week I learned about a sexual act called - Gerbil Stuffing. What is this you say? Never fear, Sisteh Tayne will tell you . Gerbil Stuffing is a an act that involves a human being stuffing a gerbil into his ( it's apparently done mostly by gay men) rectum through the cardboard  tubing of a paper toilet roll. Once the animal is in the paper towel tubing is pulled out (kinda like how a tampon works). Now the idea is that while the rodent is suffocating, it scratches and claws at the lining of the rectum and provides an intense sensation. Ok I should add that this is an urban legend, but the fact that it has such detailed description, you just know that in the times that we live in some one has tried this out there.

Well, that's all I got for you folks. I am looking forward to the 4th of July weekend. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!

Enjoy Jessie J's acoustic cover of Rihanna's We Found Love. She murdered Rihanna with this.


Blogoratti said…
Cheers to the new month ahead!!
Diyani said…
Jessie J! Wow.. Gerbil stuffing just sounds uber disgusting- there are really no lengths man will not go for sexual satisfaction. I do think at some point in a Marriage.. a long one, everyone cheats in some way. I am not certain human beings are meant to be monogamous.. male or female ( maybe looking towards the face of God would make it easier for some than others)
Miss Enigma said…
Jessie J = Blown away! Nicee. Honestly the thing of cheating is a tough one, truth is you believe in someone and hope and pray to God that they dnt let you down...but at the back of your mind you cnt help but think that we are humans and sometimes we fall short. I just beg God let it not happen to me.
Anonymous said…
Loved her version,I didn't take note of the artist when they danced to it in the opening performance on so you think you can dance....loved loved it..have a great summer.
mizchif said…
The rpoblem with you and these randoms is knowing where to start commenting from.

I've never seen the point in confessing, except you just want to annoy your partner or break up with your partner.

It's interesting to me how most guys still consider cheating to be exclusive to their gender. *no comment*
Personally, i don't expect 100%fidelity. Sad. However i do expect respect and discretion because if i were to cheat on you i'd be sure to keep it on the low. #justsaying
Original Mgbeke said…
Okay WTentireF at Gerbil Stuffing? O_____O. Grossest thing ever!

I'm not idealistic but I don't think that all men will cheat. My husband better not cheat. I will kill him.

LOL @ slap him for confessing.
Vivi N. said…
I think anyone would murder Rihanna on her own song. With that being said, Jessie J...I heart her. Her version was actually used in an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" a couple weeks ago.

I did not need to know about Gerbil stuffing. But you're right, some dude definitely did this to himself at one point.

I do think there will be a point in a long-term relationship when the partners' mind wanders and fantasize about being with someone else. It's just a matter of not making it a reality and being devoted to the person you love. I don't believe that all men cheat. I truly believe that there are men out there are 100% committed to their relationship. I hope to meet a man like that someday. Because it'll be a bitch and a half FOR HIM if I ever find out that he's cheating on me.

Regarding the men's skills or lack thereof, a local radio station asked the same question. About 90% of the women called to say that they LIE to their male partners. So, they are suffering in bed because they do not want to the men's feelings. Also, a good percentage of women are having affairs right now because their men aren't good in bed...but yet they still refuse to tell the men. lolol. Some women said they have told their men and it didn't affect their relationship because the women explained what needed to be done...and what NOT to do.

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