Rest in Peace

By now, most Nigerians have heard of the ill fated Dana Airlines crash from Abuja to Lagos. Details aren't fully out and conflicting stories are coming out, the bottom line is a lot of lives, that could have been saved, were lost today. Numerous family and friends will be mourning the loss of a loved one.

I've never known anyone personally, but everytime news like this comes from Nigeria, my heart just breaks. This is not good news for anyone. This is not news anyone wants to hear. This is also a reminder that our government, our country, our officials are still not doing anything. You know, over here in yankee when they delay or cancel our flights we grumble, we make noise but deep down we know better safe than sorry. In naija, the general don't care attitude starting from the top i.e Goodluck Jonathan always wins in the decision. We still don't know the cause of the crash, seeing as they made it to Lagos but I can guarantee someone must have known this plane was not safe to fly. Let's assume they didn't know, doesn't this still not mean that there isn't a process to routinely make sure planes are safe to fly?

Reports say that when the plane crashed, it exploded 30 minutes later. Do we have an emergency rescue team?  2 Fire trucks made it and allegedly ran out of water. There is no light on the scene. Can we talk about the poor people who were in the houses that the plane crashed on? All this going on and that motherfucker is concerned about changing names of Universities? How long is this going to go on?Do I have my heart in my mouth everytime a loved one enters a plane? Everyone keeps saying we should stop complaining and make a change, I beg of you people, please tell me how-show me how? There are some certain basics/fundamentals needed to even begin somewhere.

All of the above is all so secondary right now though. I am all shaken up and I didn't know anyone close to me, so I can't imagine how the family and friends feel. I wish them all the strength and grace of God to go through this and may the souls of each and every passenger on that plane rest in perfect peace. Amen.


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