Introducing - Adaku

In her own words, Adaku describes "Or You Can" as a song about being there for a friend, a lover or a loved one who needs a shoulder to lean on and most importantly a "big ass fro" to lay on. Initially posted on Youtube as a bedroom recording and a deviation from the usual YouTube cover videos, "Or You Can" took on a life of its own with over 15,000 YouTube views and troves of positive feedback that Adaku decided to create a studio version of "Or You Can" and release it as a single. Superbly written and produced by Adaku, it is a beautiful acoustic song with great lyrics and soothing guitar play that leaves the listener captivated and enthralled.
ADAKU is a US-Based Nigerian Singer/Songwriter from Rivers State who has had to hide her talent and passion for singing in order to fully complete her degree education in Electrical Engineering, an education which has finally culminated in a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. Throughout her education however, Adaku continued to immerse herself in music whenever and wherever she could - her YouTube covers of popular songs such as Bruno Mars' "Grenade", Adele's "Someone Like You and Nneka's "Heartbeat, garnering over 100,000 views on the popular video platform. 
Gifted with an amazing voice, the Singer/Songwriter who also plays the guitar and piano is set to storm the world with her uniquely sublime talents and is certainly well on her way on this journey as she was featured on YouTube's home page as a part of the month of June's Fresh face. This included a full day's feature on YouTube's music homepage.
Please direct all media and booking inquiries to Management ; 
Hey guys, my little baby has finally released a single, she's a friend of mine with enormous talent. Check out the single below and let me know what you think! Don't forget to check out her other covers on her youtube page!


Iphyigbogurl said…
Woohoo! Go Adaku! Nice song...good to see you going places!

Diyani said…
Her voice is soothing.. beautiful. Nice.
Etoile Oye said…
I'm glad she finally decided to do this. Loved her covers and thought how there was too much talent to stop at covers :)
LohiO said…
Very nice

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