Thursday, June 7, 2012

Friday Randoms

Yes I am aware it is still Thursday but I am calling an early night tonight. It's one of those nights where I am so fatigued, I can't think straight. I keep telling myself, I am getting older and need to start taking vitamins but meeen, me and vitamins don't get along. I'll start taking 'em and a week or two in, I am out. I said I wasn't going to talk about the Dana victims, but I can't lie to you, they are still on my mind. Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends. May God be their comfort. In my good news of the week, I have been hoping and pleading for The Weeknd to come to TX, I didn't even care what city it was in TX,  I was going to make it either way and waddya know he is coming to Dallas! woohoo! I got my tickets waiting and can't wait to see him live.

Before I random, happy happy birthday to my most favorite CILy. Hope you have a wonderful day and you already got the best present you could have wished for. Wishing you many more years and you already know I love you plenty.

Let's random.

What's in a name? If someone was trying to set you up and you heard their name, would you be turned off it was a "funny" name? e.g ladies what if the guy's name was Valentine?

I've wondered what it feels like for someone when an ex dies especially if you parted on bad terms/they did you dirty. Like even though you feel nothing for the person or haven't spoken to them in years, it's still someone you shared a part of your life with for some time.

I wonder if I will miss my 20's cuz boy were they full of turbulence, a lot of ups and downs. A lot of discovery. You hear all these people on TV who claim that as they got older, they came into their own and became more at peace with themselves and poof serenity now. Can't wait to turn 30 and see if I'll have a poof moment too.

So you know how as Nigerians we grew up on certain foods so we are used to it. Some Nigerians still think it's magic to like sushi. Ok, my point is when you eat something frequently a certain way, you are used to it and that's what you know, so when people go on and on and rave about my mom's cooking is the best, noone does xyz like her. I was thinking the other day, if that's what you grew up on and are used to, wouldn't it be the best to you when you compare it to someone who cooks it a different way? or am i tripping and good tasting food is good tasting food regardless.

A lot of Nigerians are quite ambitious. Our Nigerian men are very ambitious. It's all about chasing that paper, providing for the family and all. Which in itself is not a bad thing. But I am a big believer in balance and while I think working hard to provide or to achiever that goal is a great thing, I also think it is very important to create time for your family.

I was listening to Beyonce's "I was here" the other day and I had a random thought. What if everytime a guy came near a girls hoo-ha (for whatever reason) *ahem* the voice of every guy that had ever been there would burst out in "I was heeeeere". How awkward would it be if dude has to wait for a while or if he recognizes a voice?

There's a show called The Conversation coproduced by Demi Moore where this lady has honest conversations with female celebs. Every now and then they drop nuggets. I got this from an episode: "everyone has a need for approval, the question is is it an obstacle? If it is your primary goal to get approval then you will never take risks". At the end of every show the same questions are asked, 2 of these questions are "what is you favorite sex position?" (so far majority is doggy and woman on top) and "What would you tell your 14 yr old self?"

Why are we as human beings never okay with the fact that someone sees things differently from how we do? Why do we try to convince them otherwise?

"Your limitations are not set by who you know, where you were born, what genes you have, how much money you have, how old you are right now, what you did before or other things that you can claim are your stamp of failure for life" Yay or Nay readers?"

These gymnasts are so young when they start in their teeny outfits. I wonder how the first convo about waxing or shaving goes.

Aaaaand that's all I have folks, have a blessed weekend.


TheRustGeek said...

On names.... I hear certain female names too are a turn off. When we were much younger, one of the lads used to insist that names like 'Philo', 'Vero' and 'Florence', especially when pronounced in our very own Nigerian way, were a massive deal breaker..

If my turning 30 was anything to go by, life continues apace.. 'Nothing really changes' as Larry Norman once sang. But then I suppose hormones and all the mystery of women folk makes my experience totally irrelevant here... :)

Sabirah said...

Loool I Love the little "random" bout gymnasts! lool

Hmmm names, I think names are powerful but I don't think I would ever discriminate against a person based on their name alone. Good ice-breaker then get to know them.

By the way get gummy vitamins! when I was vitamin deficient I used to pop those like no mans business X_X better still eat your veggies!

Madame Sting said...

I think good food is good food regardless of who cooks it. My mom makes great fried rice, but i will be the first to say my neighbor's fried rice is the best i have ever eaten. I have friends who will be the first to tell you their mothers can't cook. Nigerian people, btw.

As for names, i like Valentine but i have had issues with guys who had names i didn't like. Sometimes there's no getting past that. Weird and shallow, i know.

mizchif said...

I think you should just rename yourself RandomTayne or Tayne the random. You are not well.

Names can be ....... iffy. I mean if i haven't met the guy but you tell me his name is Paulinus or Ignatius or one of them englIgbo names i might be kinda sorta reluctant.

Anonymous said...

Thanks CILy! Me love u long time!

HoneyDame said...

LMAO!!! I agree with a name change! i havent seen anyone do randoms like you do! LmAO@ " I was here"

Up in ur brain must be hella fun!

Original Mgbeke said...

That "I was here" random was highlarious!

portfolio optimization said...

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